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  2. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue

    Ken Mendenhall and the UPS Animated


    1. Anoymouse


      Better dead than red?

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Damn straight feller

    3. Anoymouse


      Eh Ken still got hung. R.I.P

  3. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Yes! Those creaking house sounds keep making me thing there is someone right behind me! I don't think I'll ever get used to it... Also yeah the way it changes your character model every time you die is pretty annoying, but I don't think it's a big deal as long as it's fixed before stable.
  4. Chaz


    Massive shout out to my mans @Dirty Dan for gifting me Tycoons on here. Nicest guy I know! Also thanks for showing me how to do profile gifs and stuff.

  5. Darra

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Getting shot was not unexpected; respawning as a male was. That’s the reason I logged for the night. The creaking house sounds give me the creeps.
  6. Mexi


    I always knew he stank of shit.. Man looks like he stinks of cat shit and black mould.



    1. Taryn


      Cat piss, Skunked beer and cigarette butts.

  7. Major Tom

    Fallout 76 Thread

    ...Starfield? They've been pretty clear that 76 is just a way for them to try out an idea they had and see if it works. Todd has directly said how single player RPGs are still their focus.
  8. G19RP

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Will post POV when I get to hotel.
  9. Today
  10. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    lol well it still is public servers after all. I haven't really played solo in experimental yet, I'd say I should give it a shot but I'm too much of a scaredy-cat. Those new zombie sounds and stuff give me the creeps!
  11. Darra

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    I made it to the middle of Gorka with plenty of food and water in my backpack. Only weapon I found was an ax. All was well until I walked into a house and surprised a player. I raised my hand to greet him as he raised his pistol. My screen went black and I got the “You Are Dead” message. Respawnwed as a male and promptly logged off for the night, lol.
  12. Zero


    "Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."

  13. Life aint been easy, and it feels like its been a long life. I've done alot of fightin with some lulls in between. Been married once, broke her heart I did, ended up remarrying to a black fella in Lancaster. Since then I've been through alot of holes and never once like her. But a warrior I am and so it goes. At the time of the Agreement, I was to old to enlist again and too long a record besides. Thats how I ended up in Europe, Conflicts were a plenty in the 90's with the fall of the soviets and local despots and mafioso's taking regional controls and carving out territories. Unfortunately for me i missed the boat on that one and soon found myself in Libya and Palestine. just two years in and some fuckin monkey in Afghanistan decided to fly airplanes into some fuckin yankee buildings, the deserts were going to rife with conflicts and not the good kind if the yanks show up. So away i went to South America. eight years of living in that jungle hell hole of a continent , all the countries began blending into one as often we crossed borders without even knowing. Work was good and the women---the women. All good things end, and off to fight some Islamic state yahoos. These fuckers actually declared war on all who aint like him, uses out tactics against all western countries. Putting a damper on my business, couldn't let that happen. Now im not the kind of man to brag about killing, but ive got a K C of 83 and I'm damned proud of that hey. Earned a name for myself so much so that they were hunting me, posting vidyas on the internets about "killing" me. Was a good laugh but these are guys who force thier 5 year olds to kill captives who are tied up against playground equipment. I started on home when i heard the news of outbreaks, experienced it first hand when i stopped of on a russian boarder town. Dont feel bad killing them infected, except for maybe the children and pretty birds. Either way, the last group of russians I met told me that further south is a place they call "Bandit Country" The name alone reminded me of home, so Im heading south. Might be a bit of fun hey?
  14. Well folks, thanks to RL being crazy I think it's time for me to to take a step away from the community for a while. This isn't a leaving thread because I will be back. In about a month or two things should settle down for me a bit, but until I get to that point I've got a bit of an uphill struggle to slog through. I want to give a big thanks to all the awesome people here I've played with. I'll name a few here, but if you're not named here please do know I'm still thinking about ya.

     @Taryn thanks for taking me in when I was just a noob who had no idea what the hell I was doing and thanks for being a good friend, even when I'm being a shitty one.

    @Cosmo You're the reason I'll be coming back in a few months because we both know I can't quit you ;P.

    @Petrovsky Love you, ya evil bastard.

    @Cal stay gold Pony Boy.

    @RogueSolace thanks for all the help with the infection lore and all the good times I've had playing Grieves in y'alls camp.

    I'll be back in a while like I said, but until then...

    Stay classy DayzRP.

    1. Mexi


      Best of luck Mark, hope to see you back soon.

    2. Jman14102


      Don't be a stranger, man!

    3. Mark

      Thanks @Mexi. I'll be back soon enough. @Jman14102 try not to get Ian killed while I'm gone. We've got business to finish :). Also, I forgot to mention that I'll most likely be on TS for the next few nights before I disappear for a while. Might even try to squeeze a little play time in.

  15. Brady


    Just realized I hit 1k posts!

  16. Damn, look like DayZRP has some competition

  17. Mexi

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    Just so you're aware, he's not here till next Friday.
  18. Since a child, Kieran was diagnosed with severe asthma. This meant that since the fall of civilization, he had to be very careful with how much he ran, and how much he carried, as extra weight only worsened his symptoms, as did running. Because of this, he became adept at sneaking and foraging, as intact inhalers had become a rarity in South Zagoria. After he was stranded in South Zagoria while on a trip with several school members for an English project, he got separated from his class during the NATO response to the outbreak. After getting at the Kamenka checkpoint as people swarmed it trying to get out of South Zagoria, he instead looped back around north to avoid the incoming zombie horde that was attracted to the mob. After the collapse, he focused merely on his own survival and his long term health, however after one incident while trying skin a rabbit, he was bitten but showed no some of infection after 48 hours, indicating his immunity. Now, he just wanders South Zagoria, looking for a sign of purpose, as any attempt to go home would be suicidal and end in his death.
  19. Brady

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    @G19RP has been temp banned until he posts his POV
  20. LouieRP

    To Louie and friends

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Uhm I am not sure who you are talking about I stab a lot of people" "I am in Lopatino right now" *Louie releases the PTT*
  21. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Wow great screenshots! @Dvlinhb and I actually used that crashed plane to hide in after surviving a huge group of zombies attacking us at the military tents. I think its kinda neat that loot actually seems to spawn in there. That or maybe people were just there earlier and dropped some stuff. I also had a similar experience a couple of times. Finding people who are near death and helping them get food, water, splints. This actually happened shortly after I got on experimental for the first time a few days ago, we were gonna travel together and everything but naturally I crashed a few minutes after we started jogging down the road together. I still enjoyed the experience though, we're used to relatively friendly interactions since we play on an RP server. But finding friendly people on public is much more uncommon. I like to think that guy will remember that one time he was saved from near death by me. I'll remember how thankful he was for me not killing him on sight. lol
  22. SgtSmithy


    Updated character page with new pictures and music. Tell me what you think. Will update graphics and detail a bit more tomorrow. 

  23. RileyChan

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Yeah shooting in cities or large towns is really scary right now lol. You can easily get killed by a large group of infected, even trying to kill more than 2 infected at a time with a melee weapon is dangerous. It's happened to me a couple times so far, but sometimes you don't really have a choice but to shoot. The way I see it there are 3 options. Option one, accept your fate and spending your final moments thinking about what it's like to die... I don't like option one! Option two, hide in a nearby building and hope you have enough ammo to kill all the infected. Option three, as soon as you shoot, try running away as fast as possible. The infected wont go straight to you, they will go to where they heard the gun shots, then slowly start searching the area. If you can get even a short distance away and find a good hiding place, they will all go away eventually. I think the easiest way to make it through a city if going around isn't an option, is stealth. Also crouch running drains your stamina bar much slower, so doing that might help you survive! Yesterday @Zilly and I shot a guy in Elektro, naturally the zombie horde came down upon us. We were able to avoid them after killing the guy, but we were forced to shoot again when a few more infected noticed us looting the body. We decided to run into the nearby police station to hide, which worked at first... But unfortunately we decided to hide in the one building the that had another armed player hiding in it. And of course he just so happened to be the friend of the guy we shot earlier. Lesson being, sometimes you just can't catch a break!
  24. Genji

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Ive not really made it farther than north-west airfield to be honest. The first time I got up there I heard shots, then I was dead. I didn't appear to take any damage and had no idea I was being shot at NWAF looks weird as hell, but I like the crashed planes and shit. Some of the cities look a bit nicer too. I love that you sit by the fire when cooking on a stick I had a guy ask me to open his food if he gave me a magazine and some ammo for my pistol (providing i didnt shoot him the second he gave it to me) I also met someone laying down in the middle of the woods awaiting death, we stuck together to find some food, i left him alone in a house for 0.5 seconds, heard him yell "JESUS CHRIST", I ran in and he was being punched to death by a random guy. I chased him down to beat him up and we ended up killing each other. Good times.
  25. Genji

    Various Shenanigans

    Its-a me, Sal! @Dakotaen
  26. Taryn

    To Louie and friends

    Evelina picks up her radio, a Chernarussian accent picking up over the waves. "Not so private now, you fucking moron... I also wish to speak to you, Louie. I hear you stabbed someone I am close to as he was trying to make a deal. What happened?" She releases the button.
  27. Hardwired


    My eye is seriously infected....owch! Night all! 

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