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  2. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Listen bro, You were uninformed of the current situation on the server and made a mistake creating this thread, just delete this and forget about it.
  3. Why is your GREEK freak a descendant of ROMAN hero?
  4. [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  5. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    I remember way back in 2015 people used to post all the time about their shit getting taken or getting deleted by the game, and the response to those threads every single time was to get over their materialistic views because dayz is still an alpha game and it would get removed either way. Just gotta acquire a buddhist or nihilist mindset and not give a fuck and go with the flow. Shit can get lit if you just go with what happens.
  6. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Sounded pretty rude saying the bandit groups were shit and ruining your rp then demanding they get removed too. Theres a lot of different styles of rp on this server you just gotta realize it's not a singleplayer game and work with it.
  7. Duster

    I would like to get off Mr. Bacardi's wild ride. It was fun at first, but now it is terrible.


  8. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I used to write parody stories for my friends using characters from the Elder Scroll games.
  9. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Hey man, Nothing is "Ruining your roleplay" you're either salty, or just not open to the idea of losing. Do you think in a real world these people would care..? Maybe if you made a radio thread it would make more thread if this was done ICly. You say its ruining your roleplay yet you skip dealing with it yourself and come to the forums instead of going IC and taking care of your issues there. Of course it isn't the server your remember its been 2 years, you must be nuts to think things stay the same forever. And your "Demands" are something bandits do ICly you then talk about here, drop your double standards. Sure you don't like it, do something about it ICly and make RP. This is being constructive if you want to argue with me over my perspective i'm just going to ignore it.
  10. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Yes, but the way he came at me with the rudeness, when I do not know him, and have not insulted him, I do not want him responding to this post.
  11. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Nothing useful? Refer to my original post that you just dismissed. I left criticisms to what you said and deflections to your arguments and all you did in response was You're getting mad that people don't agree with you, not that they're no "being constructive".
  12. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    That is a huge revelation to me. Thanks for the information.
  13. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    I thought opinions were allowed. let him express his.
  14. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    I respect what you say, But if you don't have anything useful to say about my post besides being rude to me, then please do not talk here.
  15. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    Is this a meme? Please be a meme dude. I think there is a perfect balance of bandit right now, at least for the current server pop. Recently, for a while it was like you would never find anything going on. Nothing but people sitting around a campfire. Like if that's your thing, cool, own that shit. But don't be a salty motherfucker when you get robbed. Just go with the flow and shit. Try to be a funny hostage, or a funny dude in general and you can probably talk your way out of shit. If that doesn't work, just find another group of dudes to roll with. Easy. I can almost guarantee you that this will not happen in town. Both groups, the big ole shitty bandits, have agreed to not do anything in Stary. You're not gonna be robbed there, at least not by my dudes or black fangs.
  16. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    You can't just say whatever, then cry out that it's "your opinion" just to avoid any conflicting opinions or arguments, that's not how discussions work.
  17. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    @Barbarian I agree, but one of the security members there threatened me and the entire town to just kill them all, and raid the town, and then abandon it. I do not know if this was their personal statement, or rather, them sending an msg to me and the town. I wanted to live there, and have a hunting trade shop, but realizing that I could be killed and robbed at any moment that the security forces choose, then I do not feel it is good rp imo.
  18. [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Yes.... then feed you to a pack of wolves.
  19. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Kill. Slowly. Very fucking slowly....
  20. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Don't know you that well, but you seem like a pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything.
  21. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    YES! For far too long those PVP'ers and Bandits have been destroying this server! FAR TOO LONG I TELL YA. I'ts time we, the people, rise up and take back whats ours. TAKE BACK DAYZRP! All of those @Duster's are a part of this problem and should be removed immediately.
  22. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for never running into me IG ;-;
  23. Bandit groups are too much! Not fair! No RP!

    I couldn't tell if this was satire or not. But I've recently come back to RP as well and I've barely been robbed the entire time I've played. And for the settlement, it isn't nearly as dangerous as you'd think. The major factions in game all cooperating with each other to not kill each other everyday seems pretty safe to me.
  24. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Gotta be a 10/10
  25. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    3 month long trip across Europe when I was 11. Went from New Zealand to Singapore, then to Europe. Visited Netherlands and went to a couple theme parks, went on trains across the country, went from town to town in a boat using the canals, visited Amsterdam and saw all the things. France went to the Luge, up the Eiffel Tower, Euro Disneyland, and basically all across Paris. England, visited Bath, London, went on the HMS Belfast, into the London Dungeons, Tower of London, saw Big Bob (Ben) and Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Warwick Castle, Museum of History, Stonehenge and basically everything else. 10/10 best trip ever, made me want to travel even more. Happiest moment of your life?
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