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  2. Whitelist Help

    I'm sorry @G3ntle, but no. / closed

  4. Whitelist Help

    I was told by kikio to come back tomorrow to take my white list quiz but i was wondering if any of you wonderful folks want to give me any tips or answers on my next quiz thank you. Call me or text me at -Snip- Hi Jade! sorry
  5. I enjoyed @Nihoolious roleplay today, he was a good sport.
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  8. Galaxy's Media thread

    This n*igga galaxy makes gifs and profile pics so good make you wanna slap yo mama.
  9. Damn, I really needed and enjoyed the internal RP within the group today. Props to: @Razarethfor the discussion about what we fight for. @HarveyJfor the talk we had and the medical RP that revealed a part of Letter's personality. @Mercy - "Fighting" with you is always a huge fun @derNils - "Kummerkasten" and "Beersupplier" And of course everyone else of the group who was around. I had a lot of fun, cheers guys and girls.
  10. The Forsaken

    Thank you for the feedback and the great comment buddy, we appreciate it!
  11. The Forsaken

    Good luck with this, don’t let others step on you. Hope that you guys will be the ones that actually makes a presence.
  12. Wild Drop Bear Sighting in Dayz

    He tried to pull an Ezio on you but missed That reaction though
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      Hi cutie <3

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      I'm not cutie.


      I'm Poppy.

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      *Sighs* You are not!


      Can you also make an avatar like what you have for me?



  13. Paradox

    Back in game tomorrow! New Mic Hypeeee

  14. Great hostage RP from @SandDancer97 and @melon21
  15. *Stephen tells the man what to say down the radio and waits for the man to stopped being tazed, he looks at Nikolai and nods his head holding the radio to his face* I.... *Cough* Nikolai X CDF Lieutenant *Cough* Denounce the NATO and their allies/friends from entering Polana Factory *Cough* Any people caught inside, will be... taken... *Cough* On orders of the Gremlins and Big Dave *The radio cuts silent* *The radio sparks up again* We will be willing to negotiate with NATO. Thank you. *Radio cuts silent again*
  16. The playable area of the map does not reflect the map of the entire country, so a person could have legitimately made their way to the current area from another part of the country, hence why someone would have no idea what has been happening within the "playable area". I think as long as someone spends a couple of minutes on their background working something like this out it shouldn't be an issue when having to explain why they may not know much.
  17. After the infection went out of control and I manage to survive, I decided to walk always in the early morning as there are fewer infected and less chance of finding large groups of people, I was several months walking from Kamenka to Chernogorsk and did not find any single infected or survivors, I decided to move further north to Elektrozavodsk, as I was informed that there were armed groups due to the large size of that city, I went to Kamishovo, for water and for food I was there about a day and decided to go my way, I continue walking along the road that follows the coast, until I arrive at Solnichniy, there I face several infected people who saw me on arrival, thanks to God there was no major problem, I cooked a hen that I found on the road, I took water and I went on my way, since I had the full conviction of finding someone alive, I continued my way to a lumbermill, since it was quite large I made my camp there, look for water and food and I lived for about a week there, but nobody came, after days walking to reach Svetlojarsk, once there I saw a perfect but lonely city because of the infection, I saw infected people everywhere, so I decided to stay there to clean it and look for supplies or find a vehicle, in a school bag on a garaje, I found a notebook, apparently said notebook belonged to a girl named Caleigh, I hope she is well, I take it to write everything that happens to me on the way, since I am alone and write my diary would be my moment of peace on the lonely nights, I found a music player has a lot of songs, also in every city I visit I keep batteries and music CDs to continue listening so with each page I write I will put the name of a song so that if ever, this ends and the world returns to normality, someone reading my notebook listen to it *Day one I still do not know what date it is, I just know I'm in the town of Svetlojarsk, I decided to stay here for a while since it has enough ammunition, water and food to be able to survive and wait to see if any someone alive appears, in the same way I travel by surrounding areas to see if I find a car, every day I will write in this journal my meetings and events, I will also count the number of infected eliminated and days survived For now I have a magnum, a green cap, a brown fire jacket, a blue vest and a large orange backpack, I'm living in sverlojarsk, I hope no one can think of walking around the city with the gun in their hands "Villiam Bur" Music of the day one! Infected Eliminated = 103 Days Survived = 24
  18. What do you listen to ?

  19. Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    On the thread, we have some fairly good logistics on the bomb, how it detonated and what its effects are on SZ. A). After the detonation, all the irradiated water and debris thrown into the atmosphere would have followed high-altitude air currents and probably made some people out east near China-Mongolia sick and possibly die of radiation poisoning.
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    things i should probably do: rp

    things i'm doing instead: rebuilding my first fallout 4 mod from scratch

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      What about ice cream?

  21. NATO [Open Frequency]

    *Banks rolls out of bed, making sure to not disturb the woman lying next to him. He whispers into the radio with a sarcastic voice* "Oh Godfather, oh Godfather, help me my Godfather, for I have sinned against thee. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Let's hope the same does not apply for....." *The transmission cuts out, as Banks released his PTT button too early, tossing the radio out the window*
  22. David Banks

    He's humorous, dutiful, daring and perhaps a little too restless. This isn't surprising considering for someone with his position. He was born in a decent family in a large city. He lived free of worries until he was about 16 years old, but at that point, things began to change after the death of his father. He explored the country and was becoming quite desirable. Through hard work, he fulfilled dreams in an ever-changing world. But with his charm and skills, there's nothing to stop him from going beyond expectations. He could quickly become somebody others listened to, without question. After commissioning in the United States Marine Corps, life couldn't get better. A wife, 2 kids, money in the bank, a happy life. Chernarus changed everything.
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