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  2. Community Summit

    Just to tack on to this, it might be beneficial to set up a thread where the community can suggest topics for discussion. This would allow people who aren't nominated reps to feel as though they are heard. In addition due to the fact that we have members of the community in vastly different timelines, it might be a good idea to record the summit and post it on the forums somewhere for people to review. (Or maybe just take minutes)
  3. Josei


  4. Sexlaxarienlaxask

    @Spartan Changed my pic for you

    1. Razareth


      Still waiting for the BL pic :D.

    2. Sexlaxarienlaxask



  5. Species

    I need nap, damn

  6. Karma

    Image may contain: 3 people, text


    My whole mood dealing with bullshittery today

  7. Chief


    Yeah got the 300 turret kills. Now let's go for 500. 



    1. Sxcomba
    2. Voodoo


      I keep getting paired up with idiots that use fuze on hostage 

  8. Today
  9. Hello?

    but... I'm Poppy (just need like 85 days to change my name back... or should i change it to a laxask?) Thanks.... nice avatar! Who made it?
  10. James Raynor

    A fisherman by heritage, and a crafty hunter, he is a local to Cherno and know's this area very well. Spent some time in American soaking in the culture before coming back to his homeland right before everything went to shit, his first instinct was to hide out in the sea on his boat for as long as he could living off the fish he caught and only the water he brought, once he ran out of supplies he began utilizing his other skill, hunting, to stay alive, hiding in the shadows and as lightfooted as a cat he scavenged his once hometown and began looking for survivors, holding on to hope.
  11. [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    I dig anime grills, 7/10. Click on my signature to unlock a secret achievement.
  12. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  13. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Youre pretty damn awesome. Youre also a secret weeb <3
  14. [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    I hate everything you stand for. And everything you are. <3 6/10
  15. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Oddly moody 7.5/10
  16. Clumsys Art Workshop. [ OPEN ]

    Was wondering if you could make character graphics for this character page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4967/ I made the titles as you can see (quite shitty I know). She's a wedding planner and her character model is - Xenia Tchoumitcheva. I like Red Roses, Calla Lilies, Silver/Platinum etc. I'll give you all my beanz!
  17. Oliver Schmidt

    The name is Oliver, I come from Canada. Ever since I was a young boy, I worked in a Family owned DVD Shop called ''Schmidt's". Sometimes I had really good looking ladies come in looking for a DVD or for some Popcorn, yes, we had a Popcorn machine. This one day, this lady came in.. She was beautiful, her name was 'Bianca' and said she was from Chernarus. We kicked it off quite quick, added her on Social Media and started talking, while she was in Chernarus and I was in Canada. A few months went by, to when I was heading to Chernarus to surprise Bianca, so I left on a plane, the day before the Infection. I landed safely without a hitch, and started to grab my stuff from the luggage compartment of the Air Port, when all hell broke lose. I hid in the bathroom while everyone outside was torn apart. I heard gun shots, screaming and terrifying sounds all around. Didn't know what to do. Here I am, trying to find my love, Bianca. Not knowing if she is dead, or alive. I will find out. I will do whatever necessary to find out. Barley know the girl, but I am certain she is the one. I'm coming Bianca.
  18. Voodoo

    Fookin laser sights

  19. Loved our little hobo roadtrip to berezino with @Niccokickand loads more.
  20. Name change

    I believe you are talking about your forum username, correct? If the name you have chosen is invalid, that only thing you can do is select another one.
  21. Razareth

    I'm rather confused, yet amused by this :D.

    Going to be my new catchphrase now: RAZAMANAZ!

  22. Well ill be online tomorrow, so if yall are too then im sure ill see yall around.
  23. You're aokay man, we had a blast as well! Glad you had a good time as well! We hope to see you again, and get a gauge on your characters feelings on the situation!
  24. DustyRP

    So fucking dirty


  25. Well im still gonna tag Otto. Just because c: But yeah, you guys were awesome. Id even go so far as to say... Youre pretty good! I had trouble vocally processing my characters backstory to yall, but ive never had to tell the whole thing and Im currently gripped by the flu and a shitty fever.
  26. REEEEEally enjoyed your roleplay as well, thank you for that! Also it wasn't Otto, it was @Dustup with us Can't wait for our next encounter.
  27. @Ellie @MeenMuginLovin @Honeybee @Otto I enjoyed the RP from all of you. Had alot of fun and learned alot about yall. Its been a long time since Ive have awesome hostage RP and yall gave me what I needed. Now if Otto could kindly bring me back my Skorpion...
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