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  2. My picks going in was France but I'd love to see Belgium win it. Allez Les Bleus! I'm hoping Sweden can definitely make it out of group with how Germany played.
  3. lukaszxe

    Hey guys and gals!

    If had to guess Brazil has a chance to go for it all. I, of course, hope that my own country Sweden make it past the group stage
  4. Oh yeah! This Croatia game right now! I can't even imagine the scenes when Luka scored that goal. Who you got winning it all?
  5. DrMax

    Hey Hey

    Ayyy you made one! Well it’s nice to see you here and I hope you enjoy your stay! If you need anything, just give me a shout!
  6. lukaszxe

    Hey Hey

    Welcome to dayzrp!
  7. lukaszxe

    Hey guys and gals!

    Hey, welcome to the community. I also love sports especially football and the world cup going on right now!
  8. Done ^^ Also thank you everyone for the warm welcome
  9. MeenMuginLovin

    BeanZ WAR

  10. Arindel

    DayZ RPuppy Thread

    Meet Cherry and Shelby my yappy little floofs!
  11. Eddie

    Hey guys and gals!

    Hello and Welcome! Congrats on your Whitelist getting accepted! Hope to meet you IG.
  12. Lucius



  13. yuthee

    S1: Powergaming in Gorka - 06/20/2018 Approx. 0430

    Desmond POV: I walk up to the 4 way intersection. I hear Hondo and Luke yelling at someone and see that one of them has been initiated on and taken hostage. Someone draws their gun and walks towards them. I follow up behind him and tell him to put his gun back onto his back and to step back. He continues towards Luke and Hondo. He stops at the bus and ends up raising his gun at them. I yell at him once again to put away his gun or die and raise my gun at his head. A shot is fired on him and he slumps over dead. I back off from the situation seeing as the only person who drew a gun was now dead. As I'm going towards the other end of the street I hear a few gunshots. End POV. I have no video. If there's anything else. Please let me know.
  14. G19RP

    Hey Hey

    Welcome to the community! May I suggest the real puppy thread here. Enjoy your time!
  15. Stardude

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    • stargirl


  16. oh wow still around haha?? well be seeing you in game be interesting if our paths cross again
  17. stargirl

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  18. stargirl

    Hey guys and gals!

    hello, I too am from the stars. welcome.
  19. Thanks for the warm welcome! Stargirl! That is great! XOXO
  20. Not really used to filling out reports/contributing POVs.

    I kind of hope I don't have to get used to it.

    1. Eagle


      Nothing to worry about just write what happens and that's it.

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  22. Gaylaxy

    Hey guys and gals!

    Welcome to the community
  23. Gaylaxy

    Hey Hey

    Welcome to the community You're just as bad for mentioning it.
  24. Brady



  25. Brady

    Hey Hey

    Fluffer pics are appreciated Also welcome!
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