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  2. [87.5] Petr?

    *Petr would return home after a long jog to clear his head, he knocks on the door to the house before he walks inside and goes to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. As he is drinking Nikki comes up behind him, speaking in a solemn tone. ''Petr. Someone called while you were out.. Ive wrote it down.'' He would turn around with a curious look and nods to her before showing a small smile ''Thanks Nikki.'' He walks to the bedroom and sits down at the small desk, reading the transcript in front of him, he picks up a pen circling and underlining several things. Nikki standing in the doorway as she waits for him to speak. Petr sighs deeply and rubs his eyes. ''Seems the tides are changing.. Best fix this quickly.'' He glances around at her to see a nod before he picks up his radio from the desk and speaks into it clearly, he would have a polite and solemn tone to his voice. Steps back be heard on a hardwood floor approaching behind him then stopping.* Ahoj Ma'am. I do not believe we have met yet.. and unlike you I don't know anything about you... However if you are friends with Major Holmen and Doctor Rory that is good enough for me. *He sighs and glances back at Nikki again before turn and writing some ideas on the paper, a faint scribbling is heard before he responds a few seconds later* Firstly... Nice to hear from you Miss Faith. However I would like to know more about this friend that has ''Screwed up''? If this is something you wish to address in a meeting so be it. As for the meeting itself you may bring your friends if you wish that is not something I am worried about.. I will show alone too of course if that is what you wish and we can discuss this civilly. *He stops transmitting for a few seconds as he scores something off he wrote down, he then picks the radio back up and speaks into it once more* Secondly, I would hate for you to have to.. ''Go against me.'' I do not want more violence Miss Faith. But I feel like meeting face to face will resolve this issue a lot easier. Hopefully it will give you a better sense for who we are and what we do. I hope to hear from you soon Miss Faith.. And have a very pleasant evening. *Petr sets the radio back down and leans back In his chair sighing deeply as he rubs his eyes, he speaks low in Chernarussian* ''This... is not going to be good...'' *Nikki walks up to him putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder but nods in agreement, Petr looks up at her* ''Time to get to work eh?'' *He frowns and once again she nods. With that he grabs his radio again and changes the frequency, he speaks into it before returning it back to 87.5. He gets changed, clips the radio to his belt and sets off down the road again.*
  3. HoboDepot 2.0

    I believe it would be better to do something a bit different. But that's just my opinion. I wouldn't do the duct tape again. I am not saying you can't play Hobo's again or trader... but I just wouldn't do the exact same thing with the duct tape.
  4. Levi Sylveen's Journal.

    *Levi walked over to his recorder and pressed record* "Well I've seen somethings... weird..fucked up things recently. I won't go into detail but erm. Quinn is a bit... let's just say she is having "issues". *He looked over at his UMP* It's been 48 hours since I've last slept. I can't sleep though. THEY are watching. I have nowhere I can hide. Why are they tracking me though? When did it begin..how much do they know? *His widened with fear as he had heard the sound of a door opening behind him, dropping the whiteboard he rushed to his UMP in the corner of the room and aimed at the doorway* *The door opened up reavealing a group of soldiers* Solder 1 : Put your hands up! *The room was filled with the sound of gunshots, the video becomes mostly static besides a man walking over to the camera and stopped the recording*
  5. HoboDepot 2.0

    Listen, I think that if a guy can play a schizophrenia-induced cyborg from the year 2739 without any complaints, these guys can pull this off as a schizoprehnic, heroin-induced trip as hobos running a knock-off retail-store that pays and sells in anything they feel as necessary to survive. Welcome home, boys. @Ruan @Wungus Bill EDIT: Not once did I have a bad experience with the Hobo Depot ruining my RP. A huge majority of players used both Kovar's and Hobo Depot on a daily basis and never complained once as far as I'm aware. They stayed in character and played it serious the whole time, and as long as that's happening, that's perfectly alright with me. We're definitely comfortable with the idea of crazy people in the apocalypse, so I think this isn't straying too far from the reality of "crazy."
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    Is it true? Are you back?!

  6. 48 hours this time. 

    Nice number...

  7. Duster

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    My signature is like a "where's waldo?" thing now. See if you can find the newest addition!


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      lol me when I avoid RP.

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      I have no clue what this is about but thanks for the music.

  9. My forum name is Kevin, because I'm really Kevin.

    This guys forum name is Melon, because well...

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      I love you, Kevin.

  10. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Nah. This ends now. I'm closing this thread until it calms down. /closed for a few hours
  11. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    You gotta be fucking kidding, you're the last guy to talk. You get triggered everytime you get robbed even if you are provided phenomenal RP, you bitch and moan about how they took your gear. Also, a channel name has little to nothing about how people act on Teamspeak. Moreover, I'm not sure why you even brought up them having 18 members or the "best gear" that has no correlation with anything. I've RPed with Black Fangs on multiple occasions, gotten into hostilities with them on multiple occasions, and fought them on multiple occasions. They are a group of fine individuals who provide good RP (shoutout @Eagle) so please stop trying to weasel in your salty opinion that has no fact or evidence to back it up, and stop trying to throw oil on the fire. *Drops mic, walks out the door*
  12. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Nah kid, that's a numbers game, not gear. Gear doesn't matter in this game. A person with skill can destroy anyone regardless of gear. @ExoticRainbow the PVP god is a living example of this. Get good and don't worry about gear. It's an RP server.
  13. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    you have 18 in roster, so that's what im basing this off of, feel free to correct me.
  14. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Ok ladies and gentlemen can you please refrain from posting on this thread and take it to the pms.
  15. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    You think we always have 18 members strong in game? We barely get 8..
  16. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Racism is never the answer.
  17. Today
  18. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Please dont bring up old reports, because i can go through them and find some that make you look equally as bad. this was the kind of backlash i was talking about, all you're doing is cementing yourself as a person who will take any opportunity to come off as a massive dickhead. Regarding this, no, when there are 18 guys all with high tier weapons in the hills and around you. you cannot do anything except comply or die.
  19. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Oh and Rolle one more question for you if you'd care to indulge it. You mention you're getting complaints about The Black Fangs Group ? Apparently all we've been doing is robbing people and ruining people's roleplay. If it was such a pressing issue why make the threat now (today) ? It's like as soon as a few people complain about a group one day and a couple of reports go up everyone wants to get the nails and the hammer and go on a crucifying spree. How biased can that be ? Instead of picking on this great beautiful group over one incident. Why not handle the more pressing issue of the guy who's calling people racial slurs on TeamSpeak. If we're really talking about toxic people in the community. ( Rolle Click Here )
  20. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    This is coming from the guy who NVFLs with an Ax "For the sake of RP" FUCKING HILARIOUS
  21. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    It takes only 1 good shot with a 9mm to kill someone, regardless of how geared they are. The gear argument is retarded.
  22. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    tbh, when your group is 18 members big and you have some of the best gear in the server, nobody is going to fight back. Especially not when they get the backlash that rolle is receiving over him having legitimate concerns over the way that the group conducts themselves within the teamspeak.
  23. Nathan Osbourne


  24. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Ho-lee shit, it's almost like words are physically hurting people. Mature gaming community to a daycare? Hmm. And while we're on the topic about flame and salt, what ever happened to the guy who called Dusty the N-word? A TS ban? Why the fuck isn't that looked at but a meme name on a teamspeak channel is. Your priorities are fucked, my dude.
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