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    "In a time of fading hope and trust we are the true heroes, with our hands we aid those that battle to move, talk and breath and with our voice, we comfort those that attempt to find peace in this blackened world and clash with inner monsters that they can’t fight themselves. This is a place of asylum and belief, we as individuals will once again strengthen the condition of healthcare "

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    This group hasn't provided a description.

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    "While I breathe, I hope." Spero is a morally dynamic survivor's community, centering around charitable donations and refugee support. While their motives are typically altruistic, their methods are sometimes questionable. This large community struggles to maintain it's humanity in a land with little left to spare.

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    𝔸 group of friends and strangers who were brought together by the unlikely circumstances of the outbreak to become a Family.

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    In the family for decades now, the bar in Berezino is home to the Belic twins and their gaggle of friends and employees. If ever you need a place to sit and enjoy the burn of alcohol, this is the place be.

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    The Zelenogorsk fishing club is a club that Fishes, in Zelenogorsk. (and the occasional trip outside of Zeleno)

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