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  2. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ OPEN ]

    I might have to take a stop by here at some point. Looking good.
  3. @Lemons https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-212/
  4. Go for it https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-212/
  5. Hangovers at 30 degrees is the worst , on top of that sunburnt... Gonna be a fun holiday this one .

  6. Today
  7. IAmJackBandit

    Guess one day I may find that right one...if they even exist

  8. Hey, didn't think I'd get through all of you so fast! Anyways, here it goes. @Boston Hope I don't fail to impress https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1845/ @Mercy I couldn't help myself here, it had to be done https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-15/ @Keira Someone doesn't like Robert. Then again, who does? https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2353/ @Hassan I was about to pull a Pulp Fiction and do the whole "SAY WHAT AGAIN" thing but this is better imo https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1964/ @Watchman Hope this pleases you as my previous ones have https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2538/
  9. Wild Man

    There's not a lot to say about this man. Maye that around 20 years back in time, he had a family and job. But he lost that all and ran to the woods. That was moment when he lost his mind as well. From that moment, he's behaving like an animal. He doesn't say anythig but the word "Tazz". Somehow he got himself to the Chernarus. He didn't even noticed that there's practically no people in the cities, and that there are some walking infected zombies around. He's just runing around, or hunting, dancing aroun the fire or farming.
  10. The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Alek climbs to the top of the radio tower to gain a better signal in hope to make contact with his friends he presses the PTT* " Hello this is Alek, Alek Spence I've been away and haven't been able to make contact with all of you its starting to get pretty lonely out here 'coughs' I haven't seen anyone in days even weeks I think its time I came home, 'looks into the dark night sky' listen I've been wondering the forests gathering food living in the woods its been cold I don't even have a tent I hope you get this..." *Alek lets go of the PTT in hope to see his friends again*
  11. NLR

    Cheers for the answers lads, just wanted to confirm if I was to go round town asking questions about who shot me then possibly initiated on them in retaliation I wouldn't be breaking rules since it would have been in the past. But that's cleared up now cheers.
  12. was some really good RP from you Tion and cole (R.I.P) thanks for the warm welcoming
  13. NLR

    Hello! as @Method, @focus stated, that's NLR. so If you feel that your question has been answered, remember to check a correct post on the left side!
  14. Mischief

    feeling my cat steven's vibe...

  15. Winded beat up and exhausted Garrick finally had a moment to pause after spending so much time on the run for his life. He sat down in the building he had just locked himself in and quietly crouched down as he waited for some of the infected to roll by. He then proceeded to place the newly found batteries he had acquired and attempted to use them as replacements in his radio. After a 20 minutes with no sign of the infected near by he began to speak quietly on the radio as to not alert anyone or anything to his presence that may have been in close proximity. "Will, it's me Garrick, are... are you still alive? I'm still here, I never got -- I never got out. I think somethings coming. Have you seen the other person I told you about?"
  16. tumblr_o8m576iLdQ1u21ng6o1_500.gif

    Hmm..I see you answer a few question threads here and there....trying to get at something?

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      Good Answer....you might just have a bright future ahead of you...

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      I hope so.

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      He's trying to get closer to you Aiko.

      He talks about you all the time. ^_^

  17. NLR

    As the rules currently stand yes you retain memories leading up to your death though like you said you are to rp it out like you were wounded so as long as you dont use any meta gaming you can torture them but you MUST reinitiate like rule 9.4 reads even though its in regards to kill rights its best to reinitiate regardless to make sure you are covered by the rules. I included some of the rules pertaining to your question does this answer your question? 9.2 When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death. 9.3 All kill rights are reset when your character dies and you may not use those rights to "hunt down" your killers. 9.4 After your character has died and had his kill rights reset, the kill rights cannot be re-acquired from other allied characters. Only a new hostile situation can give you those rights once again. much like focus said they wouldnt be your killers they would be your attempted killers and you would have to rp it out as such.
  18. *Ken presses down his PTT and starts to transmit* "Why wud ya wanna let people kno' where yeh are? Don't make much sense to meh, ah know ya probableh got gud intentions but steel. Plenteh of bad people out there jus' waitin' on summin like dis gunna take advantage uv yeh, eef ya ask meh, spread bah word uv mouth. Hope nuttin' bad happens, baest of wishes the yeh. Jus' don't seem like a gud idea the broadcast yer location to deh whole countreh." *Ken releases the PTT button*
  19. NLR

    Hello, NLR lets you remember the event that lead up to your event, but not your actual death. Basically, you could just say that you were injured or whatever. So, yes, you could have reason to act hostile towards the people that "injured" you. I hope this answers your question.
  20. NLR

    So I see that the NLR has changed at some point and no longer includes the line about forgetting who killed you when you died. It is clear regarding kill rites after you die however I want to confirm that when I get killed I can remember the scenario and just RP that I got injured. So if I ran into my killers again would I be able to act hostile towards them and initiate and torture them in revenge for 'shooting' me and nearly killing me?
  21. Thank you to everyone for the outstanding RP today! @Wolfstorm23 Very nice mourning RP today, the frustration was very good with Cole's death. @colabear It was such an emotional death! First you thought I was going to shoot, then I pulled you up and Tion and I both hugged you and said we all loved you, then I just shouted it when I took the shot, 10/10 GOLD moment. I hope to see you as another character! @Swiss Miss I really liked the torture RP we did today, loads of fun just knocking the poor guy out again and again. "Humpty dumpty is about to have a great fall" @LadyInBlue Quinn is finally coming to her senses! Hopefully she comes back home soon, we all (Minus Cole ) miss you! @kaliberN It was nice to see another trucker in the apocalypse! I cannot wait to see what your character has to offer, so much potential in Lukas. @Puncture Thank you for the hostage RP! I put on a clown mask and a new jacket to confuse you for the revenge, but sadly my aim is pure shit and I died. Thanks for the RP! Apologies to anybody I may have left out, everybody's RP was top notch today! Thank you all.
  22. Verunca Kozlov

    Verunca Kozlov was a native to chenarus, born and raised just outside of Gorka on her family farm. She was always taking care of animals and the wildlife. She dreamed of being a veterinarian. Verunca was a kind hearted person always doing more for others than for herself. She became a veterinarian after she moved away from her family farm. She traveled around Chenarus taking care of wildlife. She will never forget the first time she helped birth a horse in Berezino. After the baby horse came out everyone was gathering around to see the wonder of birth. Everyone was clumped up in the stables and it soon became a slaughter house, infected came out of no where. Nobody had ever seen it before and panic ensued. Verunca hid deep in the hay bails and everyone around her soon turned. She was now left to face the infection on her own, she pledged to help anyone she came across just like she had helped those animals when she was a vet. A lot of medical training she learned from vertrinary school carried over into the real world. She became quite the medic
  23. I'm working on a project that requires 5-8 people willing to play hostile type doctor / scientist characters, if anyone knows people that would be interested I would greatly appreciate it if you would listen to my idea. There are other positions as well however if that role doesn't seem interesting to you. I believe the project could potentially affect everyone on the server similar to how VDV did.

  24. Ken Mendenhall's Story

    The adventures of Ken Mendenhall & Co.
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