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    A group of righteous people that are striving to improve the country by bringing peace and stability.

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    Jordan C. Locke bought, and ran a large fishing boat called "The Charlotte" He ran mostly tuna out of the black sea, and when the naval blockades went out around the coast of South Zagoria, he kept well clear. However, as time passed and the infection spread, Captain Locke saw less and less business. His boat went from being his place of merchant.. to a place of living. The docks became less and less safe, thieves, and corrupt dock officials trying to either steal cargo, or the ship itself. The Captain had a loyal crew, that didn't have much in the way of strong family ties.. so he had a well stocked crew throughout these times. He fed them, and paid them mostly in food and munitions. But soon it became harder.. and harder to find fuel, and other basic resources in which to survive on a fishing boat. They refused to go to land for any long period of time. To stay afloat, they had to take fuel, and resources from other people, weaker boats.. and weaker coastal villages. They resorted to banditry.

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    We are The Black Roses, we all come from one place or another. If anyone in this world knows how to a living it might as well be us. We are the hunters of the new world, it is us before anyone else.

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    A group of rag tag survivors who enforce the free livelihood of all people. They will help at all costs.

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    The Pack has a variety of different people from varying backgrounds. We are all different on the outside, but share the same state of mind. We always have each other’s backs, from Alpha to Omega we are a family, we are a pack. It is us before anyone else, the pack must always live for one another. We all have a day we find the devil in our eyes, we have all said goodbye to the old world. It is time for the new world, it is the only way to live in this hell.

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    We are The REDS. Want to be a bandit? Join us. You want to be rich? Join us. Roses are Red Violets are Red If you are not Red you get shot in the head