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    Simple Chernarussian civilian style group consisting of both extreme and moderate elements, Slava Chernarus.

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    "Mac Tire" (Mac Cheera) which is Irish Gaelic translated into the word "Wolf" or "Wolves", is a group of survivors that intend to help those who are lone wolves to work in their pack and continue to survive by whatever means necessary.

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    Follow the light and let us show you tomorrow.

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    The Old Timers are a group of retirees stranded in Chernarus, who against all odds survived the end of the world.

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    The eye of Mann is upon us, the time for Judgment is now.

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    Raid, purge, coupe. Raid coupe Purge. Repeat x3 times. You have the batteries.

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    The Dredgens are dedicated to scavenging as much as they can throughout the country, hiding them in stashes, and sharing said stashes with those that actually need it. Throwing a wrench in the plans of any large and hostile forces along the way would be great too.

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    Galápagos - A group of doctors that look to assist in humanity, whether its large or small. Human life is more important than none at all.

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    24th Blvd XII, commonly referred to as South-Side Armenian Power, AP, Armenian Mafia or the Armenian Mob, became one of the most infamous and fearless as well as notorious criminal organizations in America, as well as the middle east, being mostly Armenian with a few Armenian-Latino mixed street soldiers. Recently, they were working in their entry inside South Zagoria in order to set up new spots for manufacturing as well as distributing narcotics.

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    Alpha Company 3-34 was established due to the devastation of numerous global terrorist attacks. Alpha Company was tasked with one central mission, the maintenance of international peace and security. This is achieved by working to prevent conflict; helping parties in conflict make peace; peacekeeping; and creating the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish. These activities often overlap and reinforce one another, proving highly effective over the years.

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    The Sentinels are a group of survivors that have banded together to watch over the frightful citizens of Chenarus. Their goals in recent memory have involved the creation of a settlement and aiding all survivors on their travels.

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    The Haven is a settlement group of Survivors that banded together and trying to survive and a harsh and hostile environment.

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    The Revenants, a band of survivors brought together by the downfalls and dangers of the world now-a-days. Their goal is to keep their own safe, and to try and protect the innocents of the land, whether through violence or diplomacy.

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    Generation Zero will never die for we are the now.

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    What makes someone strong, their morals or doing anything they have too just to survive?

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    The Lord's disciples shall help decide the final decision regarding the fate of mankind

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    The name Kameníci roughly translates to 'Stonemen'. They originate from the town of Sinistok, in the Northern part of South Zagoria. It was a rather small town, but was bordered by the rather Russian-ethnic communities in North Chernarus. They could go 20 minutes up the road, and the dialect would be day and night. They were the 'frontier' of the true Chernarussians. They all bled green and yellow, and believed in what their country stood for. Most members of the Kameníci, prior to the infection, were located in the town of Sinistok. They were neighbors in the small, tight-knit town. Most knew eachother, they all grew up together, and once they hit their adult life, most took up the trades of their parents, or moved and joined the CDF. 

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    The Potius Cras Corporation, working for a "Better Tomorrow," since it's founding in 1952.

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    The realisation of an eccentric nobleman's fantasy. Garbed in scarlet coats and equipped with antiquated rifles, their garish regalia is neither practical nor menacing. Yet beneath this jovial facade lies a pertinacious will to survive. More than that, they flout the morbid conventions of cataclysm with a sangfroid sense of assurity that has become a hallmark of British stoicism. Others might be content to breathe another day but to be a Cavalier is to live, fight and die for the honour of one's Queen & Country. Though they march through fields overgrown with anarchy, their polished boots tread the righteous path of civility. Whether drawn to serve by a patriotic sense of duty or personal loyalty, every member is sworn to uphold the core values of the order; strength, duty, honour.

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