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    Scheduled Logout



    Don't you hate it when you get into a hostile situation but need to leave the server at the same time? Now, nobody wants to get bashed with some silly combat-logging rule-break. While the average player will simply leave themselves AFK in a bush for the next 2 hours they're gone, the smart, and innovative DayZRP member that you are will no longer have to do such!


    With this nice and small batch file (just preset command prompt essentially), your DayZ will end after a set amount of time.


    it's easy as 1, 2, 3!

    Step 1: Create a new text file


    Step 2: Enter this code

    timeout /t (time in seconds)
    taskkill /im dayz.exe /f


    I like to use 1200 seconds (20 minutes) as I'm usually out of combat trying to find a really safe place to log for 10 minutes before I start the script, but you can set the number to anything you want.

    Step 2.5: If you'd rather have it shutdown your computer instead

    timeout /t (time in seconds)
    shutdown.exe /s /t 00


    Step 3: Save the file!


    Make sure you click save as, add " .bat " to the end of the file-name, and click the drop down for the "Save as type" and select "All Files"

    Now for the extra lazy (like most of you, probably) I made a download with everything already completed for you which you can download here. All you have to do is double click this file and the timer will start!

    Please remember if you use the download link I sent that it is set at 20 minutes so make sure you're out of combat for 10 minutes before you run it.


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