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  2. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Eh Nah it's not a trap" "I'll be at Novy church this evening" "you can show up if you want I'll be there" *Louie releases the PTT*
  3. BeanZ WAR

    • Josei
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    I miss my Umaru-chan profile!



    1. Chewy


      In bed, pretending it's all a dream

    2. Josei


      I wish it was so..

  4. Chewy

    I should have stayed asleep.

    1. Nihoolious


      i should've gone to bed tbh

  5. Hello?

    Whats with the name?
  6. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Yours' unique, don't worry. Still, one of my points was I don't agree with people incorporating the respawn mechanic into their playstyle because they do lots of fighting. If they're getting killed in-game, then they shouldn't be able to fight so much. I agree it should've been in from the beginning though Hey Smithy, that exact suggestion was brought up by hebi further up this page Take a look.
  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. @Taryn, if I didn’t look at my profile, then who would? Plus, I really love my profile song. 😉
  9. Hey @RandyBiscuit, Thank you for applying! I'm going to forward your application to the full team for review and you will hear back from one of us soon!
  10. Hmmm

    thank you for approving my suggestion, it's great that it was such a hit and everyone agreed bye bean wars
  11. Hmmm

    Added it
  12. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    If you die once i would say no you shouldn't be forced to perma death your character but after a certain amount of deaths like 3 you should really look at killing your character off because surviving about 16 times from being shot by individuals is again unrealistic and in my eyes making you look to be a super soldier. Yes i used the realism card again. Deal with it
  13. Hmmm

    We used too, I don't see the option anymore.
  14. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    cullen wakes from his slumber. one that was with much tossing and turning and nightmares. he was besides himself in grief and misery. people died. both sides. but he felt like he was doing some sort of gods work. "i made a mistake putting people in buildings. i made a mistake thinking you would talk before the action started. i won't make the mistake again. i will not fall for this obvious trap. either anarchy leaves the country or you die. i will band every lone survivor, every family. every group possible. to aide in the destruction and dismemberment of these monster calling them selves anarchist. god as my witness, i shall vanquish the evil which is anarchy." he slams down the radio he borrowed from a friend. checks it quickly and sighs in relief as it is not broken.
  15. Hello everyone!

    Hello LemonLime! Welcome to our community, as you can tell we have people from all walks of life who exist here. As you wait for your Whitelist to be reviewed, please keep in mind there is no set ETA for how long a Whitelist application can take to be approved or denied. While you're waiting, I suggest thinking of the character you'd like to play. Maybe selecting some lovely photos for your character page and thinkin' of cool traits and quirks you can RP out while in game! If you have any questions, feel free to PM a member of Staff, jump into the HD in TS or post your Question on the Questions Forum (Which you've done once already so you know how it works!) Best of luck, and I hope to see you soon!
  16. The Deal With It Attitude

    Off-topic for the original post but this has come up proceeding it. I'll save myself typing up an entire post because I'm on mobile: •Admins are the most trusted members of the community, appointed by the owner himsef. •Admins have certain responsibilities and privileges that come with their rank. •R4 is there to be used by admins under admin discretion. •Admins have earned the right to use this ability at their discretion. Been an admin(not here), am an admin (also not here), got the experience, seen and dealt with these situations before. The people who say "it could've been done differently" have a point, but @Rolle's judgement on the matter was final and a discussion is gonna be held anyway, so people have been heard and if your point is right, you will be told so and things will be done differently in the future.
  17. Hello?

    I will forever know you as ~ baby face ~ Welcome back!
  18. The Deal With It Attitude

    Contact email is open 24/7, to everyone. I don't see myself using veto on this one to keep them permad as it is now, but then again I haven't seen any video. If it was really that bad, I would not dismiss that as an option. But an appeal can be created either way.
  19. The Severograd Massacre {OPEN FREQ}

    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Hello my name is Louie" "I come here today to let you guys know that I will be surrendering myself to you guys in Novy" "The guilt I have after killing that pregnant lady is overwhelming me" "I will be there later today" *Louie releases the PTT*
  20. Dots and Dashes [Secure Comms] 11.7Mhz

    *A burst of static before a new message appears on the radio net. It sounds not experienced but comes through clear on the net* -,....,..,.../.,-.-./.-., .,--.-, .,..., -,..,-.,--./.--.,., .-., --,..,...,...,..,---,-./-,---/.,-.,-,.,.-./...,.,...-,.-.,---/.-,-.,-../.--.,.-.,---,...-,..,-..,./.-, ..,-../-,---/.-,-.,-.--/.--,---,..-, -.,-..,.,-../-.-.,..,...-,... *The message repeats itself for 5 minutes and slowly fades away before stopping*
  21. The Deal With It Attitude

    So in your opinion do you think they would have a chance to appeal this ban? Or is it final since, as you said, an admin experienced it first hand and you trust her judgement.
  22. Today
  23. BeanZ WAR

  24. The Deal With It Attitude

    I just mean what she claimed the reasoning was behind the r4 instead of the regular report she claimed trolling but said they were trolling in the main post too? The only new addition she added in the r4 post was that "Going as far as to say that I am falsely reporting you!" "Anyway, I am told that they attempted to drive the bus into the water. Which failed, and by the time I got there they had finally managed to push it into the water and blow it up. They congratulated the captain and that he did a great job, and celebrated it. After that, they all ran off...and logged...I am guessing. " not to mention this being a big part of the report regarding "Trolling" and she is clearly only speculating on the topic and all her friends where the ones to tell her. Seeing as she said "I am told" and "I am guessing" in conclusion. Not saying that none of it was or wasn't trolling, she claimed there was video evidence that would be provided when it was ready but it never showed up. The first part of her POV is them stealing a bus which doesn't seem trollish to me. but I'm getting carried away and this thread isn't the place for the rest of what i have to say. I am heated and I apologize. If you'd like to continue I can bring it to pms, or not. Doesn't matter either way, I was not there. edit: I am merely mad that ALL of them were banned due to an r4 without a chance to explain themselves. not the fact that the r4 was used inherently.
  25. Dan Blackburn

    Dan Blackburn was a quiet man ever since his time as a volunteer doctor in the middle east he was never quite the same after that, The things he had seen changed him. He was a kind man although few people got close enough to find this out to most he was the quiet guy who avoided people's gaze and scared the kids away. After years of living alone and the silence getting to him he decided he needed to get back to the real world and do something with his life so after making some calls his friend David Wood gives him a call offering him a position as a doctor on an expedition to a location called Chernarus, little did he know accepting that offer would be the Biggest mistake of his life. The following week all packed up and ready to go he boarded the chopper with the team he was now part of that would take them to Chernarus. The where going to investigate a sickness that had been rapidly spreading through the country and try and find its origins and a why to cure it before it hit the whole world. About 15 minutes from the coast of Chernerus is where it all started to go wrong he heard the pilot coughing loudly witch rumbled him from his slumber then without warning they plummeted towards the sea. Darkness rushed around Dan as he tried to escape. Then they hit the water. He woke on the coast mouth filled with salt sitting slowly with nothing left on his possession he had to find his team and found out what happened.
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