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  2. ***There is a chipper tone from a young Local sounding girl*** Dobre dan, Is there anything that I may do to assist?. With winter coming good help is hard to come by, If you would like some extra food, basic items Iz not problem for me to give some basic needs as donation to help out ano?. I really like what you offer our country and think iz really beautiful that you take effort to help. If possible I like if you contact on private radio frequency as I tend to move really often. *She turns the radio off*
  3. Zero

    Deer Isle is dope

    Map is cool. Smaller maps are always better imo because they can be a lot more unique. Chernarus is so bad because there are probably four or five unique locations, the rest are just copy pasted towns. Shame it's set in Chernaus Commie Land and not set in the United States of Freedom. Getting tired of maps I can not relate to. If it was set in Western Europe then that would be better. Eastern Europe is just so different in terms of culture and history. It's cool, don't get me wrong, but a map set in the U.S. would be amazing.
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  5. bunny

    Interview With A Community Member: Mugin

    how dare you bring me back to the jail
  6. Mugin

    BeanZ WAR

  7. I hope they put Bicycles in the game. I like Standalone, but compared to the A2 mod it's a walking simulator 75% of the time.
  8. Born to a wealthy family in texas, his dad was a weapons dealer to third world countries and war torn ones. Wolfgang seeking to follow in his dads foot steps decided to try and make his fortune in selling to both sides in the war. But was discovered by the CDF to be dealing both sides and was arrested and was sent to prison on Storozh. When the ensuing outbreak happened the prison was not spared from Horrors. When the guards abandoned the island the prisoners were on there own. They soon ran out of food as they were no longer being supplied and had to turn to cannibalism. The strong prayed on the weak and Wolfgang was not the weak. He ran the cannibal gang until they set there eyes on the mainland for the untapped flesh that could be consumed
  9. Brad

    BeanZ WAR

  10. Isaiah Rinkasonn

    Isaiah Rinkasonn

    Oh god. How did you do this again. Wake up dead tired to go to work. Oh gods... This needs lots of adjustment. Lot's of it. I hope you all have happy day.

  11. Anouk


    I swear to god the people that roam the suburbs of Chiraq are a different breed of people smh.


  12. Crimson_Tiger


    "Welcome to National Geographic: Chernorus. Here we have a wild 14 point white tail. I have to use my scope to get a good view of this beautiful creature. These beasts of beauty mate only during thier season which is-" "Hey you! Put your hands up! That rifle belongs to the people of Chernarus! Give it here! Is that a camera? How dare you film my beautiful country with our permission! I'll kill you for this!"
  13. Dustup

    Interview With A Community Member: Mugin

    Good interview Lord of the Beans(war), although I am surprised you don't have a general regret about your over-reliance of saline.
  14. *Tupolev upon hearing transmission take his radio out of his vest and presses the PTT, a Chernarussian voice fills the transmission* ”Mr Marco, my name is Lieutenant Pavlovich I speak to you on behalf of Odezva. We are glad to see some people trying to provide assistance to the people of Chernarus, you and your organization are not like most foreigners who take advantage of the apocalypse. Instead you help this country rebuild itself to its former glory , we have visited the Green Mountain facility many times and have gotten to know Mr Hunter very well.... Now we would like to visit your facility and make sure everything is alright. Expect a delegation to your location within the week. *Tupolev releases the PTT*
  15. OldSchool

    Deer Isle is dope

    Took down about 90 in the industrial part of Stonington just before the server crashed. No I didn't count them, but I one shot each in the head for 3 AK74 mags worth. Fun times.
  16. I love Deer Island. The zombies are finally a challenge
  17. Thank you for your response. In that case I am going to check out deer isle the next chance I get. sounds like a fun place
  18. Brad

    Interview With A Community Member: Mugin

    I am surprised to not see an entire section dedicated to Beanz War but pretty excellent interview anyways.
  19. Hi DayZRP Server Admins, As an experienced Devops engineer (Cloud and On-Prem), I have a suggestive approach to modernizing the way we host DayZ servers. Using Docker, Kubernetes and using AWS, Azure or GCP as a scalable cloud solution. I believe at the very least it's worth looking into and researching. This may improve performance and save cost. Here is why: Why would we want to run game servers on this platform? 1. Scaling game servers can be a big challenge with proprietary software, with containers and Kubernetes. Software containers and orchestration like Kubernetes should make it much more simplistic with less hard coding. 2. Containers give a single deploy artifact that can be used to run game servers. This removes the need to install dependencies or configure machines during deployment, as well as greatly increases confidence that software will run the same on development and testing as it will in production. 3. The combination of software containers (like docker) and Kubernetes lets us build on top of a solid foundation for running essentially any type of software at scale – from deployment, health checking, log aggregation, scaling and more, with APIs to control these things at almost all levels. 4. At its core, Kubernetes is really just a cluster management solution that works for almost any type of software. Running dedicated games at scale requires us to manage game server processes across a cluster of machines – so we can take advantage of the work already done in this area, and just tailor it to fit our specific need. 5. Should everything be dockerized? No, Relational and Non-Relational Databases for example should not be dockerized due to high amounts of maintenance behind it. If I was using the cloud for example AWS, I'd use Amazon RDS (Relational), DynamoDB (Non-Relational) and Elastic Cache (Redis or Memcache). You can then Peer those connections to your VPC network and talk to EKS (Kubernetes). What is Docker and Kubernetes? Docker is a process running on a OS. It is NOT a VM or a VM replacement. It's a headless container that can be scaled and updated by the Docker file or image it is published on. Kubernetes is a orchestration management tool that provides resources to the container. (Example of resources: Persistent volume storage, Load Balancers, Worker Nodes (VM's), IP route tables, Network Gateways, Virtual Gateways, Peering and etc.) There are also different flavors of Kubernetes: PKS (Pivotal), EKS (Amazon ECS), AKS (Azure), GKE (Google) and Minikube (Local machine). Why Linux over Windows for a server? There are a lot more engineers out there that can work with Linux OS over Windows. Windows original design is very clunky for running servers. You have to know work arounds for CMD and Powershell Modules. Windows doesn't have true bash/sh/terminal built-in like Linux and Windows runs horrible with Docker. With Linux it's just pure terminal and the utils & packages that come with Linux are arguable more effective and efficient with it's libraries and dependencies built in ready to go. Automation and maintenance will benefit substantially if you make this change. Especially if your goal is to commercialize your servers. Possible areas to look into: 1. Should we use the cloud or bare metal? If you want to scale up your servers and scale down with automation. The cloud provides more benefit and cost then using bare metal solution. It's worth comparing a cost analysis on what would fit for DayZRP. 2. Spin up a test environment server with the following methods below and research if this is something worth trying: - Dockerized Dayz (Open Source): https://github.com/icedream/docker-dayzserver - Using Linux instead of Windows using Wine: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/9h6x5u/dayz_server_on_linux/ (Maybe wait until Bohemia provides Linux support for servers? Not sure when that will happen...) - If Wine isn't do able for Linux on Windows, maybe see if Windows Developer mode enabled will allow you to use Ubuntu? I hear it comes out of the box with Windows 2016 Servers. I believe the biggest challenge really is just figuring out a work around for getting Linux to host DayZ. Once that is done, we can then start to take the approach in "modernizing" with Docker and Kubernetes. I hope this post gives a little more incite to those currently managing and engineering the DayZRP servers. If we can do this, we might be able to stand out more against other RP servers. - Snozz
  20. You just have to reloot. You will have two separate physical players but the same character. So in your case you will be Thomas on both maps.
  21. I was interested in checking out deer isle but I was unsure of what happens to your character when you switch. maybe someone can explain what happens to me?
  22. Real doomer hours my dudes.

  23. GreenySmiley

    Interview With A Community Member: Mugin

    Interesting read, I feel like I got to know you a bit better now to more RP in the future.
  24. When it rains in deer isle its like playing Russian roulette with a full cylinder. That or the fact its Black Friday everyday for zombies. I love Deer isle it just needs a bit of work with the rain I enjoy the zombies and the lore but Chernarus is the place that we all know and love.
  25. I hate the map. Course though my only experience of it was wandering around in the dark, sleep deprived and high off my ass so I might just be biased. Chernarus is obviously the better map as it's actually completed. I don't understand why people like this one though. It's simply just like playing on an unfinished blown up Utah Island from Arma 2. I personally don't care for it mostly due to the fact that alot of the towns and maps, roads and such, are simply laid out in a way that makes little to no sense IRL. Sure, SZ's railroads don't make much sense either but yikes. Having a road wide around through massive untextured field gives me edge of map vibes from the OG map from mod anyway. Modders shouldn't waste their time with creating Original Content and should just bring back things from Mod that we loved and crave. It's why SA started in the first place because they fueled their success on nostalgia. Sure it took em a number of years to bring it into something of its own and workable but at least now it's truely something that pulls enough from the old and adds in the new features to appeal to new and old players alike. Bring back Namalsk. I would die for that, creepy atmosphere and weather all. TL:DR Deer Isle =
  26. Mugin

    Interview With A Community Member: Mugin

    Decided it'd be wise to edit the original I wrote drunk...
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