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    A catalyst is a simple thing. It could be fire, a chemical, a mere breath in the wrong place at the wrong time… In this case, the catalyst was death. The news got back to Ruben Vandebulcke, code-named Jack Brown, on how his PLIKT was carrying themselves in his beloved city of Nyheim. This, simply, could not stand as it was. Someone had to pay, even if it meant one of his own men; even if it meant one of his former squad mates. It was time, at last, to come home.

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    A group of hunters, herbalists, and other practitioners of medicine. Tired of being pushed around, they seek to find evidence of their betrayers, while still aiding the common people.

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    Mercs who will do your work, for the right price.

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    This group hasn't provided a description.

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    Glory to The Farm, Glory to The Shepherd

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    "I will defend my brothers and sisters, I will defend the weak, I will pursue and fight evil so others may sleep, I am the sheepdog protecting the night, I am a Nyheim Ranger, and I shall fight with all my might!" - OTNR Cadet handbook

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    " If they stand behind you, protect them | If they stand beside you, respect them | If they stand against you, show them no mercy "

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