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  2. Walker McCrae

    Walker was born on the outskirts of San Angelo, Texas. His family lived on a small cattle ranch that had been passed on to his father by his grandfather.He was introduced at an early age to the films of his hero, John Wayne. Walker looked back at the romanticized films of the old west and aspired to be like the heroes he saw. Gunslingers that sought justice. When he was eight he set his sights on becoming a deputy at their local sheriff's office. His dream never died but circumstances changed. His mother grew ill but her Texas toughness prevented her from going to a doctor until it was too late. She was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. The doctor gave her a life expectancy of two years. Walker started taking up her responsibilities on the farm as her condition worsened. His schoolwork suffered as a result. His father did his best to keep their family upbeat but the medical bills kept piling up, and his mother wasn’t getting any better. Four years after she’d been diagnosed, Walker’s mother passed away. With medical bills piling up Walker started looking for any job he could take with decent pay. Walker barely had a high school degree, he’d stumbled his way through it while trying to take care of his mother and work the farm. Without the qualifications for any other job, he looked to an interesting prospect. A friend of his told him about some farms in a third world country that paid well for good hands to keep the cattle in order. With nothing to lose he left for Chernarus where he found himself a job at a large farm near Novaya Petrovka.
  3. BeanZ WAR

    184 want to do another ring around the roses
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  5. BeanZ WAR

    186 time for some din din
  6. BeanZ WAR

    • Ellie
    • JoffreyRP

    You didn't add me on League. I'm triggered. 

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  8. (Open Frequency.) -Looking for a bar/market-

    *Grieves would chuckle a bit at presumed naivete of the original broadcaster before pressing the PTT of his radio.* You do know you can just walk into any bar that's not currently occupied and probably find a bottle laying around? If you can't read Chernorussian than I would highly advise getting a friend to read the bottle before you go pouring down your throat. I made that mistake and ended up drinking some liquor that was well beyond any proof that I'm accustomed to. *He would pause for a moment while trying to remember what the man said before resuming speaking in a much more serious tone.* Also I would highly advise against wearing the equipment Uncle Sam issued you. There's some people running around these days playing fashion police and they don't take too kindly to military types or at the very least those who might look the part. *He would release the PTT and resume his work.*
  9. BeanZ WAR

  10. 5 Points for greeting a friend

    So if calling a friend a cunt in a greeting is 5 points. Is calling a friend a cunt who changed your internet profile 5 points against the rules as well or is this come under the NSFW rule that Methias also got pointed for with the context of them being friends..?
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  12. BeanZ WAR

    185 *takes the thread from buddy*
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    • Sleepyhead
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  19. Samaritan

    You'd have thought when they decided on a name for the biscuits that someone would have said they didn't think it was the best name to use.

     Related image

    Just saw the advert for them.

  20. DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    Just go to the list of what’s open and go to their personal thread then either PM em or ask on their thread. More effective, good luck.
  21. The Damned

    @Honeybee one day Avery will actually cry for me. REAL tears and not crocodile ones.
  22. Galaxy

    We needs more pubs in game to be honest.................................... MORE PUBS

    1. Buddy


      I just wanna boat

    2. Galaxy


      More fishing..?

    3. Buddy


      more fishing 


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