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dayz paintings.jpg

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Father Tiger

Posted (edited)

"Daddy, who's that girl in the picture?"

The middle aged man looks at his drawing and tears start to build up in his eyes. He closes his eyes and thinks back to that day.

"What are you doing back there honey?"

"Just drawing the scenery." 

"Why don't you come join me? The view is beautiful!"

"Yes... it is."

"Hehe, I hope we have lots of kids and grand kids."

"Mhm... me two my love." 

Back to the present

"That's your mother."

"Oh.... what was she like?" 

The man looks down at his daughter that resembles his beloved wife. Tears falling from his cheeks.

"Strong, courageous, caring, cheerful, and she's the reason why you are safe with me now." 

"Are you sad?"

"No darling. I'm very happy."

"I wish I could have met her."

"Yeah, you two would have been a fun pair. You're so much like her."

"I love Mommy." 

"I love Mommy too.... very much." 

The father and daughter embrace.

Edited by Crimson_Tiger

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Beautiful work!

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