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  2. Any person who was involved in this. I hope to come across you all again, we weren't the brightest bunch but it was still a fun rodeo!
  3. BeanZ WAR

  4. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    @Chewy The reason I thought I could take them on as I thought the people in the town may assist, and a few of them did and I didn't even ask them to so I thought to give it a go. Obviously I knew I was outnumbered but with having to see 1 friend die, hear another friend die and see 1 friend dying. In my personal view no matter how many there were in real life I wouldn't just sit around and do nothing, I would get people involved and in this case I went into the town and started spreading the news warning people that the Anarchists and killed 2+ people and were probably on their way into this town where most people decided to hide and a few people decided to take up positions in building but I have no idea who was helping me but I heard they were taking shots from multiple places.
  5. Nah, me and my bike without bell and saddle stay here
  6. BeanZ WAR

  7. Seeing you all be brave in venting for us all to see.. My mother is pissing me the fuck off lately. She has a high pay, great ass job, holidays every weekend. I, myself not been on a break for years and years. Almost 10 years. She always makes me pay for her shit. She never buys me food, it's always me buying her and her new boyfriend shit. Yesterday for example she didnt even ask me to pay when we was ordering. Me losing my shit infront of the person who was serving at the drive through I had no choice, she threatened to drive away if I didn't. She then tells her boyfriend over the phone that SHE paid for his food. I have no money in the bank and these weeks I have been sleeping on the floor, my body hurts and I have marks on my skin because of just that. Can't afford anything! I'm homeless at the moment crashing from place to place, paying them all I have in order to have a floor to sleep on. I should be greatful I'm not on the street, don't get me wrong, I am. But I have depression and I honestly have days where I want to sleep all day. It's just, I have no friends in real life and my mother and father who separated a year ago or so are all I have. I just really fucking wish she wouldn't constantly ask me for money. I just feel used. This place helps me a lot, I know many people dislike me, some dislike me even though they haven't even had a conversation with me, but I have people here who even a conversation with helps me feel better with each passing day. Before joining this community I was lost and pretty much broken. I been avoiding writing anything in this vent thread due to people thinking that I'm probably just seeking attention, honestly I don't want attention, I just want you to acknowledge that I'm not having a great time, I know many have it worse, but I would appreciate it if you didn't give me a hard time behind my back or on the forums. It always comes back to me, please don't spread rumours, please stop talking so bad about me, I would never intentionally hurt someone's feelings, my truth is sometimes never enough. Most of you all brighten my day up. So thank you, didn't think I would ever vent here.
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  9. Razareth

    After more than 20 years I've finally won something!!!

    I don't care how irrelevant or meaningless it is. At least my losing streak has finally been broken.

    Whoop Whoop!


    1. Elmo


      Congratulations you sad fucker

  10. 70€ for a parking ticket? Where did you park - on the spot of the premier minister? Thats fucking expensive!
  11. Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    I just want to thank my family and friends that told me I have no life and gaming is a worthless and wasteful pass time. I did it everyone! I'm still irrelevant .
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    • Harvey

    There was - is - and will always be just one Harvey for me, bb :*

    1. Harvey


      I'm back!

  12. Paradox

    Lmao lost my voice when at markiplier tour haha. Technically I was the loudest one screaming so yeah x3 anyway I will edit and post the video I recorded of the tour lmao I recorded full this time.

    I am unsure if I can Rp on DayZRPwith lost voice lmao owo but we will see. 

    It'll be on Youtube TheCosplayerMoka. X3

  13. Teamspeak and Discord

    Any day now
  14. I got a parking ticket yesterday. Another 70€. I just can't get a break, can I?
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  16. Dix

    My name is Dix, i'm 48 years old and I'm originally from South Africa, where I lived with my wife and two children. I have a 24 year old son and 21 year old daughter. I was born in South africa and my family and I had never left the country until we relocated to Chernarus in search of a better life. We stayed in a small house near the beach where I continued my research for a new book. I was trying to become a published author, writing fictional stories. Everything was great and we were all happy, until the morning of June 5th 2013, when there was a phone call from my doctor. He needed to see me, as they wanted to run more tests. There was a history of mental disorder in my family and when my wife started noticing that i was more talkative in a room all by myself than I was with someone in it, she suggested I speak to someone. I went to see the doctor and got the tests done and was diagnosed with MPS(Multiple Personality Disorder) not long after. For a while I lived at home, I was on medication to treat my MPD but it wasn't long before they institutionalized me on the basis that I was a danger to others due to my constant personality switches. From then on, Chernarus Hospital became my home. My family visited me often, but it was terrible being locked up and branded a crazy person… The voices tell me not to worry but I can't help but feel sad when I’m lying in bed in a hospital instead of at home with my family. But the unfortunate truth is that I need to get used to this life. Months went by and I was told that my chance of returning home to live with my family was next to none. Its October 20th, I haven't seen or heard anything for days!! everything was quiet, the nurse hasn't been in to give me my daily dose of “crazy pills” in 12 days!! I thought it was strange that i didn't see anyone before this, but just figured that they were trying a new form of treatment on me, which they usually did, but nothing in 12 days, I don't think they’re allowed to leave a patient that long without any form of treatment. The last couple of days I tried banging on the door and I heard nothing in return. Hours passed where I just sat on my bed, thinking of what I should do next and since I wasn't always the most rational person, my mind went to the worst places, but i could never have imagined what was waiting for me outside. Eventually I gathered somethings that I thought might be useful and tried to break the door lock. I wasn't getting anywhere with that so decided to try the window. I finally broke the latch on the window and climbed out onto the window ledge, luckily I was only on the second floor. I managed to climb into a window two rooms down where the door was open. The place was a ghost town….. Eventually I realized that there was no one around and if I didn’t know that I needed to get the hell out of there already , the voices were making it damn clear. I always knew I could count on Charles…he always gets me out of bad situations. Tony on the other hand was always getting me INTO sticky situations...And Jon on the other hand is too trusting and often tries to see the good in people and that always gets us all into trouble. I guess thats why Charles always steps up when we're in danger. Either way, we're getting out of here and need to find out what's going on. I get into the street and just like back in the hospital, there isn't a soul to be seen. I go into a store just to find everything abandoned. This is so strange…. Even for me…. I continue through the town and see someone in the distance, as I get closer, the person starts running towards me. Gosh, he must be as excited to see someone other than his own reflection in the glass windows as i am. But Wait…… As he gets closer, I hear him grunting and think to myself the normal thing to do when you see someone is greet them, a simple “Hi” would do…..but instead he’s grunting and i notice that his clothes are ripped and dirty and he appears to have some…BLOOD? Around his mouth… I soon realize that i need to be going in the opposite direction of this very strange person. I turn around and run and as i pass a building corner, I look back to see if I am escaping this beast when this man comes out behind me and strikes him down. I stop running and as I’m catching my breath, the man who just saved my life, comes up to me and asks if I am okay and if i've been bitten.... I looked at him with pure confusion, when he then starts explaining that there has been an outbreak and how that person was no longer a person, instead he was just a walking corpse. The man gave me some water and food and told me that he had to leave, He’s looking for his daughter. We said goodbye and he faded into the shadows of the tall buildings that seemed to be closing in on me when It dawned on me that I needed to go home, to see if my family was okay. Late that afternoon I reached what used to be my house, just to find nothing but empty rooms and a mess. Once again only the worst possible thoughts came to mind. Sitting in my sorrow, I didn't even notice that it was getting darker and soon it was the dead of night. I passed out on the living room floor, clinging to a picture i fould of my family. In the morning, i gathered what i could and set out to see who or what I could find, I believed my family was one of the walking dead, so I didn't really care if i lived or died. Months went by where I just wondered around the town, I’d see people but mostly kept to myself because Charles didn't like to talk to other people. I saw bad people do bad things to innocent people, and wonder why I was still alive. I wanted to give up, but Tony, Jon and especially Charles wouldn't let me. So everyday I wake up, go out and see what or who I could find, but never had an idea of what I was going to do, besides survive. Today I woke up and despite all my efforts to go unseen, I met a man and a lady, Ed and Maggie. We were talking about the people we’d met and they told me about a young man and woman that they met, a little further up north, they said they didn't know what his name was but said they remembered her name, it was Ashley…...My daughters name was Ashley...Could it be her?? Could it be them?? And if it is where is my wife??? I asked them to try direct me as to where they saw them as best as they could. Ed gave me his map and circled off the area… this was why I was still alive, my family could be out there and I need to find them!!!!!
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    Welcome back HarveyJ.


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      Hello my friend @HarveyJ

  17. Rolle

    We have fun around here.

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      we do :)

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      I want a cute name too!!!

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    So.. I looked this up for the city of Athens.


    You might be a statistic

  18. Harvey

    More name abuse smh

  19. Hey dude, not sure what to say. I just want you to know that I had read what you posted. We as a community (most surely) are there for one another, ever need a chat, feel lonely, I'm a steam message away my guy. (Just woke up sorry for grammar.)
  20. ye when i vent i vent motherfuckas
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  21. One time I was that pissed I put the opposite end of a cigarette in my mouth and lit the filter. It was my last and I was fuming, smh the government need to do something about this..
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