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  2. TehZombyBeard

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    We are working on this @Kain, and your suggestions have been duely noted , thanks for the feedback , we are currently waiting for a majority of the higher-ups in the group to work out these things and find a suitable way of wording it all.
  3. Genji

    Stupid Rule???

    He asked if you shot him, not killed him.
  4. I mean, if they asked you if you killed them... That's fail RP, I should imagine? As for the actual act, no rules were broke but I can see where you're coming from. I belive it used to be that if you were killed you would forget your killers identity and as such couldn't act out at them later, a more elgenat idea but what can you do?
  5. Genji

    Various Shenanigans

    @LouieRP u ok bro
  6. This exact situation just happened and I was told it was allowed. I held someone up at the Airfield, then they tried to shoot me and I ended up killing them. No one was around to "Rescue" him. Later, about 4 hours later, I met him in Gorka. He took me hostage, and asked me, Did you kill me? I said no. He threatened to kill me for lying. I said yes, he threatened to kill me for Killing him. I begged for my life, he said, Hurt him "Name". I got shot in the back of the head. Tf? I mean that's pretty much like you can't do anything hostile without them having kill rights. ?????
  7. Kain

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    Hey, so, I'm just leaving another suggestion because I haven't seen any improvement about it besides the story and formatting. You guys really need to rework your goals still, both the IC and OOC goals. I've got no clue what group you guys are trying to make and there is very little to go off of. All I know is you guys are going to try to act like a wolf pack (Which the hierarchy you guys are fighting for was actually scientifically debunked, there's no such thing as an alpha wolf, beta wolf... etc). Besides the hierarchy, what are you guys? Are you just going to roll around on hills, walk on all fours? Give us some kind of context about your goals here. I don't see the purpose for the group yet because there's no well founded goals. The OOC goals are overall so generic that I can't tell what you guys are trying to deliver that is new and unique. Besides the new graphics which look nice, this is still a heavy WIP as I don't see how the goals can be accepted in its current phase.
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    @Chewy It's so fucking good omg...

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    Yes, yes, I'm still looking for new slacks... The search for fancy pants continues!



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    Got some free time tonight. 
    Let's RP as Mike Walker.


  14. Driving through town without uttering a word to confirm who it was is lack luster RP. All it was, was the bare minimum to ensure you didn't break a rule. Ruleplay over roleplay, a common issue it seems. @OP doesn't want to take it further that surely should be it done? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Brady

    Failure to Respond to a Report - Spider

    Hello Spider, A team of staff has taken a look over your appeal and come to the following conclusion: Through the POVs in the old report as well as your POV, here it is quite obvious this is a combat logging situation. As shown from logs in the old report, your friend is killed at 00:49:00 server time, the server restarts at 1:00:00 to which you fail to log back on. Due to this report taking place all the way back in March 2017, we will be going off the old rules. You and your dynamic, were knowingly involved in a firefight to which you decided to avoid. Even though the shooter may not have had KOS rights on you, the OP in the report still retaliated which means you are all bound by the combat log rule. For this reason, you have been found guilty of Combat Logging. In the future, do not log off of the server if you are knowingly involved in the firefight. Also just a reminder since its been such a long time since you have played, the rules have updated a lot since you've been gone so please take a look through them before you hop back in game. Outcome: Appeal Denied - 3 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points Issued Signed by @Brady and @Jamie
  16. Lady In Blue

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    BeanZ WAR

  18. All of which he said is true ^ It doesn't matter how long it was, I still agree not enough time had passed for his kill rights to expire, but it was around an hour. ^
  19. lukaszxe

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    Long,sad, stressful day 😞  need to relax and just play the guitar...twitch.tv/itzlevent 

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  22. I can say for a fact that it was about 20 - 30 minutes tops after reckless was held up, i was in IC coms when he was held up, i drove the sedan to him, and we went to lop as that was the most obvious place to assume he was going, it takes about 15 minutes to run to lop from where he held reckless and i arrived to get reckless with the sedan about 8 - 12 minutes after OP left, in a sedan i would gauge 6 - 8 minutes to drive to lop, so roughly 20 minutes had passed since the initial confrontation.
  23. @CaptainFailFace will remain tempbanned until he responds. He has 24 hours to respond before we carry on with the report. They will have to make a ban appeal if they decide not to respond.
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    Anyone able to help me out with some graphics? 

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    Making My Return with .63

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