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  3. Kolya Utkin

    Kolya was born into an ethnic Russian family in Krasnostav during a time of political chaos and despair. The mighty Union of Soviet Socialists Republics was in decline and the cold war was coming to an end. Kolya's father was a police officer and a devout member of the Communist Party, shooting himself in a drunken fit when Kolya was just a child after he was so filled with grief from the Soviet collapse. With only his mother left to raise him, Kolya and his two sisters grew up in poverty from the lack of income and mama had to work day in and day out in the factory in Novodmitrovsk. The lack of a father in the household and his mother's busy working schedule left a lasting mark on the young boy. Being sprout up in a chaotic environment, Kolya dreamed of being a police officer as an omen to his father that he never knew. However, upon Koyla becoming a ban, South Zagoria had become engulfed in civil war and Koyla enlisted as an infantryman in the forces for the Chedaki. -WIP-
  4. Elmo

    LIke, real talk folks, is using R4 on your own report even allowed? I've never seen it happen.

  5. BeanZ WAR

  6. Darra

    I’m afraid to RP now.  Not even joking.

  7. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to the situation: (Use "N/A" if not appropriate.) Your report here. Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: (Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.) @Aiko I don't know what the fuck just happened to make you turn like that, but you cannot be the judge in your own report. You're an administrator, yes, but what you 100% should never do is play the judge in your own case. This, itself, is the very definition of bias. It's an aggressive action that should not have taken place. This is your report, you should never handle your own situation. If another administrator saw what happened in the report and deemed it worthy of an R4 that is different. What is shown in the screenshot above is you being accused of something in retaliation, a perfectly legitimate accusation until proven otherwise. You chose to permanently remove somebody from your own simply because they threw an accusation back at you? This is the contender for one of the most corrupt abuses of power I have ever seen. You have created a dictator's image, that anybody who challenges your authority will be hit with an R4. Never from what I have ever seen is an accusation of a false report ground for an R4 permanent removal. Suggestions for improvement: Undo the damage you have done. Take a step back to reflect on the mistake made here.
  8. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to situation: Supporting notes: The last post alone was enough to constitute for this. Feedback: Quite honestly in my entire time in this community NEVER before have I seen something beyond bias, not only was this YOUR report but it was you who basically said 'fuck it, they're gone'. While I understand as an Admin rule 4 is indeed your right, in this instance another person should have been the one to swing if there was even any reason to, because from looking at the report your 'evidence' was yet to be uploaded an hour into the post being up, whether that's due to your internet or whatever you honestly should have let the report continue as there was nothing not only supporting your side of the story but also theirs, to then get all uppity about them falsely reporting you.. Just makes you look even more bias as fuck. Ridiculous. The fact that you were involved with the situation, put up the report and the rule 4'd them when it's including not only yourself but friends too. Nah, that's fishy as fuck.. However you put it. Evidence should have come forward before a decision was made on the R4 and it damn well shouldn't have come from you. Suggestions for improvement: Think before you act and realise that this sort of shit certainly sets off the bias alarm. Also, don't do this shit when you're involved, my god. Undo this shit. (Not too bothered if this is repetitive or worded in a shitty way but it's 6am, I'm jetlagged to fuck and tbh this has sent me through the roof).
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    i throughly enjoyed ur rp. im sure ull be back soon. Ms13 is always fun to capture.

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    • Taryn

    Jasper, please....

    • Elmo

    No no, don't you fucking even

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    • Aiko

    Lmao that looks biased as fuck

    1. Jasper

      Because it is. 

    2. Aiko


      Rolle will handle it in an appeal simple as that.

    3. ExoticRP


      You and I both know that he is not letting any permd players back

    4. LouieRP


      That is without a doubt biased. I feel that the evidence should have been brought forwards and let everyone places in their POVs before a decision was made and to even go to the extent to permaban them Is just utterly disappointing.

    5. UndeadRP


      dawg even if he does shouldnt like there have been some discussion about it not like. Hey i choose these 4 dudes to get yeated , and hey now only the server owner has anything to do with it personally. Idk man feelsbadman

  9. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Forum name: Yoshi Uplay name: ItzKapk4n Timezone: GMT -5 Top 3 attackers: Monty, Thermite, Sledge Top 3 defenders: Kapkan, Mute, Castle Level: 114 Rank (or last rank you had): Gold II (First season of Year 2) Additional info: What's not to love about Kapkan? Tapkan, Trapkan, Napkan, Blapkan, Slapkan. I can't get enough of this guy. "Let them come!"
  10. Elmo

    The fuck

    • JoffreyRP
    • Aiko

    Yeesh, that was heavy.

    1. Aiko


      They will be unbanned if it was unjust. They will appeal in emails, and Rolle will decide.

    2. JoffreyRP


      Right on

    3. JoffreyRP


      Not saying it was a mistake yet, but if it was.. we all make 'em. It's all good in the hood. People should give ya a little slack.

  11. Mexi

    Well, that's bias towards a situation if I've every damn well seen it. Jesus fucking Christ, what a mess.

    1. Mademoiselle


      I'm pretty speechless... I didn't expect that at all...

    2. JimRP



  12. LouieRP

    That is just wrong and I am utterly disappointed. 

    1. Peaches


      considering somebody with ZERO warning points got yeeted, it is. and has never had a warning point smh

  13. Hello, As an admin here on this website I will be using the following rule: 4.1 Administrators are authorized to use any means necessary to catch rule breakers as long as it does not affect the community, gameplay, role play or community image negatively. Administrators are authorized to override any decision made by lower staff ranks or community vote. 4.2 Administrators are allowed to punish players for actions not covered on this rule page, as long as they consider the action or players behavior to be damaging to the community, gameplay, role play or community image. 4.3 Administrators have the final say in all community related decisions. Community leader has an amendatory veto over administrator team decisions. 4.4 An administrators decision can only be appealed by contacting Rolle directly through support section of the website. You must provide a clear description of the event along with an explanation of how the decision made was incorrect. From what I saw of your rp all four of you, I will be using rule four. Going as far as to say that I am falsely reporting you! You may appeal this by contacting emails and appealing to Rolle directly at [email protected] I will give him all the video evidence and let him be the judge of the rp that was given to us at that time. Accused Permanently Removed from the community.
  14. The fact that text color is taken into consideration of whether or not your appeal gets accepted makes me want to start chewing on my own ball bag. 


    1. Elmo


      Stop being an edgy cunt bubblenuts

    2. Honeybee
  15. Mongo POV: Myself and the rest of the Akachi pirates were running through the streets of severograd when we saw a bus driving through town. We ran up to the bus and hopped in asking where they were going. They asked where we wanted to go but had no real destination so I jokingly said "This is a party bus lets go to bus town." or something along those lines. Anyways our ultimate goal in this situation was to steal the bus seeing as we are actual pirates and thats what we do. We were able to pull off a scheme where one of our members stole the glow plug then when the driver got out they put it back in and I got into the drivers seat. Apparently the female driver lost connection, but I didn't know that. I simply began driving away to the coast. Everyone in the bus seemed completely on board with what was going on and many were laughing and having friendly casual conversation. Had the two who were apparently with AIko said something they would've had the ability to completely change the tone of RP. Instead they sat in silence and accepted what had happened. The reason I was heading to the coast was originally to pick up our friend Larry who was the one who got desynced out of the bus, however when we got to Svet people began coaxing me to drive the bus into the water. I always choose to do things based on what I think my character would do and seeing as my character is drug-addled, attention desiring pirate I thought it made sense to listen to all the poeple telling me to do so. I failed several times which gave everyone the chance to get out and we continued on our attempt to get the bus in the water. Unfortunately since the game is stupid and 10+ people can't physically move a bus with their hands people resorted to the methods which are known in game to move vehicles. We finally after about 30 minutes of trying (Or at least what felt like 30 minutes) were able to get the bus in and people were very happy since it'd taken so long and so much effort. We joked around on the shore once I got to it about that being the maiden voyage and such and we celebrated by shooting our guns in the sky. If you think it's so weird to shoot guns out of celebration then this video will be a real shocker. After all this I logged off to go play some Siege since I had been in game all day. I really don't think this is an issue in any way considering there was never any form of initiation and there were no real hostilities of any kind so the idea of combat logging wasn't anywhere in anyones mind. I want to call for an investigation for false report during the course of this due to these accusations. We have played coastal African pirates of several varieties many times and we take a ton of caution purposely to not say any of this stuff. On the topic of me saying I'm the captain I am literally the captain of the crew, and have been for a long while, you can read my characters background here if you want to see that he has always been the captain and this wasn't just some weak attempt at a meme, and even if it was there is no reason to assume that a rich pirate captain who had been retired for quite a while wouldn't know something that well known in pop culture based around his own lifestyle. Also the fact that we're repeatedly being referred to as "Ugandan" despite never saying anything that would link us to Uganda, and that Uganda is a landlocked country while we are pirates even further shows that these accusations are just based on salt and make no sense. None of us even find the meme funny which is one of many reasons it has become the bane of our existence as people who choose to play African characters.
    1. Macbrine
    2. Taryn


      Me too, tbh


    3. Jasper

      I stop getting in game for one week. One week. Hope they show some mercy in the report tbhtbh.


    4. Taryn


      I removed clout points from them, already.

      They'll learn their lesson either way.

    5. Jasper

      No, some of them might get sent to Fiji for this, and some might leave if that happens. If all my boys are gone, I might as well be gone too. 


    6. Taryn



      You shall remain.

    7. LawRP


      It's a false/salt report so it's okay :)

    8. Jasper

      Maaaaaan if all of m'nibbas are gone or at Fiji, it's questionable at best. I'm not as strong as @SweetJoe I deadass couldn't remain if that happened. 

    9. Taryn


      -5 Clout, Law.

    10. LawRP


      You'll see, Taryn. YOU'LL ALL SEE.


    11. Jasper

      I just spent a hot minute typing some shit up but I'm not even going to post it because it'll land me in Fiji. 

      The frustration is real. 

      @LawRP it's like Patrice O'Neal said

      people are dumb sometimes. They get surprised and offended at basic things. Like, they'll put a grizzly bear in an office full of salmon. And when the grizzly bear starts eating the salmon they start complaining like "oh no the grizzly bear is doing grizzly bear shit". 

      This report is 75% about pirates doing pirate shit. 

      Im over it. 

    12. dawsonpark


      cry white boy

  16. Today
  17. Joe is dead

    You know you caught an L when an Admin reports you.


    Wanna be container 21 headass

    1. Mexi


      I look forward to the reunion, Dew.

    2. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      may never come, who knows.

      thinking emoji thinking emoji.

    3. Mexi


      At the rate @Sleepyhead is going, probably never. :trolle:

    4. Jasper

      In my defence, I wasn't there to help steer them straight. They're good guys capable of good RP, they can just be a touch fucking stupid sometimes without someone reminding them that sometimes something is a terrible idea. 

    5. Mexi


      So, what you're saying is.. They don know de wae?

    6. Jasper

      I talked to them. They swear up and down they never said that phrase and they weren't quoting the meme. I'll take them at their word for that. They readily said they did all that other shit soooo I don't see why they'd lie about that. 

      But nah, they don't. 

    7. Sleepyhead


      Send me your CPs!!

    8. UndeadRP


      rule 4s u*

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