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  2. Brady


    • Aiko


    1. Brady


      Stop trying to juice 

    2. Spooky88


      She is not letting me post things :'(

    3. BostonRP


      You still have a voice with Status Updates.

    4. Brady


      Because maybe its sometimes good to just close the internet for a little bit instead of trying so hard to get yourself banned

    5. BostonRP


      I thought requesting a ban was a legitimate thing?

      Guess something's changed again.

    6. Aiko



    7. Spooky88


      I thought the same aswell but aparently i was wrong


    8. BostonRP


      Nah, you were right, just that staff like to change things and flush consistency down the toilet like it's no problem and like people don't pay attention.

    9. Brady


      yeah wtf staff!

    10. Spooky88


      Couldn't agree more

    11. Aiko



    12. Lad


      awww, and here i thought i was gonna see a good speedrun :( 

      aiko you spoil sport

    13. Aiko


      I know I am such a badmin...so bias toward bus abuse and such...


    14. Brady


      Yeah aiko wtf u bias staff member!

    15. Macbrine



      Aiko is badmin and abusive and biased she put me on final 




    16. Lad



      tbh moat of the community at this point

    17. Aiko



  3. Real life picture Thread

    bb <3 Lake Michigan
  4. DustyRP

    When all your friends go to Greece but you couldn’t do it


    1. N-Tox


      Press F to pay respects

    2. BostonRP


      It's aight, @NateRP and I were too busy to go aswell.

      Another day.

    3. Lad



      I feel for you bud.

    4. Macbrine



      better drink all the pain away

  5. Aiko


    • DustyRP
    • Keira

    Ayy I’m your 2000th bean 

  6. How far up can this thing go?


    1. BostonRP


      The maximum amount of warning points a user can get is 30.

    2. Spooky88


      Well thats no good tho... I'm still a long way from getting to my lovely ban

    3. Lad


      and here we'll have a speedrun on quickest time to get permed on dayzrp :^)

    4. Spooky88


      Wish me luck i guess

    5. BostonRP


      Well, I could show you the ways of acquiring warning points. But I cannot, for I myself may end up in the Ban Box of Bad Roleplayers and Bus Thieves.

    6. Lad


      and bus stealers, don't forget that

    7. Lost

      just question the integrity of a report 

    8. Spooky88


      One of my nice little memes would just make all of this go away but then it would be no fun. And you wont even be able to see them since aiko wil just flat out erase it

    9. Lost

      just another casualty

    10. Lad


      just another oof in a field of oof's

    11. Brady


      SoonTM boston

    12. Beni


      Max you can get is 30. I'm on 29... 

  7. What do you listen to ?

    Billy Talent tho
  8. Raptor

    Holy shit my song and vid sync together almost perfectly

  9. Apparently i cant even get myself banned properly

    1. Lost

      there was an attempt 

    2. Spooky88


      Ye at least i tried

    3. Brady



    4. Spooky88


      Got a censorship tho which is kind of ironic imo

    5. Lost

      just steal a bus


    6. BostonRP


      up arrow

    7. Lad
  10. Combat Logged?/NVFL/BadRP

    Server and location: S1 Sevrograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 2:00 to 3:00pm Your in game name: Charles Harrison Names of allies involved: NateRP, Black Roses(Bucky Brooks, Cullen Shaw, Brandon, and other don't know name of) Name of suspect/s: none Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: NateRP, Cullen Shaw, Bucky Brooks, Brandon, Ivan, and I were waiting for this guy to show after he has tried taking hostage of one of the members of the black roses. We wait for awhile till one of us sees someone who looks like the guy who rob the one of the member of black roses. We ended up all walking up towards him and one of questions him about the robbery. We ask him what his name was and he says his first name. Wasn't able to hear it clearly. We continue to ask him about the robbery and questions him about where he was in the past hour.He states he was in the south doing some stuff. The guy who was robbed by him walks up towards him then he then starts running away towards a apartment building. We were able to get one shot on him while he was running. We run towards the apartment that he was in and the guy was able to kill 2 of our guys while another was friendly fired. We surround the building waiting for him to come out. After around 7 minutes, i decide to try and go up the stairs. I go up the stairs cautiously and realize no one was there. I walk out telling no one up here. I walk back towards the street by the pub for about 5 to 10 minutes, i walk back towards the apartment and see Brandon being taken hostage on top of hospital by the guy who was in the apartment. He sees me and start heading down the stairs. Brandon announces in game chat that the guy is KOS. I ended up running up the stairs and find the guy waiting for me. He starts shooting at me but i ended up spraying him down. I go unconscious but Brandon was able to get me up.
  11. Today
  12. BostonRP

    When you don't finish reading a thread before replying to it and accidentally o7 a Nazi.


    1. Brady


      Lmao classic boston

    2. Lad


      now thats a big oof

    3. Raptor



    4. Elmo


      Don't you mean o/ a nazi?

    5. Laski


      you o7'd yourself?

  13. Proud Parents Thread

    And we have #1 DILF! Don't worry, me Canadian friend. I shall cross the bridge and meet you and we shall pretty much show everything wrong with humanity within 2 hours.
  14. LouieRP


    1. KyleRP

      What now

    2. Species


      How's home

  15. Got it stuck..

    That sucks...
  16. Refacture

    Nevermind, I prolly won't step foot up in hear during all the trash being dumped on forums.

    1. BostonRP



  17. Proud Parents Thread

    Super cute! He looks so shocked, its beautiful
  18. Getting ready for the event ;)

    DayZ Screenshot 2018.02.25 -

  19. Mike Sparta

    My name is Mike Sparta. I was Born in the United states of America, state of California. My parents was living in Chernarus before i was born, my father was a military pilot and my mother was a nurse. I have a beauty full wife Maria and two kids Mario and Sophie with a lovely dog named Leo. We are a happy and big family. After finishing high school i started to work in the army. When i was young i was working at repairing cars, motorcycles, boats and small air plains. My friend suggest me to work in the air force as having experience in mechanical field. So it happen, i passed all theory and practice tests, so i became a air force soldier. My life was simple, until one moment. Our general gave an order to help evacuate people from Chernarus. Mission was going nice and ease, till my fuel ended in my fly machine, i had to catapult my self near the Chernarus sea. And so my history began, as a safe and healthy soldier to a soldier which is fighting for hes life with every step fighting with zombies and dangerous people of Chernarus.
  20. Random Screenshots

    @dimitri @Shazzzam
  21. Real life picture Thread

    me and the wife smiling for a rare photo.
  22. NateRP

    anddddddddd the break til .63 begins boys and gals

    1. BostonRP


      cant say i blame ya

    2. Laski


      Long break then.

    3. Elmo


      See you in 2035

    4. JkpFrog


      aw damn, I didn't even get to interact again before the break. Hope it goes well-- sending positive thoughts and hoping all is okay!

  23. Proud Parents Thread

    meet max. 7 months 20 pounds. half as big as a 1y and 6 month husky. nick name strong after super mutant companion from fall out 4
  24. FieJaxon

    Damn, very nice

  25. Proud Parents Thread

    Yes, mummy
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