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  2. Blackburn

    You still out there?? [Open Freq]

    *Jack would look at his radio with an awkward face and press down his PTT* "Well, that's not really nice is it? Kind of rude if you ask me.." *He would let go of his PTT and switch to another channel*
  3. Aight thanks for the better explanation!
  4. Eagle

    XXXTentacion Appreciation Thread

    The only song I've heard with the guy is this one.
  5. Sleepyhead

    Hardcore, do bugs count aswell.

    Actually, let me add a bit more information! I don't believe the previous response was correct. The way that Hardwired explained it makes it seem as though GMs and admins are actively keeping track of deaths and making sure they perm their hardcore character. This is incorrect. Hardcore mode isn't listed in the rules anywhere. Technically, you're not bound saying you HAVE to perm your character upon any death. Hardcore mode is simply saying that you'd happily perm, if that makes sense. In the end, it's the players choice to perm their character, just as it always has been. ps: sorry for weird formatting I'm on mobile
  6. Aight cheers, thanks for the quick response. You have my permission to /close this now.
  7. Hardwired

    Hardcore, do bugs count aswell.

    If it is a bug then no, GM's and Admins are able to see if a player or zombie has killed you or not so you should be fine if a bug kills you.
  8. I'm making a new character for when I get back from vacation and (hopefully) .63 is on stable and I wanted to make it a Hardcore character. But we all know the dying to bugs in DayZ is all to common and my question was, does dying to bugs also count and will my character be deleted if I die to one?
  9. Blackburn

    BeanZ WAR

  10. Blackburn

    BeanZ WAR

  11. Genji

    Searching For Qualified Doctors [Open Frequency]

    Fae picked up her radio, turning the volume up slightly as the transmission came through. She pushed the PTT button, stopping to lean against a wall as she replied. "Hey Liam. I know of a handful of doctors around. There's Eden, I think she's a combat medic, used to hang out in Lopatino but I don't know where she is now. If I see her I'll tell her to get in touch, if she doesn't reply here first. There's also a woman called Rose, and Anarchy's doctor is still around somewhere. I also think this guy Dan knows a thing or two about medical shit, so I'll have a word with him too. If I bump into any of them before they reply to you, I'll be sure to point them your way! Good luck with this, Liam! Just don't fuck up like Beth did with that shit show down in Pavlovo..."
  12. lukaszxe

    Hello There.

    Welcome to dayzrp!
  13. lukaszxe

    It's Been A While...

    Welcome back!
  14. lukaszxe

    Sheeps Back or Lukes Back

    Welcome back!
  15. Roland



    Too real.

  16. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed RP from @bloodcrusader, @Wolfstorm, @Despacito2, @Gallo today. Great to have the internal RP to build up characters.
  17. Fang

    It's Been A While...

    holy fuck its my boy, i forgot you existed. check my name changes if u dont know who i am
  18. MeenMuginLovin

    BeanZ WAR

  19. *You've been flicking through frequencies for at least 20 minutes, and are starting to lose hope. You decide to give it one last shot. Flicking through frequencies, you hear a distorted voice* "Kenny?... Where the fuck are you?" *You hear the sound of a wave of water hitting the land* "It's been 2 hours... You've only been asked to get water, and that's a 40 minute job! I knew you we're useless, but fuck sake.." *The man over the radio lets out a deep *sigh* and chuckles* "If you're not back soon, we're fucked, and you know why. The weather ain't looking too good either, so the boat ride back won't be good" *a small silence ensues, then suddenly picks back up* "Just hurry up and get back, you've took our only row boat and I ain't swimming over to help ya, and by god, if you've fucked off and done me over, I'll tear your intestines out from either end and use you as a skipping rope" *The man slams down the radio and the transmission abruptly ends*
  20. Today
  21. Limpan

    BeanZ WAR

  22. No warning points btw

  23. Hardwired


    Time to make a change....

  24. Blackburn

    BeanZ WAR

  25. Limpan

    BeanZ WAR

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