• Guide to DayZRP Profile/Profile Songs


    Guide to DayZRP Profile/Profile Songs

    By Galaxy


    First off to start the guide, profiles are subjective to who are looking at them, who made them and who likes them. Make the profile that YOU will be happy with not anyone else because you will look at your profile more than anyone else!

    For some of this guide it will be for donators only as some users do not have access to the kinds of things higher ranks/positions have. 


    General tips for making a decorated profile 


    - Clear presentation -

    Presentation skills are essential for most people with OCD or whatever, they show confidence and a well pleasing feeling of perfection. They also clear up any clutter on the screen directing you to the information that you want people to see.

    - HD Images/Gifs -

    HD images and gifs are pretty self explanatory. Just makes things a whole lot clearer to see. Not necessary if its not your thing but its a vast majority's peoples thing.

    - Theme's are always good and unique -

    Theme's are a great way to make a profile stick out whether it be about mountain dew or world war two, it can show a real sense of uniqueness that most people like to look at as eye candy.

    - Music -

    Picking a right song to go with your theme or just to be yourself, even though this is a donator thing it's definitely a nice perk to indulge in and show people your kind of personality even though it is only 1 song.


     -Easy links with No HASSLE for profile music for profile and/or character page -

    First off you want to find a song on youtube (If you can't find it there then I don't know how retro the song is)

    1) Find the song you want and copy and paste the link into this link - https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/mp3-converter


    This will convert the song into a .MP3 file, keeping in mind the song has to under 4mb long but if it is don't worry, there is a way to make the file shorter! If you only want a profile song then this is all you need to do then whack it into your profile.



    2) If you are going for a character profile song, upload the .MP3 file to this website http://kiwi6.com/ you will have to make an account but then you will get a "Hotlink" with it which you put into your character page to make it work






    3) If your files are too big to fit into the DayZRP lands, you must compress the files. Sounds harder than it is!

    Go to this website - http://www.mp3smaller.com/





    And it is as easy as that!



    Character pages


    Character pages are a great way to further your RP experience and other people's experiences. To make a good character pages take time to make a well thought out character that makes SENSE. You can use character pages to answer some IC questions like "Where do you come from" and "Why are you like this" other than making up a slightly different story every time plus it gives other something to maybe base their characters off like a brother or what not.


    - Details -


    To make a unique non generic super soldier character does take some detail and creativity, you want a to think of like features of the character, is he very short...? Does he have a lisp..? But most of all something you can act out in a RP scenario and be recognised for it like an accent or something. While picking your mind set and morale of your character. think of a reason why he would have this morale and mindset and justify it with some form of background story or IC event, characters are always changing just like people.


    - Realism -


    Being a soldier is a realistic  scenario in an apocalypse situation but are you a wanna be soldier, to RP as this sort of character atleast but some background research into your character's lore/details or when you come to than in game question "So where did you serve" you don't stand their stuttering bringing up the battle of hastings as a USMC vet. Realism is what DayZRP strives for and background RESEARCH is 100% needed for any type of character that may have some form of disability mentally or physically.


    - Background story -


    For writing a character page you don't need a short story about the life of Joe Jones, just maybe a summary or major life plot that may have changed this man for good and maybe explain something about his memories or experiences that may affect him in game like PTSD or maybe even an item he is attached to. In the background story most of it will end up explaining how the character got to chernarus for the infection that makes sense. 





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