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  2. After a particularly fallow period of RP, I managed to find quite a bit of it, with a full ranging spectrum of vaguely hostile/antagonistic to genial/fun - it was god-damn fantastic. I managed to basically record an entire television show, including a full narrative arc. For that to have occurred organically is, to me, a GREAT sign! Now I hunt for names, and if I left you out it's because I am horrible at even recalling names ICly, never mind the associated forum name @Bubblegum @Darion @Honeybee @Misuteri_Hakurei @TheMightyToenail @LadyInBlue A fella in a gasmask that went by 'Michael' A fella who went by Leonard A fella who went by Porco, I believe? Fantastic bartender Very sorry if I left someone out! Or included someone that wasn't involved?
  3. Nocheluz

    @NishiUrban why does my profile song always make me think of you? 



  4. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    A real Negan like beat down is always good
  5. But of course, have to protect my business assets.
  6. 10/10 with the Gremlins, great rolling with you guys today! Learned a bunch about hostile RP and generally the campfire RP I believe was really well done. See y'all tomorrow!
  7. @DaiquiriMerecedes it was a pleasure meeting Mr. Daiquiri tonight. *Ivy curtsies* "Thank you for all your kind help this evenin' kind sir." @Pussy & @NishiUrban thanks for coming to Ivy's rescue, as always much luv <3
  8. @Fil Vandren Enjoyed stepping throat, it was cool @Cocomii @Darion @Honeybee @Bubblegum @Enigma @snfsylva @Alexis Cheers as usual! @Taryn @WulfeGirl No Russians. @Eagle @Hassan and your boys cheers for the hand, look forward to more work. @Jman14102 <3 Cheers to whoever was in polana factory today aswell, hands up or not was good fun! Thanks for the RP over the last few days!
  9. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Spiderlord 2 electric boogaloo What's the worst album you've listened to this year?
  10. Had some pretty good rp today @Dew @Shane @evanm23.
  11. Eli Vaneslow

    Eli Vaneslow lived a fairly typical life growing up. He made friends and enemies, had both fun and sad moments, and excelled at most of his tests and school classes. It was upon his 18th birthday however that his life truly changed for the better in his eyes, but the worst in truth. On his 23rd birthday, he was given a large inheritance from his grandparents in the sum of nearly three and a half million dollars, which in itself was an amalgamation of nearly their entire lives worth of extra money thrown into a savings account and pumped up with interest to ultimate become his 23rd birthday surprise gift. The only question remained in his mind, what was he to spend it on, if anything..? Well, he had simply decided that he would use it to live a normal life, the only exceptions to which being expensive clothing and other such articles of vanity, and buying into cars and guns. He had spent the next four years spending the money on his dream cars, guns, and outfits before deciding to take a vacation from his life in the U.S., so he hired a private jet service to fly him to Japan. However the only stops before then would be refueling stops in neighboring continents/countries. One of said stops was on the northeastern civilian airstrip of Chernarus (South Zagoria), however a few hours into the plane's refueling, a large horde of people had stormed the airfield, causing utter chaos as they ravenously killed and devoured all that they could get their hands on. Eli had fled from the airfield as fast as he could, never looking back, in the hopes that the 'rabid' people weren't following him. (This is all for now/the start, I may update it with more based upon story arcs and occurrences in game.)
  12. DickSlide

     Bring back these legends #FreetheFFL

  13. Today
  14. A new future [Open Frequency]

    *Vasco settled into a home and leaned up against the wall. He grabbed his radio and tuned into a random frequency. Holding on clutch he pressed the PTT* "If you guys are out there, it's me Vasco. I've started the journey and hit some hiccups along the way. I think i'll make it but things are looking real bleak and i'm scared. I never knew venturing back to old camp grounds would be like this. I guess I wasn't prepared and it's showing. If anyone of you boys can hear me, I want you to know that I'm making the journey because I still think that we can make this happen. I'm not to far from the promised land, hell, I think if I can manage another day then we shall re-unite. I guess until then i'll keep the vision of what we set after my motivation to keep going." *Vasco releases the button sitting back against the wall, looking at the door in agony that something or someone will walk through.*
  15. Accurate summarization of the interaction between @Galaxy and I tonight. Just imagine there's a gun pressed against my forehead as well.
  16. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Ok Sidious go back to your electrocuting kids for fun. (Yes I do.) What is the most recent movie that came out you thought was good?
  17. We gotta hang again sometime Jack, Cupid will take real good care of ya pal.
  18. Rylie Scott

    Rylie Scott was born into a very poor family in London, England along with her twin brother Ryan. The pregnancy was accidental and had originally planned to be aborted. The parents decided to keep the babies for benefits. They had no real intentions of actually caring for the children. When the birth came, the mother died due to cardiac arrest and it was left to the father to raise the twins. Rylie and Ryan were very troubled children having inherited some negative traits from their parents. Rylie showed signs of schizophrenia and Ryan suffered from severe night terrors. Every night was a sleepless night. It became impossible to raise the two on his own so their father recruited some help of family/friends here and there. Sometimes he’d just have some man he found on the street to look after the kids. He didn’t care. He was more invested into narcotics than he was into the children. Heroin was his drug of choice, but he took what he could get. He was always high and angry. Truly an evil man. Throughout the years the twins would be neglected and abused. One day, luck struck, and their father had overdosed on heroin and died. The kids were then given over to their grandparents, who turned out to be good people. It finally felt like a normal family despite the various mental issues among them. It was as good as it could get. Rylie was troublesome, getting in trouble in school and sometimes even the law. She would get caught doing graffiti. Ryan was an angel. Shortly before the twins were going to finish grade 12 their grandmother passed away. Everyone took the death really hard, especially Rylie. The two were close and loved each other very much. But it all ended. Rylie dropped out of school due to grief and was angry, angry at everyone, angry at the world. She ran away from home and out of town trying to convince her brother to come with. Ryan stayed and continued in his schooling and went off to pursue his goal of becoming a lawyer. Rylie made money from odd jobs here and there. She would keep a low profile as she was somewhat known amongst the authorities for her vandalism crimes. One day Rylie had scrambled up the means to get out of the country, and chose to go to Chernarus, to be anonymous and free from her past. She got a part time job and made a few friends that spoke english. They would often hang out in sketchy areas and graffiti lude images onto walls and trains. The infection broke out, and Rylie had trapped herself in her apartment. She waited days upon days until it was completely silent. When she came out, there was nothing but hell waiting.
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      I too, enjoy venting my relationship issues onto DayzRP. My GF is cheap. she needs to go out and buy something expensive for no reason.

  20. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I know that I'm salty ex staff and everything, but a 58 second clip doesn't really show much; I would imagine that much should be clear for a current staff member. If this was a report, you damn well know that wouldn't hold up. Lemme put my big girl staff pants on for a minute... "We require a full and detailed video POV of the entire RP situation. Please post the raw, unedited clip to the report now. Failure to respond to this in a timely manner will result in a temporary game ban. Thank you." I honestly would be interested to see more of the clip though, because right now it's a pretty bleak picture you're painting.
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      Don't worry @Joffrey, the Mossad has been informed.

  22. Tbh, it's time to play fun video games like CSGO and PUBG:


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      Fun and CSGO at the same time?

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      I know, crazy right?!?

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  23. Promotion

    Looks like shit aint gonna change, bruh
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    Aur revoir, best of luck.
  25. Raspad Vosstaniye

    o7 Friendo, don't be a stranger in ts
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