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  2. Grab your phone next to you with DayZRP on it and prepare to type character names and search them up while you RP in-game on your PC. That way you know you are busted if you drop an initiation on a greenie or if you are in the safe zone and you can proceed further with your RP. Seriously though, it's a Russian roulette type of thing with these green/orange/red, but it's much better than before for sure. If a group has mixed colors I think it would be auto-valid to initiate on them as well, while you have already initiated on the orange/reds, simply because otherwise they will have a sort of protection and run somewhere to a safe sniping spot and start shooting at you while you try to deal with the hostages. And all that bullcrap just cause you couldn't initiate on them too. If you are initiating on a member of some official group, I think it should be normal for you to have valid initiation rights to get other members as well (ONLY IF THEY ARE AROUND OR NEAR THE VICTIM OF THE SAME GROUP). Joining official groups shouldn't have advantages only, it's common sense that people of the same group will help him and that you have to keep them in check as well. Overall however, these types are the best @Roland could've done honestly. Some people want hostile role play, but why should they be allowed to force it on other players just so they can get what they want? Going over to someone and initiating on them just cause some people enjoy hostile rp and want to have some, shouldn't let those people have the right to do it. It's like for example I want to go and punch some random person on the street just cause I want to and I enjoy punching people. Why should I be allowed that? There must always be some valid reason unless the receiver agrees to being initiated on without a reason, exactly what the green/orange/red do. People can't force you to campfire RP, but people CAN force you to hostile RP because hostile RP requires the receiving side to comply and obey or they get back to the beaches. The style of hostile RP and it's nature demands it to be restricted and that is what many people fail to understand or don't want to and that's why we keep having threads like this.
  3. Here is a picture of a cute walrus. Have to spread some positivity around here, you know?

    Cute Walrus.jpg

    1. UncleB


      Look at the little sea pug

  4. I mean, I was asleep when you quoted me, couldn't really do anything. Thanks anyway?
  5. nice to be back. had lots of fun already
  6. I told you. I was correct once again. I tried to help you. But honestly the way the server is. I'm moving to Scum when that comes out.
  7. Daisy


    bang (what did you do to your name?)
  8. 100% agree we need some more visuals on the thread now it's posted, just need to find some suitable works or make our own. Feedback appreciated
  9. CaliforniaRP

    Rule Protection Mode?

    i mean it isnt metagaming. you are using ooc information on an ooc rulebase to determain if these ooc rules apply to this person. thus allowing you to act icly how you'd wish. checking pulse -> tabbing to server list -> checking name... that isn't metagaming... metagaming would be checking pulse -> 'oh hey [insert name]'. because look at it this way; ICly, my character isn't thinking 'oh boy i hope god allows me to rob this man, lemme get a wiff of him and find out'. ICly, I already want to rob this person, but have to get OOC confirmation that it is allowed. In no way is it metagaming to see if they have protection mode on or not. Nor is acting upon it. As it is simply an exemption from set of shitty rules, not really determining your characters input on it. end of the day, it's shitty, but it's the best we're gunna get it seems. also, noone has the answer for this. my suggestion? just drop the initiation and take the ban. or don't initiate period. welcome to dayzrp hope you're having fun.
  10. Grey

    Broken [IG Recruitment]

    Hate to do this as it's happened to much to frequently. But i'm gonna have to ask to be removed from the roster. Nothing to do with OOC. More to do with another group which fits my character better. Best of luck fellas.
  11. Today
  12. Whitename

    Community Podcast

    Personally I don’t like community TS meetings / podcasts but QnA’s are fun. Should be hopping on that QnA stream Soon™
  13. DrMax

    Atlas [Closed Recruitment]

    Welcome @Grey, @Retro and @Torch to the group as members!
  14. @SofiaLR Angela giving Robbie lots to think on, making him question his current morals and faith, excellent RP the other night, glad to have you apart of Riptide as well
  15. bloodcrusader

    Jiro To Dan (Open Frequency)

    *Kyle presses his PTT and begins talking* *Yeah i'll try to get a hold of Dan..not sure if i have his frequency or not though or if he can hear me on this one* *Transmission Ends*
  16. Daisy

    BeanZ WAR

    You were saying?
  17. Stardude

    DayZ RPuppy Thread

    I have 3 others, they're not quite as photogenic as him though
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