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  2. Qui Derelictus

    Well, Although one of my characters despises Nato, the other doesn't care one way or the other. That being said I still look forward to seeing more of you guys in game. Good luck with this.
  3. Qui Derelictus

    Did everyone cool down? Sweet, I'll reopen this then. Don't let a discussion get out of hand again, take it to PMs.
  4. ;)

    Reunion hangouts soon?
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      no comment needed.

  5. hi

  6. hi

    Thanks y’all
  7. Isaac Belleson

    After a few days of wandering, just collecting supplies I found a gun and decided to get my bearings. I set in the direction I thought to be North and came along some roadsigns: Pusta Mogilevka Elektrozavodsk I don't want to go anywhere near Elektro. And Pusta is on the way. So I'll set out for Mogilevka. There are often gunshots from the hills around Mogilevka. I will be careful there and even consider skirting it all together. Guglovo is a little less than a mile to the NE. It's a small place with a well so I can cook some food and prepare to enter Gorka via the Black Forest. Once I arrive in Mogilevka I will take a brief look for a propane burner but continue on NE towards Gorka. If I reach Gorka, I'll assess the situation and make a plan there. At the moment, all I can think to do is explore the far north. Perhaps even the far north east and find a nice spot by the water. Maybe start a farm. We will see. If I head north after Gorka I will need to skirt around some high traffic areas. Best to stay out of sight and more quickly. For the time being, the plan is to visit Gorka, then retreat back to the Black Forest and formulate the next plan. Then, everything went black. I don't know what Hit me but I'm lucky to be alive. Back to the drawing board.
  8. Jack Daniel

    Makes and drinks whiskey. He loves whiskey. He hates communists, will gladly break a whiskey bottle over a commies head. Doesn't like bud light. Likes scotch. Once shot a man for sipping his whiskey without his permission. Carries around a .357 Magnum at his side at all time. Dislikes AntiFa. Prefers Lever guns over semi autos. Dislikes pistol grips. Born in Lynchburg TN. and started drinking right out of the womb. Legend says, he never gets drunk. Wears carhart apparel all the time. Dislikes the Chinese and Japanese. Fought in Vietnam and Korea as a paratrooper. Was a green beret. Also dislikes gays and transgenders.
  9. ;)

    Missed you drunk hangout throwing up in the toilet then falling asleep ass <3
  10. Scariest thing

    One time I got mugged for my shoes while walking home from playing basketball. This dude ran up on me with a gun while his boy stood behind me with a knife, I was like aight man shit they're just shoes. Till this day I still never bought another pair of Retro 9's cause they were the shoes that I got robbed for. Oh, and the time @Randle forced me to go to the sand casino.
  11. ;)

    Welcome back, bb. ❤
  12. Scariest thing

    Walking down the falls road. also when @Dew lost 10 stakes in a row at the sand casino
  13. Worst Fears

    Whales and deep, dark ocean. Scary as fuck man.
  14. Welcome

    Hello and welcome! Having experience in RL will surely be useful in rp. Hope you will be there when my character is in need. Anyway, have fun and stay safe!
  15. Scariest thing

    Meet me at West End lad <3
  16. Today
  17. Scariest thing

    You tbh.
  18. My Spotify Playlist [DayZ Dreaming]

    Very nice playlist bro! Well done!
  19. Worst Fears

    This too, Fucking Michigan dogman has spooked the hell out of me once and I 100% believe it was the dogman and not some bear or something (I know Michigan animals like the back of my hand) fuck that shit mate this is why i need a .45-70. Also I dont fuck with no spooky fleshgaits
  20. IT Discussion thread! (Spoilers Obviously)

    I never watched the miniseries, so I'm not sure what to expect, other than it is apparently really weird. I've seen some comparison videos between the 2017 and 1990 versions, and yeah they've definitely had to cater to a new generation, but they did it SO damn well that I have high hopes for the next one.
  21. Scariest thing

    You tbh
  22. Worst Fears

    Fucking dogs, I got attacked by a pack of wild dogs when I was young and had to get major surgery. ever since I fucking hate and fear the buggers. I try to get over this fear by shooting coyotes and bringing a rifle hiking, but still...fucking dog bro. Dobermans are the fucking worst though
  23. Scariest thing

    This thread tbh
  24. Scariest thing

    Don't know who the fuck you're getting cheeky with you lad but PM me if you want beef still, lmao. Meet me down West End train station for a scrap, lmak. My mistake but still.
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