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  2. Enfusion Engine Issues

    There are no downloads for DX11, it is baked in into Win10 and updated through Windows Update. You can update legacy DirectX with this.
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    I love you too Terra <3

  3. BeanZ WAR

  4. Community Summit

    Updated the thread to change nominations to group leadership.
  5. Enfusion Engine Issues

    Yeah the link you gave me is an audio file explaining all of the new changes to DX at a press conference and the other half of the download is a presentation about why DX11 is great Gone through every page of that thread already and none of the suggested issues are what I have. As you can see as well all of the people having trouble with the enfusion engine had trouble with it like 2 years ago which is definitely not the case with me Yes, actually I'm assuming you're talking about a windows update?
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    Obnoxious ButlerBot, AKA Bernard

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  9. Community Summit

    At least we’re BOTH trying not to be dicks. But I understand what your saying, it’s just if people have a problem, and it’s generally accepted as a problem, someone needs to come up with a solution. While I do feel that the one presenting the problem should present a solution, staff should definitely come up with ideas as well. (Which I’m sure they do)
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  11. Community Summit

    I'm not trying to be a dick, but just show our view of it too here, but we have similar apprehensions when it comes to stuff like this. Some things get suggested sometimes with no real solution or way to real change it. It's like someone complaining about Rolle being the problem with the community. What's the solution? Take Rolle out? Good luck. I think as long as the complaints and ideas are reasonable and when possible come with a suggestion on how to correct it (or at least a building block of an idea) it is fair to assume we should listen to that. I'm looking forward to it to be honest, we have some smart people in this community who given the opportunity to speak can come up with some good shit.
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  13. Time to go back

  14. DayZRP Community Memes

    Your average DayZRP member irl
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  16. Airsofting

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  17. Airsofting

    m e r c h a n t
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    Who dragged your sorry ass here?

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      Actually, I'm here to make your life even more miserable!

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      Image result for what gifs

      Couldn't do that if you tried!

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      This is why galaxy

  18. Airsofting

    If anyone is interested in buying some airsoft stuff I'm selling my gear, and it's literally been used twice in my backyard. I'm just gonna list everything underneath here; I'm giving this away for stupid cheap. Pm me for pictures and details.
  19. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Kill for wanting to revenge Elmo
  20. Community Summit

    Yea it's pretty solid if things actually get talked about and everything isn't shut down at every corner, totally could work. I'd definitely attend a meeting like this.
  21. Community Summit

    I feel that this would be a great idea under the assumption that things COULD change based on how it goes. However, I’m kinda scared it’ll just be another listening session where nothing actually comes from it because what the community actually wants isn’t really what staff/Rolle want. Not trying to be a dick about it, but it is a valid concern. Also, I agree with the original idea way more. The server isn’t just groups, and having them being the only ones represented is ridiculous.
  22. Community Summit

    Henning not posting something salty, what is this madness. In all seriousness though, this is a great idea. I think it'll really help bring the regular community members and staff team together. We could even possibly create threads asking the community then have the reps talk about major points together in the meeting, that way members can still have a voice without the meeting turning cancerous.
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