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    If you're Drbeans, why do you have so few beans?


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  2. Welcome @Wyoming and @Gandhi to glorious revolution
  3. BeanZ WAR

  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Blacklisted due to Steam account Why the verdict is not fair: The reason I have been blacklisted are from the fact that I have little hours on my games and that I also have one friend. Firstly, with the hours on my games, when it came to Garry’s Mod, I only played it with my friend @TheTrueHawk as we were planning on making videos on it. We would play on 2 player games and just have fun and we did this for about two to three days and we stopped then. It was around then, I just didn’t really play on Steam and just played on either Sims 4 on Origin Games or on my PS4. When it comes to DayZ, the reason I only have a few hours on it was just because I was just getting the basics down with @TheTrueHawk on how to play the game after he told me about DayZRP. I got bored of just playing the regular game and once I hit the amount of hours I need for DayZ, I stopped playing until my whitelist got accepted. Around this time too, I got the trial for Sid Meier’s Civ 6 and played some Adventure Capitalist for a bit. So, for these two reasons, I’ve never really had the time to play much online and meet people online to add. I mainly just played with TheTrueHawk and have just been around the teamspeak more talking to his friends in the UPS. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Also, I have had two past steam accounts. The first one was under the email [email protected] and was originally my father’s Steam account. I only used it for a bit until my computer crashed and I lost the password to it and then further couldn’t restore it because my father no longer used that email and couldn’t gain access to it. It’s been a couple of years since I ever touched that account, but last time I noticed, I played Skyrim and Civ 5 on that account. Furthermore, I had a second account under the name of HavenBuzz (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198344888068). I made this account when, for Christmas, I got a $100 CAN steam gift card and wanted to use it. So I made it and didn’t use much on it but only bought a couple of games like GMod (Which I didn’t bother playing on it because of technical issues) and I played Goat Simulator and Beholder. The reason why I don’t use that account anymore is because my computer took a crap on itself and didn’t allow me to access that account and when I tried to recover the password, I tried all of my emails and it didn’t work on any of those. After also trying on Steam support and still having nothing work, I just gave up on the account and haven’t really bothering to play on it. Lastly, I have my current account, HavenBuzzPlays(https://steamcommunity.com/id/havenbuzzplays) which I created when TheTrueHawk thought of an idea to try and make a YouTube channel on us playing Gmod because we loved our humor and we both loved being silly on games, he bought me both Garry’s Mod and DayZ because I’m basically broke. The rest was covered above. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unblacklisted. What could you have done better?: Played more of the games and made more friends on Steam.
  5. Anton Golubets

    My character, Anton Golubets, is a Ukrainian born mercenary from Odessa, Ukraine. He is a clean cut, trimly built man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is former military, with expertise in handguns. He formerly worked as a hit man in the Balkan region of Europe before finding his way to Cheranaus after the initial infection. He originally came to Cheranaus seeking loot, and other materialistic items. Unaware of the wide scale spread of the disease, he soon became trapped in country as the borders were closed and regulated. Before the outbreak, he worked and lived in Odessa, Ukraine. He was contracted throughout Europe as a hit man and mercenary. He worked in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Bosnia as well as Albania as a mercenary/hit man. He was involved in the Balkan wars throughout the Balkans in Europe and saw heavy fighting in Bosnia and Yugoslavia, fighting for the Serbs. Afterwards, he fought in the second Chechen war, with the Russians as a hired mercenary. While in Chechnya, he was wounded by an AK-47 round to the arm. Luckily, it was just a flesh wound. He healed at a field hospital somewhere near Grozny. While there, he met a friend named Luka Stanovic. Luka, originally from Cheranaus, had been in Chechnya looking for Chechen treasure and artifacts to steal and pillage for his own personal gain. While the two healed, the two struck up a friendship and made various plans to make money once they returned to eastern Europe. Luka went back to Cheranaus, Anton went back to Ukraine to heal fully. While in Ukraine, he linked up with Ukrainian-Jewish mobster, Yuri Sobolev. Anton began overseeing heroin importation into Ukraine. The heroin was coming from Turkey, he was told. He would make sure the heroin reached various destinations within Ukraine, as well as other cities throughout Western Europe. He became a fairly known smuggler among Ukrainian and Russian smugglers alike. He began smuggling people, including women and children. He held little regard for human life and had a heavy distaste for heroin addicts, despite feeding and supplying their addiction.
  6. Howdy from the donovons (jones’s)

    Donovan picks up his radio named Donovan and presses on the ptt While his brothers in the back beat the shit out of a zombie with their bats named Donovan. ”So Mr. hobo.....names Donovan! Donovan heard you wanted to bring some moonshine over to Donovan’s brothers bar, Douglas. Well Donovan does like the sound of this.” Donovan still holding the ptt yells at his brothers to keep beating the shit outta that infected cause he knew it was talking shit about his designer glasses “so Donovan was saying. Donovan is cool with this idea but one condition. Can Donovan’s brother Douglas slap a label on the moonshine with the name Douglas on it?” Donovan lets go of the ptt and starts flipping off the now dead infected reminding it that the names Donovan
  7. Keira


  8. Real life picture Thread

    Jesus fucking Christ. You look like Callux.

    1. Keira


      I miss you

    • Ark
    • Stagsview

    Scrub <3

    • Ark
    • Hebi Kotei

    Scummy _____ _____ boi <3

    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      <3 Means a lot Ark

      *Asks Rolle for perm to R4*

    2. Ark


      Bring it on scummy _____ _____ boi

    3. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei


      1vs1 me on Kingdom Come: Deliverence

    4. Ark


      Training field rattay at dawn.

    5. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      see you there

    • Ark
    • Brady

    Still a meme

    1. Brady


      I just don't know why u have to be mean

    2. Ark


      It’s who I am. You should know this by now.

    3. Brady


      I just want u to love me

    4. Ark


      @Brayces is in charge of you till I get back.

    • Ark
    • Brayces

    Still a scrub

    1. Brayces


      WOW, ARK.

      It's okay, we still miss you. <3

      Bb cem bek

    2. Ark


      Is the meme behaving himself? 

    3. Brayces


      You've upset him and now he's sad.

    4. Ark


      Listen brayces you’re in charge of him till I get back okay.

    • Ark
    • Taryn

    You better be behaving yourself.

    *sprays with water hose* 

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  10. Anneliese Quincy

  11. Yesterday
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    back to basics. excellent britian, excellent.

  12. BeanZ WAR

  13. Real life picture Thread

    Finally got myself a jolly ol' haircut.
  14. Community Summit

    That's what I am asking, is there a rough timeline in place for this? Are we talking days or weeks?
  15. Real life picture Thread

  16. Real life picture Thread

  17. Real life picture Thread

    Before or after lady in blue?
  18. Real life picture Thread

    Nate's gonna be your new father. You're gonna have two dads now!
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