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  2. DayZRP Cow Massacre

  3. DayZRP Cow Massacre

    YOU FUCKING MONSTERS YOU! In all seriousness though it's like they were on their way to a Cow convention to discuss the state of South Zagoria. Real question though, do Chernarussian cows moo in a different language from other cows?
  4. S1 Invalid Kill - Ruleplay - (11/20/17 - 8:45ish EST)

    Mongo Okeke POV: One thing I'd like to add about the whole store situation is that Mr. Panda had been telling Eagle's character the whole time that he was on our side while doing an African accent similar to ours when it seemed as if an initiation was going to be dropped. Then when he told us he would shoot us not only did he only say it once and only to Bubblegum but also said it while laughing and in the African accent he'd been using the whole time. When Bubblegum asked me what to do I simply told him "follow the code of honor" and then told everyone else look I can't control him now he's following the code of honor" while Bubblegum ran up and popped more shots of in HoneyBee's general direction. I then aimed at Honeybee to get a better view of where the shots landed. As Bubblegum said Honeybee when behind a bush at one point and got tagged in the arm at which point we all started laughing and joking about it without shooting anymore shots me and Bubblegum where still aiming but we had turned our heads back at them and we were all talking at this point suddenly with no warning or hostile indication we got gassed from behind. I can't stress enough that when we attempted to talk it out in teamspeak it broke down into mic spamming, yelling, insult throwing, and channel switching making it impossible for us to even get a word in. Every time they stopped for two seconds to listen they would immediately get completely indignant and start yelling again. This situation is the exact reason the good samaritan rule was removed as well as the newly added rule in the new lore that states you have to be in an official group to transfer kill rights. Edit: further Clarification on the "execution" me Honeybee and Bubblegum were at least a hundred meters away from the rest of the people when Honeybee layed down and stopped trying to run at this time we told him in game to play dead which is when Bubblegum shot a bullet next to him and we both proudly proclaimed we had killed him for the good of the store At which point one of the other guys, I don't remeber which, ran up, pulse checked him or at least tried to check his inventory without RPing it out in any way, and then told everyone else that he was fine. With the fake execution we were trying to deescalate and finish the situation but unfortunately they weren't able to leave good enough alone. All we were doing as a trio was attempting to provide some interesting rp which has been sorely lacking recently.
    • Anouk
    • Monday

    Its Karaoke night.


  5. BeanZ WAR

    • Keira

    radda radda radda

  6. reloading while the ting goes click click click.
  7. DayZRP Cow Massacre

    Holy cow, that's a lot of cows.
  8. Pein

    Character overhaul, let me know what you think.

    Thanks to @Rory for le Graphics cause I was lazy.

  9. HoboDepot 2.0

    Beached freight ship not included
  10. DayZRP Cow Massacre

  11. Rory

    Gonna leave my cringe intro post here for everyone to roast me over

    Later Kiddos

    1. Saul

      Could be worse - I used to roleplay in my normal voice as myself because I was scared. I also thought I was being clever when I was 13 "ROLEPLAYING AS A 13 YEAR OLD". No-one even knew, suave af.


  12. If you want to talk it out we're are in ts.
  13. I told you i was afk I told you i was afk 2 times, not anymore. And as i said i only had one free and, and that was on my mouse. and none of y'all talked to me, only jayden text rp'ed, nothing more then that. the admins can see the video, and they will know. And also as i said, and video shows, i was afk long before you guys got there, so i was not avoiding rp
  14. Edward Robinson

    Born in Seattle, United States of America, Edward Robinson had a decent up bringing - being of a hard working middle class. His father owned a Taxi Cab Company, and spent much of his free time at the drag strip with the Family '57. Edward never took to rules very well at a young age - they were there to be tested after all. Being the rebellious sort, Edward dropped from highschool to pursue working on his fathers cabs, and it wasn't long before he was driving them as well. In the days of his early adulthood, Edward was a bonafide Greaser wanna be. The style itself was something, but it was more the style of ~life~ that drew him in. And with every waking free hour spent at the strip or in the garage - squeezing as much horsepower you could out of a 454 cubic inch motor until something literally detonated... What wasn't to like? Eventually his single father would pass away to lung cancer - leaving the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air to Edward. Having little interest in living out his days running a Taxi ring in Seattle - Edward followed the pursuit of love, following the sweet nothings of a woman on a globe trotting trip. After a falling out in Greece, Edward would find himself on a cruise of the black sea - caught in a horrible storm.
  15. We found a lady in a house and she kept telling us she was “Afk” even though we kept seeing her head move around with the “ALT” key. She keeps telling us over and over “I'm afk” so I respond with “We will wait”. After a while I go back in to talk to her and I get ignored so I say something in VOIP and wait for a response. She then logged out while we were looking at her randomly in a clear attempt to avoid RP. She then didn't log back in.
  16. that would not make any sense, since you probaly want to hear if @Mr.Pandas voice was heard in the video, and without sound on the video, that is a little difficult. + i don't know how to removed sound from the video
  17. Today
  18. @Sophie Would you be able to upload the video with no sound and post it here?
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