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    The Harstad Insurrectionists are a collective group of disgruntled former employees of the Norwegian Government, ranging from military and federal occupation. Along their travels they have inducted radicalized protesters and equally disgruntled citizens to come fight with them to overthrow the inactive government which they deem to be a tepid bed of snakes showing it's proverbial belly to the sinking fangs of the Red Nation that threatens its continued existence.

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    An undercover organization with one goal in mind... Peace.

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    A multinational Anarchist movement, working to secure individual freedom for all those brave enough to stand against their governments.

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    If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride.

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    A growing community dedicated to providing a Haven to the public.

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    Northwinds Task Force were sent over the 3rd week of November to Nyheim to start operations. They were flown to a nearby airport in Norway after being granted access by the monarchy and escorted by the Royal Norwegian Airforce. The team arrived and quickly began to move to the location of their new appointed base of operations. Northwind was grounded. Their mission had begun.

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    Our mission as members of PLIKT is to protect the people of Nyheim from any and all threats. We will provide rapid aid in any form to ensure the survival of the people. We will hold ourselves to a high standard and enforce our laws with the wellbeing of the people in mind. With our combined efforts, being Us and the people, we will curb the spread of the infection and secure our future.

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