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  2. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Yes my friend.. tuesday.. ya weird bastard (im not flaming)
  3. Proud Parents Thread

    This is the cutest picture ever...
  4. Hayley Wright

    Hayley Wright was born June, 26, 1996 in LA, California. Her parents were wealthy as her father was a well renowned surgeon and her mother was a prosperous business woman. They had two kids together, Hayley and Hayden. And their lives were a stereotypical paradise filled with all the cliches you can think of. The dad cheating on his wife in secret, the kids dabbling into drugs and partying a lot, all that typical rich kid in high school shit, and then college being pretty much the same as high school except it’s considered okay to be an alcoholic. You get it. However soon after leaving to college, Hayley’s father killed her mother because he had been caught cheating. The cheating wasn’t a shock to anyone but the death of her mother weighed heavily on her and her brother. It was in the will for the mothers remains to be taken back to Chernarus, her homeland. Seeing as their father was in prison, it was up to Hayley and Hayden to carry out the task. Chernarus was vastly different from their home and the two stuck out. Hayden found the history cool and wanted to explore more but Hayley just wanted to get the hell out as soon as possible. It wasn’t long before the infection broke out before they could leave the country. Hayden ended up getting infected and Hayley had to unwillingly take him out with a quick curb stomp before having to run to shelter.
  5. Proud Parents Thread

    make sure you raise them to not get any points.
  6. Proud Parents Thread

    The reasons I will never have a normal sleep pattern again. Samael (1&1/2) and Emma (4).
  7. Beni

    I'm immature? I'm immature? Alright so because of this:

    Alright so lads, you ever done that thing where you go up behind one of your mates and pull their trousers down? Come on it's fucking well funny ain't it? Anyway according to my brother I'm immature when I did it to him. Now accidentally I done the double, and pulled his boxers down as well, everyone was laughing though. 

    He was so pissed off, he was saying it was his wedding and all that... 

    Smh me? Immature?

    1. Para


      Done him dirty

  8. Vincent Giordan

    The name is Vincent "incognito" Giordano. Made guy from North jersey and underboss of the Calanano crime family based out of NYC. Vinny was on a diplomatic mission of sorts, creating ties with the Russian mafia locally of Chernarus. And that's when it happened - the outbreak . Vinny and russian colleague named Dimitri were out for a drink at a local pub, celebrating the terms of their fresh deal that would guarantee mutual growth between the two families for at least half a century. The details of this deal are neither here nor there at this point but will be revealed with particular character plot points. ( Vinny was in the process of informing to the FBI. Hence the reason for him trying to strike a new deal with the Russians; A deal that would ensure he would never have to return to the United States) Armed with a Glock pistol, with only a few rounds, Vinny knows his time is running short. It's time to get up off this fucking beach and find a new life, A new way, A new crew. Of course he could just turn the pistol on himself and end it all - but just as Vinny has struggled throughout the years with the morality of his line of work - he cringes at the thought of betraying the memory of his friends his family, and his legacy. But time is all that is left, and it is that same cruel mistress that will truly test the moral line that will or will not be crossed... As Vinny makes his way through the Russian speaking wasteland ,he begins to wonder how long he's going to last long without any Russian allies. If only he could find the whereabouts of his Russian comrade Dimitri ;he has not seen hide nor hair of him since that event full night at the pub. Is Dimitri alive? Has he fallen with the rest? Only time will tell.
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    • Hebi Kotei


    I approve

    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      I don't, I now have to keep it for 2 weeks

  9. The Damned

    Killing Strangers is a GREAT song, really captures the mood of this group. Good one guys!
  10. KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    Connection Hit Kill Calling in @CrownZ and @mochoman118 to post their full and detailed POVs. If we have missed any allies during this situation please list them, and if you have any video evidence please upload it unedited.
  11. BeanZ WAR

  12. Hope you all stay safe <3

    *Le Sigh......* @Galaxy I've said it before and I will say it again; you have such a big heart for people and it's always in the right place. You may go off on tangents and do a silly thing once in a while, but you've never let it knock you down. Ever. The forum will most definitely feel your loss with how immensely active you've been in your short time here and always contributing your thoughts to discussions as well as throttling those question threads for helpless newcomers. I absolutely meant every word of what I said in our last exchanged PM when I told you I'd like to see you back on the team somewhere down the road. Should you chose to come back at any point, my offer will still be there. Thank you for all of your kind words; I'd be very sad if this is indeed your last post with us, but just in case it is... keep your chin up and I wish you the best of luck in all of what you decide to do in life... Take care!
  13. Today
  14. Hope you all stay safe <3

    *Says in his ever so nasally voice* see ya round kid watch out for them tripods like damn theyre killers
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    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      It is, isn't it?

    • Galaxy
    • Strawberry

    Thanks for the reptile story!
    cbdf54e3b6d8a1205390e646d51c46ee.png @Laski


    1. Laski


      scary shit man. Who knew reptiles were on the moon

    2. Strawberry


      no chemicals

  15. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Thanks for the mention smh...See you in two weeks. Seriously, love you bro. HMU whenever.
  16. DayZRP Community Memes

    So many meme-ories...
  17. Casey Sage

    The Story of Casey Alexander (Halls) Sage Casey was originally born in Enfield, England from his biological parents, Emma Jackson and Langston Sage. At the time of Casey's birth, they were far too young and didn't have nearly enough money to fund Casey's upbringing. Due to this major issue, they had to contact a close family friend in Toronto, Canada for a big favour. The couple in Toronto have been seeking to have a child for some time, however, due to the wife being infertile, she could not birth. So, David and Anna Halls decided to take Casey into their care and raise him.
  18. 5 Points for greeting a friend

    Methias, I do understand that there are cultural differences, differences based on geographical location, where calling someone a "cunt" might be used as a term of endearment or as a way to great a friend. It is, however regardless of any offence taken, against our rules, more specifically, rule 1.1 and 1.2. If Rolle has come to the decision to not warn a specific instance where he and another staff member were referred to as "cunts", then that is his prerogative. Cultural differences or not, it is not appropriate. It might be culturally acceptable for 2 black males to great eachother with "what up my nigga" but that does not mean it is appropriate for here. Your Appeal has been denied; the warning points will hold.
  19. Blacklisted suspicious steam

    That's just the first 5. Please provide us a link to your accounts so we can continue on.
  20. Hope you all stay safe <3

    So long, Gaylaxy. Best of luck!! <3
  21. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Take care my friend. Take care.
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