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    Raise your head young one. You have permission to look me in the eyes.
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    <3 miss u! :/

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    Haha, can't look you in the eyes my queen. 😂
  5. Conor Underwood

    Connor Underwood was born on the 12th of August, 1992 in Los Angeles, California. While in school, Connor was a pretty average child, he didn't really excel in anything but he wasn't stupid either, he would rather spend his free time with his friends or teaching himself how to do stuff rather than learning for school and trying to exceed in it. Growing up, Connor was mostly influenced by his father which put a lot of time and effort into making sure that Connor is well behaved and that he understands how things work, but he did not complain about Connor's school performance due to the fact that he was exactly like him when he was young. Another thing that Connor's father attempted to do was to guide him towards a career in Law Enforcement since he wanted his child to work in the same department as him. Right after Connor got his degree from school, he applied for the LAPD academy and managed to get in but shortly dropped out after seeing a poster stating that the United States Army is recruiting. He thought that the US Army would be a better fit for him so he decided to apply without his father's knowledge. Eventually, Connor was accepted into the Army and he had to confess to his father, which to his surprise, wasn't upset at all. Connor then followed an intensive training for some time. After his training he then participated into two Tours of Duty in Afghanistan, both of them being 6 months long. Shortly after coming home from his second tour, Connor was informed that he will be deployed in a matter of days into Chernarus for unknown matters. He and his squad arrived in Chernogorsk on the 17th of July but they retreated from the city on the 19th. While on their way to a meeting point with other US troops, Underwood and his squad ran into a big horde of infected on the road and were forced to take unknown routes through the forest. Their vehicle eventually ran completely out of gas and they set up camp in the middle of the forest. As the time passed, his squad members started dying from diseases or getting infected. When his last mate died, Connor decided he should try to find a way out of the forest that has been keeping him captive for months, and he succeeded, arriving onto one of the main road of Chernarus.
  6. Dimitris photoshops or screenshots.

    Nice content, love to see more.
  7. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    I agree, we do need more hostile RPers. The only issue is that if you are a bandit/hostile rper, the community will turn against you, make up and spread rumors, and call you s PVPer. Ive never seen so much bullshit and hatred for such a minuscule and ridiculous reason. If you’re being hostile in game, they accuse you of trying to bait out an initiation. If you initiate at all, they’ll say you only initiate to get pvp. If for some magical reason, they comply when you initiate, they’ll look for any little flaw to nitpick and shit on you for. So, it’s kinda hard to want to even try being a hostile rper because the community will completely shit on you for absolutely no reason. /rant
  8. Thinking of taking down the vent thread...

  9. *He hears the transmission, he rubs his eyes and picks up his radio and presses PTT button* -A heavy and annoyed sigh can be heard through he radio- You guys really are tough aint ya, picking on a lone eighten year old girl. How many did you need to do that? the usual gang of like 10? -He gives of a small and low laugh- If making a girl say something like that makes your day then congratulations, you truly are on the same mind level as a 10 year old. Truly shows what kind of people so called anarchists are, children. -the tunes of "stuck in the middle with you" can be heard begining to play in the backround- Audibility Null, over and out *he lets go off the PTT button and puts his radio on a table next to him*
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      Hi, Anne.

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      Ehh...its ok

  11. Stuff

    Poor Avery.. Happy to see him back though! Hahaha. I thought it was funny! Don't be sorry, had a good laugh.
  12. Stuff

    was fun until @Elliot James crashed straight into a wall...xD. (I'm still lost in that town). Sorry for calling you fit (look left bottom corner) @Josei
  13. Ford and David Screenshots

    "A bit of an argument"....understatement of the year
  14. Agreed! Awesome sess today with everyone involved. Had a blast!
  15. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    They were all banned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. BeanZ WAR

  17. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    forgot youre campfire rp my bad m8
  18. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    nope not going to happen.
  19. BeanZ WAR

    Damn! I gotta admit, I talked too big. 100
  20. Beautiful RP with the gang tonight. @Ellie, @Jack the Ripper, @Kattica, @Otto, @Tereus Kien, @Bigtoe, @Coda852. Great RP from you @Vrtra I genuinely hope to to meet you in another life. Your pain RP is top fucking notch. Kudos! We bumped into a few other fellas. Swedes vs. Norwegian. Never caught your names but fun while it lasted. I believe we met a "Dike" as well? Am pretty awful with names so I do apologies! Great night in my opinion though! Thanks to all involved!
  21. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    I want more neegans tbh. People who control a large group and just kill and beat their way to the top until they control a portion of the map. That's realistic when you think about. All throughout human history men have been power hungry. An apocalypse is the perfect opportunity for that. As for the normal civilian part. My character James is basically that. I had a truck that'd I park outside the pub in Severograd and just trade with people. It was great but then it glitched (I say it was stolen in game). I hope we meet then.
  22. DayZRP Community Memes

    The truth comes forth
  23. DayZRP Community Memes

    Can confirm, this is an accurate representation.
  24. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    To be honest we need more, normal civilians with regular jobs who are trying not to kill/harm others. That'd be more realistic than a bunch of people who think they're gods gift running around. As soon as the virus hits everyone's either Negan and the boys OR Rick and the boys. Take your pick. Plenty of people will rob you and beat you.
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