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    People that have banded together, helping people and each other, survivors. We're out there to help who we can!

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    Deus Vult!

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    They all had different reasons to come to this Oblast. This forsaken part of the country called South Zagoria. Some of them were born here, others came here to fight, some ran away from their past in search of a safe haven. And at some point, their paths crossed. Now that they are back, they are driven by old and new goals alike.

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    DISTRICT is a rag-tag group of like-minded survivors, who against all odds survived the "End of the world". After many near-death experiences trying to help other people out, they've decided that they're done looking out for others. The only people that they'll look after now is themselves and friends, and they'll do anything to ensure their survival.

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    A group of angry nationalists, kicking you out of their country. All they need is your credit card number the 3 digits on the back and the expiration date.

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    In modern war.. you will die like a dog for no good reason. All have suffered and bled for causes they believed in, we are done bleeding.

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    A for-hire neutral mercenary company. Only deals in valuables, nothing personal, just business.

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    OREL (Eagle) officers are called up for robberies, riots, and some limited anti-terrorist operations. They wear black high capacity vests, green Chernarussian berets, black Gorka helmets, OREL blue kamysh (tiger stripe) uniforms, and black military or combat boots. Occasionally some units will don military camouflage like Rastr, Reed, and green kamysh. OREL officers can be found at the bigger stations within cities in Chernarus. They are exceptionally well trained in hand-to-hand combat and close quarters combat. OREL officers are armed with the same armament that CPD officers are, but can carry AK-74s, SVDs, and other weapons that are more powerful. Many OREL officers are ex-CDF soldiers who sought careers outside of the military.

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    The Potius Cras Corporation, working for a "Better Tomorrow," since it's founding in 1952.

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    ''Hidden far in the western woods, the sound of music can be heard on the breeze''

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    A Group of East London Gangsters, selling drugs and guns, while also delving into... Asset Requisition

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    Don't Drop The Soap

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    "Selling high-grade shit is boring. Here we sell what we want." - Kenneth Carlsson

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    Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe

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    Killers, Drug dealers, Gun runners all at a cost. You have a problem that needs sorting, Have you ran out of that sweet comfort or are you running low on weapons and ammo, well look no more we are the right people to for fill your needs.

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