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  2. Galaxy

    Go out for the night and come back to see my name on the hall of shame :o 0 points now doe....

    1. Lyca


      *Shakes head in disappointment*

    2. Para


      is okay.... you'll get another 10 soon enough ;)

    3. Galaxy


      *Appeals Lycas emotions*

      Para it will be next to you hopefully :) 

  3. [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Tbh, Ivan would only save you if it were a simple task (eg: saving you from wolves or infected) or he thought you were somehow useful to him.
  4. Getting the team back together (Private Frequency)

    *Carl wakes up from some weird noise coming from his pocket, he picks up his radio and listens keenly, he presses down the button on the radio and replays* "Sounds like a great plan. You can count on me" *Carl let´s go of the button and falls asleep against a tree to the sound of the waves*
  5. Hall of Shame

    I like the two new halls. I wish they were around much earlier.
  6. Hall of Shame

    Well, In my opinion . I don't wanna say this glorifies people who breaks the rule but in a sense it does. Not to mention what type of examples does this set for the new whitenames that come into the community ?
  7. Henrique Maccoy

    A 25-year-old army mechanic engineer with girlfriend and a 5-year-old son. He lived in Elektrozavodsk, upper middle class until before the beginning of the apocalypse. Soon after the beginning of the apocalypse, my family and I tried to move further away from where the contagion had begun and as it spread we moved further away. One night when we were in Gorka sleeping to leave at dawn, the infected arrived in the city before we left. That night I lost my girlfriend and my son. Soon after I continued to follow up with a car that I found in an abandoned house, I was probably very lucky to have a full tank and two rifles inside, maybe it was the couple I saw being devoured a few moments ago. I went to Krasnostav. I made only a stop to get supplies at a station just above Dubrovka, I ended up finding an armed man ... he tried to plunder me but thanks to my military training I was able to immobilize the man and killed him, because he was not a very friendly person and I had the supplies I needed, I realized that this was the new reality, the strongest victory. Of course, even in spite of this, he still had humanity enough to do no harm to good people. Arriving in Krasnostav I met a man. From there we began to move from city to city only surviving, helping some, hunting down those who succumbed to evil.
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  9. BeanZ WAR

  10. BeanZ WAR

  11. Monroe flicks through his notebook by the fire, splitting his effort between finding opportunities to take advantage of and eating his can of peaches. After some time he sighs, and decides his best option is to continue his approach from the day before... with that he gets out his radio and tunes it to the frequency that was decided between them all and says: "Right listen up lads, yesterday went bloody well. Our bellies were full and we actually had a purpose, but it's time to go one step further. I say we meet up today near Solnitchny Factory... He pauses for a slight second, thinking back to Jupiter's... warped perception.... District 7... at 9pm. We meet up, and we find a job, we get it done before sundown, start making a reputation for ourselves, hey maybe even find one or 2 more people join us on our travels. Either way I hope to see you all there, we work well as a team, would be a shame part ways before seeing our potential together... He unclicks his radio and awaits a reply, putting his notebook down for the first time in hours, allowing him to fully focus on the food in front of him. //OOC: 9pm Server time @Randy @Dio Brando @plach @Grayfox
  12. Offworld Heist. Do or Die time.

    Cannae attend
  13. Offworld Heist. Do or Die time.

    Unfortunately I cannot attend. One of those people that actually have to wake up in the morning and going to bed after midnight would kill me Will there be any events on the weekend so we Europeans can actually join? ^^ @Joffrey
  14. Offworld Heist. Do or Die time.

    Yeah, this looks cool Ill be there.
  15. Offworld Heist. Do or Die time.

    Why do you do this on week days when all europeans will be in bed? 00:30 server time Do it on the weekend, I wasn't able to attend the stary meeting because of the same problem.
  16. Viridian

    Yeah, I asked @Rolle to implement a way for people to get a hyperlink to the group thread for a while now Papa plz.
  17. Randle the pesky kid appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://prnt.sc/hcemy1 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair as I was simply having a joke with @Galaxy whom I have been friends with for a while, he didn't have a problem with my post at all so I don't really know why it needed points? if it was really "unnecessary" couldn't it just have been deleted or hidden? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Dunno tbh What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 3 points removed pls What could you have done better?: Idk not banter with friends on their own topics?
  19. Salt level

    Angry people and stuff. /Closed
  20. Salt level

    You really need an answer for that?
  21. Salt level

    So how does the salt level work and what is its purpose?
  22. Feel free to use this whenever, whereever


    1. Shnitz


      Another one


    • Aiko
    • Fafnir

    Do you have a Deathnote? Cuz every time you smile, I feel like I'm having a heart attack.


    1. Buddy




      Love you guys..

  23. Viridian

    accidentally requested membership. you may deny me now. LOL was just trying to get to the Group recruitment page.
    • Aiko
    • Vytis


    1. Eagle



    2. Aiko




    3. Vytis


      This isn't fair I'm about to sleep and I cannot defend myself

    4. Eagle



    5. Aiko




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