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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  2. Ken Kogami's Journal

    Preparations 2/24/2018 PI-7 has arrived to {Data Redacted) They will be setting up a small base camp just North of Site A, from which they will use the AV-1 drones to research Site A. Site B is the city of Severograd, this area seems to have a large amount of survivor presence and it is best if Protocol- 3 be followed to avoid civilian interfering. Due to the fact that Site B is highly populated, you are allowed to Terminate any civilians if deemed necessary by Command. Use of Class- A Amnestics has been approved and are approved for use if Commander {Data Redacted} deems it better than Termination. Protocol-3
  3. [Open Frequency] Not All Who Wander...

    *After hearing a familiar voice on the radio Grieves would decide to offer some words of comfort for the person. His would speak in a tone that he hoped would be inspiring to the younger man.* It's good to hear you're still alive and kicking Ford. If any point in our conversations if I gave you the impression that the world has collapsed I would like to correct this. There are still pockets of humanity all over the world fighting the good fight. Even in all this chaos there are still people doing their best to bring back civilization.The indomitable nature of the human spirit has not been entirely crushed by this outbreak. Yes, there are places in this world that have been laid to ruin by this infection but like I said we are all still fighting to survive this and I still believe we can win. Do not give up hope. *He would release his PTT and hope his words have would have some effect.*
  4. until

    I hope people who are not signed up will come and part take on the spot, otherwise I don't mind a duel between me and Peaches. Maybe a radio call / telling people in Severograd that don't actively read the forums could increase traction to the event.
  5. Airsofting

    I have yet to find a decent airsoft place in North Florida/South Georgia/South Alabama
  6. Airsofting

    Annoyed my casing broke. Also good old overkilling.
  7. until

    I'm still going to the location, in case people decide to show up for it. I know exactly how you feel though. It's pretty lame.
  8. Oh boy, where to start. So I recently found out one of my oldest friends died. We go way back like four flats on a Cadillac. He was probably one of the first friends I made after I moved when I was in grade school. After high school he got into a heroin for a while and we lost touch but he got sober and we reconnected after that. For the longest time he would get on my ass about my drinking every time we talked but I wasn't ready to stop yet so I just blew his comments off. Then this week I found out he relapsed a few months ago and ODed and nobody fucking told me. I was honestly expecting a call from him next Saturday because we always called each other on our birthdays. The shock of that felt like a punch in the gut. I told my boss about the situation and he gave me a couple days off. I went home and immediately flumped onto my bed and just lost it. As I'm sitting in bed trying to just get all the grief out of my system one of my roomies came barging in to chide me for taking time off and to warn me not to fall into a depressive spiral. Now, to be fair, he's seen me do this before but this was way before I started taking meds for my depression and got sober. He starts going off on this tangent about how he lost a friend of his who he had last touch with. Both my friend and his friend had died due to an overdose, and normally I would hear him out, but he starts taking this know-it-all tone with me and speaking at me like he's my fucking dad giving me advice. Here's the kicker; he had lost touch with his friend and I never really lost touch with mine after we reconnected so his story wasn't really all that similar to mine. I've dealt with grief before so I know how to handle it and just needed to work my way through it, but like I said he just had to drive his fucking point home. All I wanted at that time was to be left alone. Now I've talked to him about in the last day or so and told him he was in the wrong for what he was saying, but he did not want to hear that. We eventually came to the compromise that both us could have handled the situation better. Yeah, that's the fucking agreement we came to. I was in the wrong for taking two days off because I felt like I couldn't function at work. Anyways I'm still talking to him and working through this shit, but I just really needed to vent.
  9. Haio

    Oh man, I know what you mean about not having the time and money for HEMA. It require a pretty steep investment of both time and money. There's not many post-apoc LARPs in the region I live in actually. I think the biggest one is Nukelanta(Fallout LARP) and that's been growing slowly with time, but not enough to warrant more regular events. The story line of that one actually kind of prevents it from spreading outside the American South due to the fact that its setting is in the American South. No need to worry about my knee my man. It healed up pretty nicely, but I just don't feel like risking anything more than foam hitting it at this point. That's why I do something called Dagorhir instead. It has a low fantasy setting(no magic users) and the combat rules make a lot more sense to me. @caelo_vorago I feel your pain when it comes to the old manuals not working so well for you. You really just need to find what works best for your body type and roll with it. Those manuals teach people some pretty weird and useless stuff anyways. Back when I was fighting Florentine I can't tell you how many fighters squared up against me in Fool's Guard. I had to do my best to not laugh right in their faces because I have never seen Fool's Guard pulled off correctly. I'm gonna stop posting here now because even though we're just having a friendly chat, this has gotten pretty off topic. If either of you guys want to talk more about this stuff, feel free to PM me.
  10. BeanZ WAR

    99 here we go again
  11. Today
  12. Blacklisted suspicious steam

    i logged onto it yesterday so i could get the steam id I only have one power port sso then I unplugged it and set up my new pc I have now changed the profile to public
  13. Oliv

    Going to stream a lil Sexy Brutale murder mystery while I wait for wifey to wake up. Come hang out!


  14. Jack Griffin

    • Dr Willsky
    • Methias

    bonjour ma petite chatte, 

    est-ce que tu as 5 points pour moi? 

    ma boite a points est vide :(

    xoxo ta petite salope

    PS je t'aime beaucoup mon petit salaud

  15. The Sojourners

    @PCJames Sorry it took a little while, but I replaced two of our time stamped goals with ones more up to date.
  16. Anybody have Kingdom Come Deliverance? Is it any good?

    1. SweetJoe


      its worth the buy.

    2. Niccokick


      I'd say wait a bit due to alot of bugs. But then again... we are on a DayZ forum so go for it.

    3. SweetJoe


      Yeah, I get stuck on my horse if someone triggers a dialogue and I'm sitting on it at the time, but other than that and a handful of minor graphical issues, I haven't seen any bugs.  So I wouldn't compare it to dayz. lol


      I recommend watching a video or two before you buy it in case you don't like the style of game.



  17. The Black Roses

    Looking good, but the graphics are a bit shoddy, maybe make them transparent?
  18. I am beautifull butterfly tho

    1. Josei


      Same bby

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


  19. dimitri

    Great song

    Makes me think of dayzrp for some reason

  20. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    I haven't uploaded pictures in a while. So lets change that: @cheeks & @RogueSolace at the "Red Wedding" @Dino and @Mademoiselle having a important meeting with an individual after the "Red Wedding". @Lemons hearing what the man has to say. @derNils and @Malet with us meeting @DrMax for an interesting proposal. @Crim and @Cpt MacMillan on their annoying character @FieJaxon and @Spartan chilling on Ellatopia.
  21. until

    since only one persons actually signed up on RSVP im gonna be dropping out, can't believe people won't sign up for this just 'cos its not close to their hotspots and they don't wanna lose their precious gear. Wish people would just have a little fun.
  22. Ban appeal- Suspicious Steam Account

    LemonLime, We have reviewed your appeal and the information you have supplied in it. We are inclined to believe you and have found nothing else that further raises our suspicions. We will re-review your whitelist application and remove your blacklist. Outcome: Appeal Accepted
  23. HavenBuzz, We have reviewed your appeal and the information you have supplied us with. We have found no further reason to keep you blacklisted. We will accept your appeal and re-review your whitelist application. Outcome: Appeal Accepted
  24. Blacklisted suspicious steam

    We'll wait. We'll give you 48 hours to get it completed before we close this appeal. Apparently you logged into it yesterday so I guess you already got that PC setup
  25. Hilarious/Weird Zambie screenshots

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I like that version better then the original!
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