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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about.

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    The name Kameníci roughly translates to 'Stonemen'. They originate from the town of Sinistok, in the Northern part of South Zagoria. It was a rather small town, but was bordered by the rather Russian-ethnic communities in North Chernarus. They could go 20 minutes up the road, and the dialect would be day and night. They were the 'frontier' of the true Chernarussians. They all bled green and yellow, and believed in what their country stood for. Most members of the Kameníci, prior to the infection, were located in the town of Sinistok. They were neighbors in the small, tight-knit town. Most knew eachother, they all grew up together, and once they hit their adult life, most took up the trades of their parents, or moved and joined the CDF. When the Apocalypse began, those who took on the name Kameníci did their best to secure their families to the city of Miroslav when martial law was instated in the early parts of 2017 before returning back to their town to defend against, what they believed, was an immanent Russian invasion. A rag-tag group of Chernarussian survivors stayed together up in the mountains, led by the NAPA guerilla, Mikhail Barta, he and a few of his brothers who fought in the civil war, were the ones who organized the group of locals. Watching from the sidelines as bombs, militants, and civilians all tore apart the country. The CDF left, and Anarchy reigned over all the lands of South Zagoria. But now- now was the time to stand up and reclaim what was once theirs.

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    A group of righteous people that are striving to improve the country by bringing peace and stability.

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    The Potius Cras Corporation. Working towards a "Better Tomorrow," since 1952.

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    A group of survivors just looking to find a place to call their Sanctuary

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    Damned to live. Damned to die. Damned to hurt. Damned to lose. Whatever way you look at it, we're all Damned.

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    We drift along the sea know as life, a hand out stretched to all those stranded in the troubled waters, don't sink, our ship is yours.

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    The Seekers. is a peaceful group formed on the values that enhance life, stability, well-being and companionship within the stricken lands of Chernarus. The Seekers knows how important it is for each individual to reach these values and as a group will not tolerate anything that jeopardise