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    Rule 4.1

    4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system. So I understand they have to know who the threat is. Simple enough. But, am I allowed to initiate with a Megaphone or PA system if i state my name? exp: "THIS IS SERGEI ORLOV PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP OR DIE!" (Over megaphone), if I am initiating to everyone in the area? Like a large compound for example.
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      It aint october yet

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  • InactiveNate

    S1: GearRP, 2:40am EST

    Alrighty, the accused and I have spoken, and we went over some areas of improvement they could have done/taken to change the route of things and had a genuine discussion among ourselves.. I genuinely believe these guys will fix where they lacked from this report into any new situations they come across, seeing as they proved to me in Discord they learned to do so, so if the accused is willing along with myself, and the staff see no reason to keep it open themselves, I am totally cool with closing the report.
  • MrPanda

    Appeal- Bad RP - 10 Points 5 Day

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I just don’t understand the Little RP or using 3rd party software stuff? We literally Rped with him the entire time up (54 minutes) to his death? Cause in the stream i can hear like 5 different people talking then me ask “Yay or Nay” and getting a thumbs down which triggered the execution. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I mean we RPed with this guy for like 50 minutes. At (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425060027?t=14m32s 14:32) He admits to fighting alongside the Kameníci. Later in the camp after he fucks up giving the UN the information ( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425060027?t=50m05s 50:00) (IE telling them he is not here at his own free will kinda destroying the validity of his statements)and me and my compatriots start discussing whether to kill him or not "Yay...Nay?" ( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425060027?t=51m40s 51:50) then we go over that he was in fact a terrorist by assisting the same group that killed Norway's family and that he attempted to kill us in the name of the same terrorist group.Later same thing (54:00) "Yay...Nay?" ( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/425060027?t=54m05s 54:06) You can see a thumbs down indicating that we are not happy with him and i promptly execute him so how can you say we provided little to no RP unless you literally watched the last 15 seconds on the video… The silence that you are referring to is what i assume is because i ask @NorwayRP “Yay...Nay?” then him giving me a thumbs down and me executing him. It wasn’t over 3rd party software but actually RPed out using the Emote system. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned Points Removed What could you have done better?: I guess I can be clearer that we are unhappy Idk tbh
  • Chance has always been a person of solitude, driven through the belief of not to trust the world. He see's the world full of greed, nothing but hurt and pain. Despite being within solitude with these thoughts, it only pushes him to wake up everyday. He see's himself and this belief in a reflection, like looking in a mirror, instead of himself. He see's the very belief he endures. This belief was always pulled along with him throughout his entire life, coming out of what was once an abusive family upon moving. Practically left by him Day 1 to rot with the other dead wanderers that now rule this world. He didn't seem to actually originate in Chenarus at the beginning of the outbreak, infact. Some of his gear clears the suspicion of absolutely different origin. The sudden move of country in a world full of even more greed than before wasn't impossible until he managed to find himself in the foreign continent. He keeps the very patches he ripped off the uniform he wears, if he were to share. They would be patches of the American flag. Chances life before the outbreak were pure routine of work, eat, sleep and repeat. However, he was one of a few sorts of people that prepped for such a deadly end of the world/government scenario. From Day 1 of where he was and of the for sure fact everything was going to shit. He remained careful and in a bunker he stocked up with food and had coverered up with bushes and all sorts of natural obstructions. He stayed in this bunker for a couple months, noting the loss of anything outside, any and all transmission coming from his radio eventually went silent. Cable stopped, internet was already dead before all of this and he relied on his Power generator and his surplus of fuel. Eventually he had unlocked his little bunkers vault like hatch to find himself in an entirely different world, more run-down and scarce of resources and food. From this day forward, he'd try his best avoiding large cities and open roads. He lived near the coast of an unmentioned state, eventually using the remainder of his fuel and then some to cross to Chenarus. His thoughts were that he might find his distant relatives, family members that had moved near ages ago.. however he wasn't even sure where they lived within the continent, or if it were even safe. He barely looked into the tv through fear of what he might see or hear. He only kept it on incase nuclear strikes would be nigh. He was unsure of what he was truly walking into, was it another world of more or less dead walking around.. or was he going to find a law filled country still standing. It was a mystery to him and he continued. Eventually he found himself at the coast of Chenarus, stepping out to only find himself a new home in another dead ridden country. Leaving his boat abandoned on Day 632.
  • Saunders

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    6/10 - I'm sorry it's the aspect ratio >.<
  • InactiveNate

    The Wolf Pack [Open Recruitment]

    Good luck, gents, definitely looks interesting, I’ll have to run into you in the near future.
  • Highlander

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    yo homie- you got some of Ragnar - could we get some of my girl Lagertha?
  • InactiveNate

    S1: GearRP, 2:40am EST

    I would like to hold any further ongoing investigations with the report if that’s okay until I’ve talked to the accused to sort out what’s wrong. Thanks!
  • Logan, a former force recon Marine. Stranded in Chernarus after the infected overran all NATO personnel. He is looking for anyone from his old unit in order to band together to help establish a community. He possesses a broad skill set including weapons craft and bush craft as well as other technical skills. With a strong empathetic mindset, he will do what is necessary to help defend others. He had two cats that he misses very much. Being neither married nor the father of any children, he often views himself as the most expendable member of the group.
  • Saunders

    Rule 4.2

    It's not a problem @BigTom! If you ever need anything else I'm always a pm away my friend
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  • BigTom

    Rule 4.2

    Saunders has helped me and now I understand. Thank you all for your help and concern. Could we /close the thread please?
  • thank you for all the help Saunders, this thread can now be closed
  • MR Pussywhipped

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    10 Tonya Hardings / 10 Harley Quinns
  • Zero


    U.S. and Israel #1


  • Saunders

    Wrong Stream Account Linked To Application

    Hello @John Rowins I'm glad that my previous help has helped you come to this conclusion. I'd advise that you contact the staff team by creating a support ticket and an admin will hopefully get that fixed for you.
  • I have accidentally linked the wrong steam account to my whitelist application, is there any way to change it?
  • Samuel “Sammy” Corbett was on was on a mission for the Canadian Coast guard when the outbreak happened. His ship was quickly overtaken by infected members, and Sammy grabbed a life jacket and jumped over-bored, thinking he had a much better chance against the ocean. Sammy floated along with the tide until he eventually drifted to shore in Chanarus. He went to find civilization, hoping the infection had not escaped his boat. Horrified when he found infected in this unfamiliar country, he decided to find others who were still alive and preserve what was left of humanity.
  • Raised in America I aspired to go out and help people once I graduated high school. Coming from a background where everything was handed to me on a silver platter, it made this idea all the easier. I remember seeing the news that martial law had been declared early morning of the 3rd. Then a few months later I saw the beginning articles and videos of the actual virus outbreak on the news. I thought that this was the perfect chance to go help people like I had wanted to my entire life. After a few weeks of radio silence in Chernarus I begged my parents to hire a private pilot to bring me to Chernarus. I was raised around guns on a ranch so I knew that I would be able to hopefully handle myself in a situation regarding other people. I also knew I would have the ability to skin and quarter just about every animal I came across. Luckily with my mother being a vet I knew how to help animals through at most simple wraps, which I in turn hoped could be transmitted on a human as well. On the flight over the country I hoped these skills would be useful in helping hurt people in remaining camps. But as I was pushed from the plane and parachuting down into the country, I realized that things were much much worse than the TV had last relayed. Once landing I realized I needed to either fight for my survival long enough to somehow contact a ride home, or stay and do what I initially intended to do.
  • Xehara


    Correct. To my understanding not everything transferred over from the old website/system, and everyone was made to re-whitelist.
  • Xehara

    Rule 4.2

    Say you want to attack a person because they kicked your dog, you have to locate them and ensure they are the right person then initiate on them with a clear demand. For instance, Raises a gun, "Put your hands up or I'm going to shoot you." At this point you have ATTACKER rights and they gain DEFENDER rights. If you're alone or with one other person, and it's only you against them, they can either defend themselves and shoot you or they can comply by putting their hands up. If you follow this so far, specify what further questions you have so we can clarify each one.
  • Saunders

    bad version server rejected connection

    What is the message you're getting now? And can you contact me on discord? Will be much easier for me to help you out on there rather than going back and fourth on this thread
  • @Kyle Mckenzie it still dont work m8 even been trying the other beta,s to get it to work but didnt work out im lost
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