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    A collection of surviving Military, Police and Governmental forces - coupled with an armed millitia of assorted Civilians from all nationalities and ethnicity's - the 22nd CDF Phantoms are a group dedicated to the preservation of life within South Zagoria, doing so by training civilians, distributing surplus supplies, and maintaining a neutral policy to fellow survivor groups wherever possible. Their vision is to in some sense - restore partial social order to enclaves within South Zagoria, and protect civilians from the threats that assail every man, woman and child. This is no army, it is simply what remains, by choice - within South Zagoria.

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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about.

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    Damned to live. Damned to die. Damned to hurt. Damned to lose. Whatever way you look at it, we're all Damned.

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    The Embers are comprised of forces that were operating in and around South Zagoria at the time of the infection as well as the forces deployed to the area in response to the outbreak. Some heard the message sent out by Scott over the radio, some met through word of mouth or tracked down stories of the men left behind. They are a what remains. Now that the chaos has seemed to have plateaued, it is time to regroup and not just survive, thrive.

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    A family of nomadic survivors trying to survive in the apocalypse by not just helping each other, but the good people around them.

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    A family of displaced survivors in a broken world. One who has fallen, One who is broken. All the same in the end.

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