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The Roadblock.
© DerrickStorm

The Roadblock.

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The Boy: Are we gonna die?
The Man: We are not gonna quit. We are gonna survive this.


© DerrickStorm
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"Come on! I have to get to work!"

"Go around sir... go around sir."

Honking horn

"Sir... GO... AROUND!" 

"What the Hell?! Why can't I pass?!"

"Sir... there has been a traffic collision, you need to go around."

"What happened?!"

"This group of four were driving until some guy "magically" appeared in their back seat. He scared shit out of the driver and the passenger opened fired on the back seat killing one guy in the back. The driver rammed into a pool and the passenger flew out the front windshield and and broke his neck. The passenger in the back flew out the front and crushed his skull on the pole too and the driver was eaten by a zombie."

"Oh my God! That's horrible!" 


"So where's the 5th guy?"

"......... I am the 5th guy." 

".............." 🙀

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