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    i like it alot. mmmmmmmmm

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  3. i love this man bro xD. Think i just pissed me pants
  4. Avery has been a Chernarus Resident for many years, He could be described as a local there, he seems to have a few persuasion skills on his side but is no good in a fight, once the outbreak started Avery was outside on one of his normal walks to find that the streets were not as busy as they were he thought this was a bit odd but he shrugged it off ultimately once he found out about this outbreak he missed evacuations leaving him in Chernarus. Avery can act quite Shy when talking to people he does not like confrontation he has never shot a gun or any fire arm in his life all he knows is how to persuade Use medical supplies and be friendly to others once he gets to really know them, Avery was a paramedic but was off duty do to his own medical issues that kept him in bed while the outbreak was raging on outside. Avery still stays in his home in Chernarus even with the outbreak, his friends and his family on his mind he still finds peace in his home being alone does not bother Avery but a good friend wouldn't be bad at all at least he could talk to someone so he wouldn't go completely insane
  5. SweetJoe

    RP character ideas

    nah you cant play famous people. you might try jesus cristo the pool boy and entrepreneur.
  6. Hebee

    Real life picture Thread

    Got started on my sleeve today. The wife got her medusa partially colored.
  7. *the cherno mans now drunk voice comes back* "sounds like someone could use a good party! come, let loose. unravel. dive into a chunk of happiesness with the gopnic life, chernarus style."
  8. Today
  9. Despacito2

    Rule Protection Mode?

    thats actually a good point. for official groups that would be nice
  10. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit

    You better get up out the way,
    Tomorrow we'll rise so we fight today,
    And no, I don't give a
    Fuck what you think and say,
    Cause we are gonna rock
    This whole place anyway.

  11. Still a hastle to figure out who you can initiate on, jsut be more elegant to have an overall group choice. Leader of the group can decide what style of roleplay that group will partake in, people can then choose to join or not. Though considering that the current implimetnation seems to be working no need for me to chat shit about changes that aint needed but would be nice to see, bigger problems to solve.
  12. Kain

    The Levy's Slavic Happy Fun Time Party

    *Kazimir would speak over the radio with his thick Russian accent.* "Remind me of идиот gopota of Moscow. I don't know how you poor excuses of men still live to day. Try not to die of liver failure in few day." *The radio transmission cuts off.*
  13. Despacito2

    Rule Protection Mode?

    fuck are you on about? like everyone said, wouldnt be metagaming, promoting the bandit and serial killer characters would be a good thing because there is fuck all for hostile RP or RP in general right now. assuming its not an official group, you would initiate on who you could, and if the greens decide to counter intiate to save their friends, either blast em or capture if its an official group, you initiate on who you can, if the rest decide to use their kill rights, then again, be ready to blast or get gassed also, its less of picking which rules to follow, more of choosing what kind of experience you want for that character
  14. *a cherno mans voice comes over the radio. its tone seems excitable yet drugged out* "Hello to all the people calling my country their home or simply just stuck here. my name is the levy!" *he checks around the corner for anyone around* "I have been gone for sometime. i only recently have poked my head out of my tree house. I come to you today on the radio to tell you great news!" "he pauses for effect* "The Levy's Slavic happy fun time party is back on baby!! that right you heard me. two Saturdays from now. i will host a big crazy ass party. drugs,booze.games. prizes. FUN TIMES!" *he quickly chugs a beer to amp him self up more* "If you are sad,angry, on war path for blood and bones. fear not for there is levy parties to attend to. they will bring happiness and joy back into your life, but most of all. you will get to see how a true slav man celebrates life! come to the soccer field in severograd down the hill from the apartment buildings. leave your bullshit and your liver at the gate. for you will not need either! haha" *his tone gets serious for a moment* "and if anyone has seen my Georgian sister nino, tell her that levy is looking for her. nino if your listening. i miss you. there is no amount of vodka or drugs that will fill the hole in my heart which misses you my sister." *before the broadcast ends you can hear him chugging from a bottle*
  15. But in logical sense would most men take on cannibalism or how about the occult? People do strange things in the apocalypse dude.
  16. its a guideline for our relationship with each other that we have changed and evolved into a moral of our own.
  17. But in what logical sense would men take on a wolf mentality, i mean you guys IC must all be mentally deranged to take on such an approach and "Train and Educate those open to our beliefs" as an example, how're you planning to do this? A common goal is to find and repair a radio station, this would achieve your goal.
  18. UndeadRP

    Insane lag?

    As an update at least for today the lag has suddenly stopped. I don't know if it will continue being good, but im happy at least for now that it is. Can't speak for the others who posted here
  19. Isn't that the point, we aren't running around in the woods on all fours eating squirrels lol, we are men, trying to evolve the pack mentality.
  20. Kain

    The Pack [IC / IG Recruitment]

    Don't you think that feels contradictory to what wolves are like?
  21. Despacito2

    The group question.

    something that would effect everyone thats stays around for a while
  22. Kain

    Gagarinova 171 [Recruitment open]

    Congrats getting approved you guys! You really knocked it out of the ballpark with this group! - Friendly Neighborhood Lore Whore
  23. Kain


    Sorry if I might not be on too much this coming week, I've started to take new medication and it's giving me bad headaches and stomach pain, as expected. There's been a lot happening in the past week, so I should be getting back on the game asap.

  24. We are heros to those who need it in a sense, but we aggressive in our goal, we will do what ever it takes for our goals, good or bad actions, basically Chaotic good. let me clarify, we want to bring equality to the people in its very core sense, we will do anything to assure that, we do not take contracts, that was a statement. Also if you want to talk in ts i can to not only help clarify but to also gain some clarification on what you wish to see @Kain. Thank you for the input Also with the thing about changing the view on players in the pack, IC many of the group members are long term chars, example Werewolf, some see him extremely negatively, we wish to change that view ic
  25. Kain

    The Pack [IC / IG Recruitment]

    Hold on, before things continue, you guys are taking on contracts? So, a few questions I have here, are you trying to imply that the only reason you're making this group is so that the player's reputation can be better from previous situations? Then the second part, do you guys take contracts that might better humanity? While we are on that track, what do you mean better humanity? That's a really ambiguous statement. Hitler thought he was bettering humanity, so going on the track of making an eye for an eye law society will most likely make everything far worse especially if you don't fully understand how the eye for an eye law really worked. Even with all the rewording of the goals, I still see the same glaring issue. Are all you guys trying to do is be a peaceful group and spread morals? You guys basically have the same goals, but just changed in the manner of high school essay vs. university essay style. I still don't understand the end purpose of this group. Most of what you guys are proposing to do as a group is just help everyone. That doesn't sound like a very strong purpose. What you guys really should do is go into a lot of detail what it means to be with the pack and detail in the group page because otherwise, just giving us a grossly brief amount of info on it, makes me think that it isn't as big of a deal as you guys are proposing it is.
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