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  2. Also I really have to ask since when all of you started doing your character backstories as if they were some fucking group page? YOU'RE ALL EQUALLY WORTHLESS AND NONE OF YOUR ARE SPECIAL, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION
  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    If i had to choose eggs, they would be hard boiled. oatmeal or cereal?
  4. The Forsaken

    Haha thank you brother, we appreciate the nice comments!
  5. Jesus, you peeps REALLY fuckin missed me apearently. Or not, whatever. Anyways, all 7 requests, here we go! @Majoo Do we really have to go over this again? https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9 @Crim Someone's had too much https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-11/ @Razareth Heckin bamboozled bois https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-264/ @Demaabd Took me a while https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2549/ @Malet I couldn't help myself https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-36/ @DinoCasino The fact I wrote that entire thing makes me question my existence https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-23/ @Markos Gladly https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-781/
  6. Character damage system

    I just sadly see this causing all kinds of problems if we had something we could edit ourselves maybe not so much
  7. The Forsaken

    This thread is a goldmine of memes. Yea stop being edgy you edge lords. but in all seriousness I wish ya best of luck with the group. I'm happy to see ANY new groups no matter how memey. +1
  8. Law of the Jungle - Ivan Lynch's Story

    Chapter 3: Healing Ivan waited with a sullen expression as the burly bodyguards patted him down for any weapons. He didn't have any on him of course, he knew it was only common courtesy to come unarmed after demanding an audience with Anthony Santoro in such a harsh manner. He felt the man deserved that courtesy at least. He'd done well by Ivan, helping build a life for himself where he could live comfortably in a decent home with decent food and decent booze. He'd been able to provide for himself.... and those he shared that house with. So yeah, he felt it was only proper that Ivan granted Anthony this one final courtesy.... before killing him. And he didn't need a weapon to do that. "You're all clear." The doorman stated before opening the door to Santoro's office. Ivan stepped inside, and the door was shut behind him. He'd been in this office several times before, and if there was one thing he could say about Santoro, it's that the man was quite modest despite his immense wealth and power. Santoro had a wife of course, but he was married to his job, his business, his organization. The room was a mess of files, documents, maps and manifests. The walls, rather that decorated by expensive framed paintings, were plastered in even more maps, stringed lines pinned all over the place like an deformed , colored spiders web. The only items of value were a few framed records on the wall were the door was stationed, and the desk at the far end of the room. Anthony Santoro sat not at his desk, but on a couch to the side, surrounded by papers and folders. He looked up at Ivan as he entered, and reached up to remove his reading glasses. "Ivan." He said in a sorrowful tone, getting to his feet. "Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss." Ivan just stood there, broken, empty, having not moved another inch since stepping in the door. He stared at Santoro with hollow eyes. "Did you know?" He asked, his voice barely a whisper, but filled with hardly controlled rage. "Did you know that bank was owned by Jackie Marco? Did you know who you were stealing from, when you sent me and the others to get the job done?" Santoro was silent for a moment, before looking at the ground, letting out a long sigh. "Yes." Ivan lunged forward, tackling the man against the wall, and wrapping his hands around his throat. "Then you knew that what we were doing would put my family at risk! You piece of SHIT!" He roared into Santoro's face as the door burst open behind him, the distinct sound of a revolvers hammer being pulled back. "Go wait outside!" Santoro commanded, struggling to get the words out from under Ivan's firm grip on his windpipe. "If Ivan walks out of this room without me, I want you to escort him to his car, and allow him to go on his way." His bodyguard hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do. "DO AS I SAY!" Santoro snapped, and the door shut once again. "You...." Ivan growled, spittle from his mouth hitting the other mans face. "You knew what kind of man Marco is. You've done so much business for him in the past. How the hell could you have not known.... what he would do to the people responsible for this betrayal. Was it worth it to you, WAS IT?!" "Ivan.... Marco has been biding his time with us for a while now, waiting for an opportunity to take us out of the picture." Santoro choked. "We've.... we've become to large of an organization for him to keep in his pocket.... become a threat. He was preparing for war.... we needed to strike first, take out one of his higher investments and using what we stole to fund our own war against him. It was a matter of our survival, ALL of our survivals." Ivan glared at the man with maddened rage. "I don't care about your reasons." Ivan snarled. "I don't care about the future of this business, about your agendas. All that I care about now, is killing the people responsible for the murder of my fiance, my step son..... and you.... you're just as guilty as Marco." "Then kill me." Santoro stated simply, spreading his arms in a gesture of defeat. "Kill me and walk out of here. You'll never get close to Jackie Marco, the man who's truly responsible for your family's deaths. I wasn't the one who pulled the trigger, Ivan. I wasn't the one who shot the messengers family, rather than the man who sent the messenger." Ivan stared the man down, locking him in place with a cold, hard glare. But he remained silent, and allowed Santoro to talk. "Alone you'll never get to him." Santoro continued. "Let me help you. We'll use all the resources we now have at our disposal, we'll take down Marco's operation, one brick at a time, until the whole house comes caving down on his head. We've been preparing for this for a long time, Ivan. It was going to happen one way or the other. My only regret, is that your family paid the price for my ambition." Ivan's face trembled with bitter resentment, pain and anger for a moment longer, before taking a step back, releasing Santoro from his iron grip. The other man let out a steady breath, rubbing his throat with discomfort, but relief. Ivan turned and walked to the other side of the room, placing both of his hands on the large desk and staring down. "I have one condition." He growled after a long moment of silence, not looking up. "Jackie Marco is mine." Santoro was silent for a moment, before saying in a quiet voice. "Done." Ivan let out a long, shuddering breath, before pushing himself away from the table, turning to face Santoro. "If we do this, if we succeed in taking down Marco's operation, and I get my fill of vengeance.... then you'll have my utmost loyalty. If you need a job done, I'm your man. If you need someone taught a lesson, I'm your man. If you need someone killed, I'm your man. We do this and we make it through.... I'm at your permanent disposal." Santoro bowed his head to Ivan, respectfully. "There's no man I'd rather have as my right hand than you, Ivan. You've proven yourself loyal and capable time and time again, and I am truly sorry that your hard work for me has brought you so much grief. I promise you, by the time all is said and done, you will have your revenge." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ivan barely paid attention to the gunfire and scream outside the house as he sat there, huddled in the corner with a rag pressed into his face. He'd tried his best to stitch the wound, but his experience with surgical needlework was.... limited. He'd done a sloppy job, but enough to keep the wound bound together. It stayed that way for around a week. That was, of course, until and infected had lunged at him, its nails catching on the wound and ripping it back open. The pain of having his face cut open had to have been the worst he'd experienced in his life. He'd been shot, stabbed, sliced at, beaten, but there was some sort of special humiliation to having his face disfigured in such a way. Ever since he'd managed to close the wound, his voice had carried a distinct rasp to it, like the sound of crunching gravel, as he was forced to spit his words out through one side of his mouth, the muscles in his throat and cheeks clenched. he'd wandered for a while after that, mainly alone. He'd briefly visited a bar that some other survivors had opened in the city of Severograd recently, and unintentionally saved one of the barkeeps from a small crowd of infected. Ulin, he thought her name was, Russian.... Chernarussian? Ukrainian? Eh, some Eastern European broad. They went on a short hunt together, which was nice. Something to take his mind off the pain in his face. And for course, a couple of free drinks for saving her, which was nice, even if drinking them was somewhat difficult. He also met a woman named Scarlet, a bush-wookie lookin' motherfucker named Rory, and a strange medic named "Lex", all in the city. It seemed to be a high traffic area, and a hot-spot for people to come trade, drink, chat, and sometimes start trouble. When the gunfire and shouting started to get on Ivan's nerves, he left the city behind. Now he was heading east, but out of curiosity, headed north instead, perhaps hoping to find a nice quiet place to hunker down inf or the night. He ended up in this town, where an infected torn open his stitches, and now here he was, curled up in a corner, slowly bleeding all over his clothes, and the floor. And apparently, judging by all the gunfire outside, the town he was in was not as empty as he thought. The door to the room burst open, and several men filed in, guns raised. "Eh, what the hell are you doing hiding in here?" One of them demanded, quite aggressively. "The fuck does it look like?" Ivan growled, "Staying away from those fuckin' things." "That's a lot of blood." Another man remarked. "The hell happened." "Face got cut open a few days back. Infected tore open the stitches." Ivan explained briefly, breathing hard. It hurt to talk. "Ivan? Is that you?" A voice yelled from outside, and a vaguely familiar face popped into view through the window. The mans name was Darion, Ivan had met him a few days back in Severograd, had a nice friendly chat with him. He was relieved, at least, to see someone who wasn't a complete stranger. "Yeah..... yeah it's me...." Ivan responded weakly, attempting to get to his feet. "Well, if you're all good with Darion, you're all good with us." The first man that'd spoken to him said, lowering his weapon. "come on, we have some people on the other side of town that can have that wound treated." "Thank..... thank you." Ivan sighed, following them out the door. He was patched up by a girl named Sam, who cleaned his wound and held the skin together with butterfly stitches. Temporary, until their qualified surgeon returned from a supply run. He was properly looked at soon after. The woman's name was Taryn, and she was also apparently the leader of this small settlement. She was a.... reserved person, it seemed. Ivan didn't really want to pry to much into who she was or where she stood exactly. It wasn't his business. He was grateful though for her help, and stuck around the settlement for a few more days, once helping Taryn and a small group attempt to hunt down a man that'd robbed her in Severograd. Unfortunately, they weren't scucessful, but he was happy to lend a hand at least, and it gave him something interesting to do for once. He met a variety of interesting people during his time in the town, but the person that caught his attention the most.... Was a small young woman with a scorpion tattoo.
  9. The Forsaken

    We were called the forsaken but then in latin, but I'll be asking @ChilliFromPrussia, I didn't see the old group so I rolled with it. Regards.
  10. [GAME] Continue the Story

    and they are all incest
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    Thank you for your enquiry. We had a group discussion OOC'ly and a vote and chose to change our name to the forsaken due to it winning on the vote. If that makes sense. Hope this answers your question
  12. [GAME] Continue the Story

    Now he has 10 sons
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    We're not arguing anything here dude. Strawberry pointed something out and I responded to it to clarify. How is that arguing? Also, Eagle asked you a question.
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    Okay guys. I appreciate all of your guys feedback and information you are providing but can we take the arguing off our groups thread please. If you have a problem with the group can i ask for people to find one of the OOC leadership and have a polite and well mannered discussion about it please. I hope to see you all in game and wish you all well.
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    Why was the name changed if I may ask?
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    Not really being edgy more just pointing out the rules and requirements that must be followed when making a group. Plus stating their opinion on the group development which is what group threads are for. Something all staff members should know off by heart from reading the staff guides. Anyway in terms of feedback, the name needs to be investigated guys. You really need to ask the original owner of the name @ChilliFromPrussia for permission. Id say get it in writing so its all confirmed Aswell as that id say abit more graphics wouldnt go a miss. Im sure if you are unable to do so there will be a few skilled photoshop members willing to put in some time to make the thread fancy.
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    Nothing to do with being edgy, more so the name changes and everything said in the last few pages. It's called an opinion. Also, here you go. I found the thread by taking literally 10 seconds to look through Chilli's old threads.
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    Nice attempt at being edgy. I don't see a problem with the name to be honest, and if the staff team does they will tell you to change the name. Seeing how I couldn't find "The Forsaken" in the old forums, or in any other older group forums for that sake. Not really your fault. Seems like @ChilliFromPrussia isn't really to bothered anyways. One other thing I forgot to mention earlier; I don't really like the font you're using, I think it would look better with another one. Like said, good luck.
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