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  2. S1: KOS in Severograd - 2018-02-25, 21:47

    Connection Hit Kill Logs pulled for @Finn and @klusions @klusions Please explain why you logged off only 10 minutes after killing Finn. If either sides have video evidence on the situation please upload it, unedited.
    • Shane Is Dead
    • Viking

    stompin all up in the rain

  3. S1/BadRP,CL?,NVFL/Severograd/2-24-18/2:00 to 3:00pm

    Bucky Brooks POV - So my buddy Sergei was held up and initated on so we went around Sevrograd looking for this guy, we found him we talk and he says " I never did any this, etc. " Now he starts to run away and we chase after him and I see the guy and yell get on the ground and he doesn't so I start to chase after him and he runs into this apartment room and I turn around the corner and got sprayed.
  4. Shane Is Dead

    if you don't hear me right use your left ear

    1. Strawberry
    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      he's so slept on its ridiculous most underrated rapper around

    3. Strawberry


      he's the biggest drama queen in the industry, but yeah he's decent

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      biggest drama queen doubtful, nibba remix's songs and makes em better than the originals 

    5. Strawberry


      Yeah, well check his "beef" with Logic

    6. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      watched an interview regarding it and he has a point tbh

  5. Scenic Thread

    Yeah @KyleRP Calm your tits...jeezz
  6. Scenic Thread

    Aye that's a pretty fair point, I'll go ahead and do that.
  7. Scenic Thread

    Just because I don't put smiley faces everywhere and emojis doesn't mean I'm causing a fuss. But if he wants a scenic thread then that's fine but you should probably rename it @Lad as people may think this is a duplicate thread.
  8. Scenic Thread

    I am terribly sorry for not being totally inclusive dearest Elmo, I'll take care to remember that for the next time. Same here, I'm just using the camera on my phone, Honor 6A. Decent phone to be fair.
  9. Scenic Thread

  10. Scenic Thread

    And himself and I are trying to explain to you that he wants a scenic thread, which you're failing to understand. If you thought this was a duplicate thread, there is a report button. Stop causing a fuss on his thread and let staff do their job. @Lad Pretty cool pics. I've always wanted to purchase a fancy cam and do some scenic pictures. Growing up in South Africa, I'd wake up to a red sunset, I wish I took more pics.
  11. Scenic Thread

    Go outside
  12. BeanZ WAR

  13. Scenic Thread

    I'll have you know I identify as a gooseberry bush and have no shame in appearing on the real life picture thread with all of you humans. Don't exclude me for who I am. #BushLivesMatter #SeparateButNotEqual
  14. Scenic Thread

    I'm chill, dunno about you. Just trying to explain to him that he can post a picture of anything in the real life thread.
  15. Scenic Thread

    Maybe he wants a thread specific to scenic stuff. Sizzle down there, Jones.
  16. Random Screenshots

    @dimitri @VodkaWolf @Jean @Finn They notice/walk up to us so I emoted: -You notice we are busy-
  17. Scenic Thread

    Its a real life thread, you can post a picture of anything lol.
  18. Scenic Thread

    Well I always see people posting pictures of themselves there so I didn't want to just me like "aye here's some pics of forests and stuff" when I can just create a thread for people who want to post pictures of nature here and not themselves.
  19. Random Screenshots

  20. Scenic Thread

    You know theres a real life thread for posting pictures about this game yaknow?
  21. That whole report of the new whitelist against another new whitelist is somehow adorable...just the fact that the accused posted his POV with the report template...


     @Chewy and @Hebi Kotei he is raising some valid questions there^

    1. Chewy


      He posted it in polish too. The template that is.

    2. OskuRP
  22. S1: KOS in Severograd - 2018-02-25, 21:47

  23. S1: KOS in Severograd - 2018-02-25, 21:47

    I'd like to drop the report please, we've talked about it and it's quite a funny situation. Sorry to waste your time.
  24. BostonRP

    I wonder if there are any other musical genres that will take over the industry.

    Every time I'm in public and there's some fart-knocker with earbuds in, I always hear that Lil Xan shit or some other rap trash. Makes me miss when Skrillex and Dubstep was the craze.

    1. G19RP



    2. Oliv


      I wanna hear more from Watson tbh

  25. Mark's Media Thread

    Good god man, i almost fucking forgot about the damn sniper fuckery.
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