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    A group consisting of an amalgamation of medical personnel and trained fighters, striving to forge a place for those that seek peace and aid.

  • Closed Group  ·  12 members

    𝔸 group of friends and strangers who were brought together by the unlikely circumstances of the outbreak to become a Family.

  • Closed Group  ·  19 members

    "While I breathe, I hope." Spero (or "Sparrow",) is a morally dynamic survivor's community, centering around the support of other survivors communities in an effort to maintain stability in a world without law and order. While their motives are typically altruistic, their methods are sometimes questionable. This large community struggles to maintain it's humanity in a land with little left to spare.

  • Closed Group  ·  11 members

    In the family for decades now, the bar in Berezino is home to the Belic twins and their gaggle of friends and employees. If ever you need a place to sit and enjoy the burn of alcohol, this is the place be.

  • Closed Group  ·  13 members

    The people who believe in a more traditional way of running the country, with a Monarch and God.

  • Closed Group  ·  21 members

    This group hasn't provided a description.

  • Closed Group  ·  25 members

    A group of well trained individuals, paid to transport stolen, illegal and rare goods, from one place to another.

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