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  2. DrMax

    Time to create the new character ;) 


  3. Pado

    *would inhale the forums and lose 5 years of his life* 


  4. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Im completely straight and I dont think the fact that I feel erotic desires towards you changes that in any way....as they used to say in the military: "its not gayness, its brotherly affection" Also @Tom i see you looking at this thread and dont you fucking dare post anything about tom of finland
  5. Mr. America's Propaganda Station (OPEN FREQ)

    *A angry Alexi wakes up after hearing the radio go of and takes it* "Okey are you drunk? This is Chernarus not hell america" "AND CALLING MY BEUTIFUL COUNTRY TRASH this country are amazing" "America freedom and liberty haha pretty funny" "Why are a freedom militia thats american going around here go back home to hell and do that" "If you gonna fight us atleast have some people with you and not only you talking smack at the pub and the radio" "With that being said have a nice day i really wanna meet you in person" *sits up and turns the radio of*
  6. Chewy

    Green leader reporting for duty

    1. Josei



  7. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    I don't often bean a Dusty, but when I do, it's when he's right on the fucking money. I'm as "boringly straight" as they come, but I've always wanted to interact more with LGBTQ(+/Transformer/Attack Helicopter/etc) people just to see if there is some reason behind truly hateful people actually giving a shit what other people do with their emotions and genitals. From what I know, I've only ever met a handful gay guys and zero lesbian women (and none of the other options), and those few have all seemed perfectly normal. Granted, a part of me would still not want to pick up the soap around them, so to say, but I assume that stems from a lack of social experience with them. I'd also love to get more acquainted with Muslim/Jewish/Christian/whatever people, but it just seems like a peculiar thing to do, walking up to people and going, "hey, yo, can we hang out 'cause you're LGBTQ+/religious/other thing I don't know anything about?" Rambling. Anyways, it's fun to see how many of you guys and gals there are around here. Oh, and @OskuRP, you've always been gay to/with me. <3
  8. SgtSmithy



  9. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Bisexual, transformer and TransgenderMale Yes my characters are female on DayZRP that's because I didn't start the injection thing for male hormones......YET
  10. I have been to mine in London Because Markiplier himself gave me the ticket to his tour. Though VIP was sold out so he gave me standard one and I didn't mind I have uploaded the Tour and it's on youtube Lol have fun
  11. Today
  12. Absolutely loved the game of Nigerian Footbal witnessed outside the Severo Bar last night. White devil approves!
  13. Teamspeak and Discord

    Iget that from WarThunder, strange thing technology. Yeah I'd rather keep my meme of a discord of shitposts separate from DayZRP, TS3 is just easier to use for the purpose it has anyway.
    • Elmo
    • Mademoiselle

    I'm not sleeping.

    1. Mademoiselle



    2. Elmo



  14. Teamspeak and Discord

    Lets not have discord. Mine keeps saying people signed in from other parts of england even though it's me... so fucking dumb...
  15. UndeadRP



    its still juicing raptor. 

    1. Raptor


      No u

  16. Mademoiselle

    Cause why not, apparently I should do Sexy Sailor Moon :trolle:


    1. Razareth


      Ballerina Link?

      Hmm...guess my guidance councilor was right after all.

    2. LouieRP


      I got Furry Iron Man... 

    3. Mademoiselle


      ._. that's disturbing...

    4. Pontiff


      Armoured Harry Potter

      Tis' gon be gud.

    5. Razareth


      This is sounding like one of those B-Rated Bollywood rip offs you find on the section of YouTube you shouldn't go.

    6. Dino


      Armoured Pickachu 

      Come at me bro 

    7. KyleRP

      Sexy rick and morty, well if you insist

    • Mademoiselle
    • Razareth

    I-I-I I am your butterfly, I need your protection need your protection~

    Fuck yes!

    1. Razareth


      Hehe. Knew you would like it ;).

    2. Jasper

      Who do you think you are getting this song stuck in my head at 7 in the morning? 

      Im reporting you. This will not stand.

    3. Mademoiselle


      You know you love it BubbleThicc js js

    4. Razareth


      I'm a ninja!

    5. Jasper


      now I'm going to fall into the rabbit hole of listening to like two albums and watching Chappie for the 15,000th time and crying. 

      Youve done this. 

    6. Mademoiselle


      TBH Chappie is such a great film.... (and I want to cosplay as Chappie)

    7. Razareth


      I am consciousness. I am alive. I am Chappie.

    8. Jasper

      Dude. Why do people not like that movie. That shit is such a classic for me. 


    9. Razareth


      I guess because it is South African?! The movies make out our accents are so weird, when it isn't.

      District 9 and Chappie are one of my favorites by far.

    10. Jasper




      Anyone that sees this and hasn't seen Chappie. Watch it on Netflix if they have it. It's byoutiful.

    11. Razareth


      Yolandi Visser: Chappie... who did this?

      Chappie: A man... in a van.

      Yolandi Visser: A man in a van?

      Chappie: Yeah...

      Yolandi Visser: Did he put you in the van?

      Chappie: Yeah...

      Yolandi Visser: Do you know this man?

      Chappie: No... And there were children, also... And they threw fire, even though I said, "please".

      ^This right here...sums up so much of Chappie and it is where I burst into tears the first time.

    12. Jasper

      Chappie is the most adorable fucking thing. Whole movie I'm sat there like "I WANT TO HUG HIM".

    13. Razareth


      I'd love my own Chappie!

    14. Mademoiselle


      I ran out of beans cause of you guys...

    15. Razareth


      Can't help it if we are such awesome people :P.

  17. Still a fuckboi tho'. (Keep up the good work brother !)
  18. Method

     here is the starting zoo i hope to get a job at after college.

  19. Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Honestly Raptor, as fucking cheesy as it sounds. You are a really great person, we tend to not talk a lot anymore but when we do it's like we pick off were we left. I know you have it rough, and I know I joke a lot about some situations but I'm here if you need me.
  20. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Im very suprised how many LGBTQ people are in this community compared to the general populace...im honestly qurious why this is the case
  21. Then there was me with my mask
  22. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Johnny Hart Country: England English skills: Top Notch DayZ Mod Experience: Never Played DayZ Standalone Experience: 3 Years Roleplaying Experience: 2 years of Roleplay Experience What kind of In Game role best describes you: Bandit (Jokester of the group). I believe I am very two faced, I am sometimes nice and sometimes mean depends on the character's mood. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope, Lone wolfed since birth Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Pm me @RandyBiscuit Backstory: Johnny Hart is a posh British man who pretends to be nice and when alone with another, becomes a devil. He wants to rid the world of all Communists and non English Speakers. When with a large group of people he is a nice calming man who does not fight. Nobody touches his hat or his hat TOUCHES THEM. His clothes symbolise his wealthiness and his great English heart. He is very proud to be British and hates when people insult the power of the British. He looks for a girl in his life everyday and wants someone to spend the lonely wastelands with. He plans to eradicate the infection and become the Leader of Chernarus. He is also a strong speaker and loves when people agree with his plans.
  23. SInce I see alot of my friendos on here posting their shit I'll share something as well that some of you may already know. I used to be super physically unattractive before I joined the military and my self esteem hit rock bottom after being kicked off my high school football team for my grades. Kinda fell into a depression that I got out of after meeting a girl while working at Starbucks. Idk what she saw in me, but it was past my looks and she was just into who I was as a person I guess. We ended up dating up for 2 years with a couple hiccups in our relationship up until near the end of Navy boot camp in 2017. We got three, 1 hour phone calls during a 2 month time span while at basic training and on my 3rd call, I chose to contact her before my parents. All she told me that day was she was seeing someone else and not to contact her again. Before I could say anything, it was over. No closure, no nothing, and it honestly broke my fucking heart. She broke me as a person pretty much (cliche af right?) Anyways fast forward 6 months from that day: I'm finishing up A-school in Pensacola , Florida and I'm in the better shape than I was before boot-camp. I kinda used the fallout from my ex to better myself. But I noticed the whole time while training in Florida, I wasn't interested in being with anyone and I just didn't pick up signs. I guess I was a true asexual for half a year lmao. Anyways when I got Hawaii as my first duty station in June I started working out alot more than usual and burned nearly all my weight dropping to 12% body fat and I was shocked. I wasn't swole but I looked good with a shirt off and it got to my head really fast going from fat to fit in such a short time span. I started slowly slipping into a shallow shell of my former self, hooking up with girls on Tinder and treating people I used to call my friends like shit, acting like I was somehow better than them. It went as far as alienating people from this very community who wanted to help me after I was intent on destroying a budding marriage for my own personal gain. I literally turned into a stereotypical douche who only cared about his body count and looking good in a mirror. I was obsessed with impressing other people. These are the before and after. It's funny cause I'm looking at these pics now, and I'm not even that great looking compared to what I was trying to be: It got to the point where I had completely shut out all my friends, co-workers, and family from my life. After some time I tried getting back on track, I tried dating a girl I really liked from my command but I cheated on her and made it think it was her fault. I literally twisted our entire fight to make it seem like she was in the wrong after I completely destroyed the trust between us and I felt no remorse afterwards. That's when it finally dawned on me that something might be legit wrong with me. I saw a Chaplain, then a psychologist and I was told I could have mild sociopathic tendencies when it came to women. I tried getting help, but I just quit after a while and turned to alcohol. Right now I'm at a point in my life where I'm just trying to bury it deep inside of me and not let it out. Getting turnt on the weekends then going to church seems to help me suppress it. I'm also still really bad about the whole hooking up thing and I honestly think it will be impossible for me to have a stable relationship at any point in the future so I've just kinda accepted it at this point. I notice people here will call me a "fuckboy" or a "manslut" and I'm just so used to it that I roll with the punches. But at the end of the day that's why I really love this community. People can be toxic af here don't get me wrong, but alot of my homies and homegirls get me and I get them so I fucks with them . It also feels good to be able to have platonic, if not a little playfully flirtatious (you kiddos call it juicing) friendships with females on the internet where we can just be friends and nothing more. Kinda gives me a sense of stability and normalcy that I know I'll never have IRL. Love ya'll and stay juicing <3
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