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  2. New poem on my Activity!!! Please check it out.

  3. Pretty sure they've left the ability to defend yourself and friends but not share the initiation rights amongst people from however far away.
  4. Unapologetic (Poem)

    I'm sorry I left you, all alone I always told you, i'd return home I struggle to fit in with the people around here In the Sorella's pub drinking warmish beer. Gunshots daily, Anarchy mainly. I'm disappointed, weapons are pointed. I get to my knees and keep calm mostly, I wish I was with you warm and toasty. They steal my stuff but don't harm me. The birds in my ear, in perfect harmony. The voices ring in my ear. I saw them drinking beer. The next thing I saw was black. I never want to go back to that. I hope to see you soon. I love you to the moon. I remember our perfect room. you used to roll around with the broom. The loud ass noise of the vacuum. Shamefully they just want me for my goods. I hope to see you in our house in the woods. - You can search it, it wont come up. comepletely out of my head in about 2-5 minutes Anything is possible. Just make yourself plausible.
  5. I see your point but i would call it a stepping stone lets say your on here with a friend and your not looking go with any current group because reasons you tried to make one but it was archived for no one joining or you don't really want to go through a big thing making an official thread and lets say there is only two of you and so you decide to go with option B just to see where it goes so ICly IG you meet some random people you dont know OOC or ICly and you start Rping getting to know each other IG then OOCly they roll with you for a bit or they decide to join you dynamic.
  6. I think they shouldn’t have changed the dynamic group rule to begin with. Its still ridiculously immersion breaking that someone can’t kill the people attacking their friend just because they don’t match some magical, make believe criteria. The rule change in the first place just hurts casual players. We should try to avoid making changes to the rules and community that would push people away. We should try to promote and make changes in a way that invites people to the community, and makes them want to stay. Ridiculous rule changes (that a majority of the community voted against btw) will not make the community look inviting and interesting. It just makes it look like a place with a bunch of unnecessary and arbitrary rules, making it harder for new people as well as veterans to have motivation to stay.
  7. RandyBiscuit's Intro

    Stop scaring people away
  8. RandyBiscuit's Intro

    Well if I have to keep coming to the helpdesk I wont enjoy it anymore!
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  10. Random Screenshots

    RIP karlsson på taket
  11. RandyBiscuit's Intro

    Well, welcome to the community, we had spoken a few times in the TS helpdesk! Hope you are enjoying it!
  12. The entry is dated September 2017. No day is given John pt.1 Hello? Nicolas?! You there? John had been trying to get my attention for the past two minutes but I couldn't be bothered. Ever since he showed me a few of his interviews I couldn't help but start writing. I wasn't interviewing anyone currently but I was writing down all I could remember from the people I had met before. We were on a bus and it was heading to a military camp just south of Pavlovo. It was dark and the driver was driving from Balota on unused roads. They said it was too risky to ride during the day. There were 24 other people on the large bus including the driver. Most were scientists and researchers with a dash of contractors. I didn't care much about them. I needed to pick John's brain more. John sighed giving up on the effort. I smiled. I'm everywhere John. John raised his eyebrow at the response. Do you find most people trust you as a journalist? "Oh, so he speaks." John loved to be snarky. Nicolas looked at him with a slightly annoyed expression which John thought was amusing. He continued while laughing, Haha... perhaps you should of been one my friend. John tried to glance over at Nicolas's notebook. It was intricate. Raised Celtic knots and crosses were drawn over it. Nicolas hurriedly pulled it back from his sight. John smiled. I suppose it is best to not tell stories until they are complete huh? Yes, to answer your question, they tend to. I imagine it has something to do with showing interest in what other people have to say and then showing them a way that their word will get out there and make more of an impact. What makes a good story John? Oh! good question. Well.. you need both truth and lies. You see, Truth is what brings value and order to a story but there's no lure or mystery to truth. That's where lies come in. Are you saying you lie John? Nicolas is writing quick notes in his book as he asks and listens. No! Not at all Nicolas! I just may sometimes have to alter a word or two. Two people can read the exact same story but due to their tone, speed, and mindset they will come to two different conclusions. Nicolas stops writing and looks up at him. How do you convey a meaning to someone and not have it misunderstood? You paint. What do you mean John? Descriptive writing. Tell them what you see. Relate to them. Don't worry about the points to prove. Make them see a picture. You can't mistake a sight. What makes you think they can't? Eyes don't lie Nicolas especially the mind's eye. "The minds eye..." Nicolas smiled and thought quietly to himself, "But the mind can lie. It can twist whatever it wants into whatever it feels like just as you do with words. It can do this even easier when the mind is blind." Let me try painting a picture for you now then John. John had a surprised expression on his face but quickly returned with a smile and said "Go ahead" This came from a video game I used to play way back when life was more what am I going to eat for dinner tonight and less how am I going to survive tonight. Nicolas never played any video games, Ludovis did. Nicolas began to recite the poem, I can see what you see not Vision milky then eyes rot When you turn they will be gone Whispering their hidden song Then you see what cannot be Shadows move where light should be Out of darkness, out of mind Cast down into the halls of the blind A chill gripped Nicolas and crept up his spine. He closed his eyes and jerked his head in a single rigid motion from the intensity. He savored these moments. He opened his eyes and looked at John's face. It sure was pretty but it was perfect now. He had an outward expression of slight worry splashed across it. A look that said I'm worried and therefore should feel worried but why do I feel safe and not worried. A moment where John was unsure of how he felt. Nicolas contained a grin and thought to himself. "He Doubted himself. I want that moment forever" A few seconds had passed and they both stared at each other. Nicolas broke the silence with a warm smile. John answered, "..that's pretty gloomy Nicolas. I don't think it paints a very good picture." Nicolas grinned a even perfect grin. "It does for me."
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  14. Most of these rules you have made basically summarize a group anyway. Why would you waste time making a group page for a dynamic when you could basically do the same for a normal group, doesnt make sense. As for the initiation range change, id say it would stay at 500 no matter what. Anyway, no go from Bradez.
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    Marr~ =^3^=! Murr? Yiff, yiff! 

    OwO! Wats dis? 

    Rawr x3 *nuzzles* how are you?? *pounces on you* your so warm!! o3o *nuzzles your necky wecky~* murr~

  16. Community Summit

    I feel the love for Anarchy
  17. Community Summit

    Since Taryns already a member of staff and would be participating from a staff POV, maybe cycle it to whoever is next in charge.
  18. Not bad, but I will have to see what others say.
  19. Community Summit

    How about that, a prototype of sorts: https://www.dayzrp.com/council/
  20. While I like the idea and could debate against the removal of the dynamic group rules, with your construction you're an arms length away from forming a normal group. So my question is, why bother with a dynamic group when a little bit more effort gets you a normal group?
  21. Random Screenshots

    Who was this? >_>
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    Now this tickled my funny bone quite a bit. 


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      Unfortunately @FieJaxon has been living under rock all his life an has not seen star wars before. Shame!. 


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    You have a nice profile tbh. ;) @Hebi Kotei

    Let the haters hate babes.

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    Oh lord,  someone give @Stagsview something to do.

    What can I say Hebi, finally the comic sans verdicts suit you. 

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