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    Slava Chernarus.

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    All good things must come to an end. We have been through hell and back and we still are going strong. We will pick up the pieces and accomplish our goals. We will start anew and create our own path. We will survive. We are New Moon.

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    The Cerna Liska is a group of Ex-convicts gone wild back in Chernarus. Disgusted by the fact the country is in ruins and lack of respect what it means to be chernarussian. The liska are out to purge, clean and bring back the glory it means to be a full blooded chernarussian.

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    This group of people was instructed to take the boat down the coast to the East. Use the fuel until it runs out, and then dock the boat. That is where they will make camp and scout the area. If the camp survives, then they can use a long range radio to signal back to the main camp to let them know what they had found and how resources were in the new area. They would send more people if it was a viable solution. But if these survivors did not make it, then the operation would be kept a secret completely from the rest of the settlement. Only a success would be worth announcing. So they left, in the middle of the night. They rounded up their select group of survivors, put them on the boat, and sent them away into the darkness of the open water. Their story starts here. A story that would involve both happiness and tragedy. This is the story of Operation Clandestine.

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    A rag-tag group of like minded survivors who'll survive by any means necessary.

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    A coalition of anarchists and communists, forming a free territory for the working class.

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    The SZFR is a neutral/good survivalist group designed around assisting other groups and individuals in multiple ways. From teaching advanced navigation to running rescue missions the SVFR do it all.

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    For Queen & Country!

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    Brought together by the cohesion, vision and silver tounge of Luke Stem, The Lawkeepers are a beacon of reason in a sea of chaos, a force dedicated to ensuring order is maintained in the lands of South Zagoria.

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    We are The Press. We are reporters and others working together to bring the news to the people of Chernarus.

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    Come buy some random shit and drugs. - Kenneth

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    The Saviors, a name that can be contradictory depending on your relations with us. We have a few friends and a lot of enemies, the hate and anger is what motivates us to complete any task given to us in a timely manner and we never back down from a good war.

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    Another chapter in a never-ending story of a group of survivors in this gritty environment we all find ourselves in. Where each individual differs from one another, yet coexist for the sole purpose of survival. This is our story.

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    Yggdrasil is a group of survivors aiming to unite people for the greater good. (quote from jarvis Helpin' peeps and drinkin' meads)