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    Basically the new Gang Related 

  3. This. Yeah we dont need to change it the current system already has its faults. -1 from Bradez
  4. Real life picture Thread

    Those eyes...
  5. dimitri

    Adidas stripes on the car, you know how we do it out here

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      +mirrors and sides

  6. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I can't stand the look of him 1/10
  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. BeanZ WAR

  9. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Bruh, OOC hat is too high mang. PVP/10
  10. Rolle

    SoundCloud doesn't offer sorting of search results or user submitted tracks in any meaningful way, so I created this little tool to find most popular tracks submitted by uploader of your choice. Maybe someone will find it useful :) 

    Check for example user "breakbot", great tunes.


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      Good shit Rolle I will use this in future. 

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      r u trying to hack me

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      Bildresultat för borat great succes gif

    • BorisRP

    what do you do now Days pastor?

    1. Play3rFTW

      stuff....with things......and other stuff.........thing stuff

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      sweet <3

      long time no see:(

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    just as bad maybe even worse go back to being a furry

    1. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      Ehhh, I doubt it. I fucking hate furries.


    2. Rolle


      Is that flaming and OOC hat I see?

    3. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      Definitely Rolle.

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      No hat to be seen here

  11. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Chill bruh, you rated my character like 3 times
  12. *As you continuing looking through the pages you find what looks like Nicolas is talking to someone inside his head* The mind is like a garden Ludovis. The garden needs a Gardener. There are flowers, trees, bushes, and leaves. These represent the ideas scattered inside the mind. The foliage that receives the Gardener's water are the ones that will prosper. Nicolas smirked as he recalled his words to Ludovis continuing on in his head with the conversation. Lets expand on this, ok Ludovis? I feel like this left you asking questions. What is the difference between coercion or brain washing? Funny parallels there with water and brain "washing." Lets define each. First, coercion, I'll paraphrase - "Being forced to do or believe in something someone would choose not to naturally do or believe in. So the minds of the coerced are still considered theirs with their own opinions still "pure", but because of outside influence they do something else because of reasons forced on them. As for brainwashing, that is the mind believing in an idea full heartedly as opposed to merely believing in a belief, which is another theory we'll discuss later. The way the information is received is limitless in possibilities and, depending on personal opinion, could be labeled as false or morally apprehensive. But if someone were to choose to "water the washing" or to believe full heartily in an idea presented to themselves from an outside opinion, it then is them convincing themselves that the idea is true and therefore an original thought coming from them. Regardless of whether or not they accept an idea simply because they have no other information, or if because that is all they have known, you can not deny that people ultimately have control of their own mind. To argue someone could control the mind of another would suggest someone found the apple on the forbidden tree - or to be less esoteric - a way to become god. That shouldn't suggest that people can't be overwhelming persuasive but that's all they are... a persuader... not someone controlling the mind of another. Regardless of how the information is obtained, everyone has their own mind and can choose what they stand for - not from what they know but from what they feel is right. This thought naturally brings questions like: "What is right and wrong", "Why do we feel bad when we do something wrong", or "Who or what tells us the difference between the two." All good questions, however, the two I feel is more important to ask yourself is "are morals and the brain linked?" and "how do they come together for a singular cohesive unwavering collective like society?" Funny isn't it? As overused as the phrase is, everything really is connected and it can become quite easy to go off on a tangent. Lets explore "society" for a moment. There are many forms of it. Utilitarianism, Nihilism, Anarchy... there are more but frankly I can't think of them at the moment. These "societies" delve into social ethic codes for a singular system for a group of people. Each is interesting and has a solid reason behind it, so which one is the one way? There is a study for that - Normative Ethics. I'll give you my answer with a picture and a question for you to think about because, in all honesty, I can't answer for you, you have to question and answer for yourself. Take a stone and a tree for example. This example may be a little out of place but just brainstorm with me and open your mind. Nicolas smirked at the joke. You would call each what they are but they follow a different standard. I bet that when you picture a rock you assume the rock is small, mobile, and "easily" influenced, whereas the tree might be big and not so easy to pick up out of the ground. It's roots go deep and it is not so "easily" changed. You pick up the rock and then drop it. Did it fall to the ground? You knew it would because you knew about the standard of gravity. If you did the same with the tree it would, probably, do the same. Kudos for ripping a tree out of the ground. Nicolas smirked. That is what a standard is - a singular indisputable current truth. Everyone and everything follows it whether they want to or not. Nicolas grinned to himself and continued... But what if you thought the tree was ugly or the stone is too heavy to throw? Would you try to "fix" it? There is more to think about Ludovis but I want you to think hard about what we've talked about today, ok? One last thought for you before you go. It goes back to your original question - There is no difference. The brain washers knowingly and forcibly push a singular truth onto another person, therefore they are a coercer. The coercer attempts to change someone else that does not currently agree with them, therefore they are brain washing.
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    No more Yiff! It feels so much better right now.

  16. What do you listen to ?

    This is my go to love making music.
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  18. The glock in the new EFT is lit

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