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  2. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

    Welcome to off-topic. Where posts don't count and you can shit post.
  3. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

    No I aint alright, I have been trying to figure out how to boost my post count for a solid 4 years now and all of a sudden u all come n post stupid pictures n staff gives 0 fucks, why didnt I think of this?
  4. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

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    Back at it with one of my favorite bands ah :D cool

  5. Personally I think it's okay to know things to a certain extent if your character has been written to be in Chernarus from the beginning of the outbreak, like major lore events. Otherwise I feel like it would make for some awkward RP. It's not like you just randomly appeared in the middle of Chernarus. Maybe you've been hiding, maybe everyone you knew died, maybe you lost your memory, maybe it's Maybelline. This is all just my opinion though.
  6. Get out of jail card idea

    Also someone reminded me and it's a good point. VPNS and steam accounts are free and the game is 40 bucks. I'm just saying if theres gonna be incentive for people to pay to come back, it should probably be cheaper than the base game.
  7. Get out of jail card idea

    Heh, not to sound like a lobbyist or anything?... You know it's always middle management who's back is first against the wall when the revolution comes right? I've actually got to congratulate you here Rolle, that's a brass set right there buddy... Hell, if it can be done geopolitically, why not accept this level of corruption in an RP community eh? Hey... They voted for it right? Haha. Priceless.
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  9. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    I agree completely. I understand that it can be hard to part with a character you put so much time and effort into, but your choice of killing it off won't be in vain. Death in real life is extremely devastating and it changes everyone involved, especially if you are murdered. In RP it is no different. Not only will it further the RP around you but you will gain a lot of experience out of it. Now, yeah, some deaths don't warrant a perma, that's inevitable. Think about your deaths more though. What happened? Who was involved? Even if it was an accident you could choose to perma and make the person who killed you feel guilty and they'll have to live with that, thus furthering RP. As part of a role play community I believe that we owe it to everyone to provide the best game play to our abilities. We've got a good thing going here.
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    You've gone back a year or two with this profile.

  10. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  11. Lee Howard

    One of the initial NATO soldiers who was deployed to handle the infection. During the initial briefing, about the infected Lee thought it was nothing more then a joke before hand, and the real reason that they were deployed was going to be revealed later on once boots were actually on the ground. What was once a joke sent nothing more then a cold shiver down his spine, and while some of his friends around him thought this was going to be the easiest time in the world. Joking about all they had to do was point and shoot and that solved the problem, but like always something were easier to say then actually do. It was always easy to take care of one of these infected one at a time, but as he soon learned personally that more then one was a problem, for every one that you saw there was 10 more coming up behind it. An when his forces started to get over run, the only reason that Lee was able to make it, the only reason he was alive at this time, was for the simple fact that he ran away. He was trained to be a solider, training to die on command like a dog if he was ordered to, but the sight of the infected rushing and tearing through friends and allies alike was more then enough. The word "Coward" was more fitting then "Solider", and while he regrets the choices he has had to make, that regret is what is keeping him alive. A alive coward is better then a dead solider.
  12. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

    There is some high quality shit posting in this thread.
  13. Get out of jail card idea

    Who would pay 100 euro to come back here?
  14. Walk in the party, sporting Armani
    Half of the crowd's all snorting my Charlie
    Sorted the bar, time to sort the punani

  15. Undead

    Anyone a single pringle ready to mingle.

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      you both disgust me

  16. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

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  18. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  19. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  20. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  21. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  22. Bitmoji Appreciation Thread

  23. Finn

    Got to see one of the last two remaining Flak Panzers today, its been sitting in a memorial park for about 40 years and now they're restoring it to working condition which is good to see. Then they'll put it in the museum on base, hell.. the old engine it has still runs.

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