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  2. Nice to meet you

    Hello all, I just joined the community through a friend of mine Thewirelord (David Pond). I am newer to Dayz as well as this style of RP so this will be a new challenge for me! Keep an eye out for Meechi Allay in game!
  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    snip samaritan too fast
    • Lemons
    • Mercy

    Much better version @Mercy xD 

    Just Kidding

    1. Majoo


      it is

    2. Ramon


      It's not. Don't change it! :D

  4. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Yes What five things would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?
  5. The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Vlad relaxes after just looting a house, he sits down at a chair and tunes his radio to a random frequency. "Ahh yes the Rattray Corporation, i remember you from before this Apocalypse happened. You in need of help? i'd be willing to offer mine, see it as repayment for helping Chernarus in it's time of need back before the Apocalypse when you helped with the relief effort. I'd thank you in person, but it seems we are yet to meet face to face, let's hope that changes. " "So, what do you say" *Vlad puts down his radio and await and answer while he starts eating a can of beans with some kvass"
  6. Gold as always, stay golden my guy
  7. Qui Derelictus

    I was only there for the second firefight but i have to say we got you guys pretty good that time I got you guys pinned at the ditch next to the gate pretty well for an hour and would have remained concealed if it wasnt for that damn infected that came out of nowhere. Also even if we had alot of people inside the compound the amount of actual people fighting on both sides was about even because about half of our guys were either civilians or people who stayed at the back protecting them and not firing a shot. Its true that we called for backup from other groups but they didnt arrive in time. Honestly it was a good and interesting firefight. Also the way you got inside during the last fight if i undestood correctly was because sylva let you guys breach the compound through the back by removing the tent that blocked it and at that point our guys didnt stand a chance from a suprise attack through the back
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  9. Videos for newcomers

    Alright so I've been having this thought recently, from what I've seen a few newcomers have a really tough time getting used to the rules and other things both in-game and on the forums. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before but I was thinking a very short series of brief videos to teach newcomers all the ins and outs of becoming a part of the DayZRP community. I was thinking maybe: Episode 1: Brief introduction to DayZRP, basic rules Episode 2: Creating a profile and whitelisting application Episode 3: Character creation Episode 4: Your first RP encounter Episode 5: Making friends/forming alliances/CampfireRP Episode 6: HostileRP Episode 7: HostileRP Part 2: TortureRP Episode 8: Extras on the forums (beans, ranks etc) Episode 9: Overview and summary What I'm hoping to accomplish with this idea is that if someone is unsure of the rules or gameplay, they can simply be sent a link to the video which covers it. Now I'm after opinions. Could this idea work? If so could it work well? Is there anything I'm missing? And of course, has this been done before?
  10. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Never. Ever had a pet?
  11. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    " You smell peng you " - Samantha Ever blazed like?
  12. Real life picture Thread

    On my life that is not a good look for you, at all. Get an eyebrow pencil or something because honestly, this is what you look like to the outside world Just my opinion... nice necklace I guess.
  13. Mexi

    Streaming for a bit - https://www.twitch.tv/mexilive_

    1. Pep


      shitty profile music tbh

    2. Mexi


      Done tbh

  14. Rory

    "I don't like middle-aged men. They scare me" - @SkinVest 2k17

    1. Keira


      @Oliv is the worst

    2. SkinVest


      Tell me that isn't terrifying stephen-king-it_pennywise_10_tim-curry_c

    3. Rory


      The old one isn't scary at all. the new one doe.

  15. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I give people too many chances.. end up getting played. Weirdest compliment someone ever gave you?
  16. I had fun 😊 Also I loved the singing! Little moments like that IC are nice had a lot of fun with everyone!
  17. Enjoyed walking and talking with @Jack the Ripper last night. Glad to see our characters got to know each other a bit better.
  18. Thanks fellas, I hadn't been in game in over a week so last night was extremely enjoyable. I loved both of y'alls rp along with @HarveyJ and @RogueSolace
  19. Marat Isayev

    Marat Isayev's family was forced from his home in the Siberian zone of the Soviet Union post World War Two. He and his family was deported to the neighbouring country, Chernarussia, where they lived in poverty, working on a families ranch to pay for food. Marat spent his time using his fathers CZ Hunting rifle to shoot rabbits and wild dogs which threatened the farms cattle. The outbreak forced his family once again out of their home, this time the Russian's wanted nothing to do with them. The Isayev family followed the crowd from one safe-haven to another, it had thinned by Elektrozavodsk. US Marines had attempted to intercept the large wondering group, hoping to screen and rescue them, but were quickly overrun by infected that had followed them from the previous town. Marat had only made it out by stealing a dingy from a man gurgling on a stray bullet, his family was nowhere to be seen.
  20. Ricky speaks the truth. 


  21. Tomasz Kowalski

    When he heard about outbreak in Chernarus he traveled there in hope of gaining some valuable good that people might have left behind. As he arrived through Russian border he realized that there is no much left in Chernarus. He found himself in the middle of the outbreak separated from rest of the world since there he tries to survive whichever way he can. Tom is good person in general but he can even kill someone when betrayed. Tom usually will do everything for people that he knows and trusts .
  22. Qui Derelictus

    @Bubblegum Thank you for taking the time to post on this group page. We are revamping everything at this current time with Nato so your feedback is appreciated. See you in game
  23. Chernarus Redux.

    Boy, Blitz was one hella heli pilot
  24. When people can't argue IC so they flame you OOC






    @Boston @The Marshal @focus

  25. Gowbe

    Had some amazing "RP" with @Cocomii this weekend <3. Together we survived the cabin in the woods hunger and hypothermia! 

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