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    All good things must come to an end. We have been through hell and back and we still are going strong. We will pick up the pieces and accomplish our goals. We will start anew and create our own path. We will survive. We are New Moon.

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    A group of experienced Mercenaries who have been around the block and back. They attempt to keep themselves safe while trying to make a good fortune and set up business run by individuals they choose.

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    A group of close friends with different personalities and traits from all over the world doing their all to make sure their Brothers survive.

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    The Free medics are a group of Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals that are working to create a safe place and help people all around the Region.

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    The name Kameníci roughly translates to 'Stonemen'. They originate from the town of Sinistok, in the Northern part of South Zagoria. It was a rather small town, but was bordered by the rather Russian-ethnic communities in North Chernarus. They could go 20 minutes up the road, and the dialect would be day and night. They were the 'frontier' of the true Chernarussians. They all bled green and yellow, and believed in what their country stood for. Most members of the Kameníci, prior to the infection, were located in the town of Sinistok. They were neighbors in the small, tight-knit town. Most knew eachother, they all grew up together, and once they hit their adult life, most took up the trades of their parents, or moved and joined the CDF.

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    A group focusing on rebuilding society from the ground up, starting with the establishment of a currency system.

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    If you know, then you know.

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    A group of loyal friends and brothers, whose sole purpose is to conquer Chernarus and set up a new government in which they will rule over.

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    A religious cult that shares many similarities with the Christian faith, originally harbouring a set of beliefs that were outwardly preposterous and believable only to the founding members who used them in an attempt to rationalise a series of otherworldly happenings, now through coercion and zealous teachings the Shepherds seek to spread their macabre ideals across all of Chernarus.

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    The Tortugan State is a survival role-play group that approaches towns to inspect if they are worth adding to the list of settlements under their rule. The group also finds lone survivors to bring back to Tortuga. Radios are used in game for communication, for contacting The State as well as its council members. The group has a diverse set of characters, both hero and bandit that are willing to do what’s best for the State and its survival.