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The Carnival

The Carnival

"The Carnival. One of the cheap, traveling shows with the rigged booth games and safety code-violating rides. Everyone knew this, but everyone came all the same. The post-Civil War environment of Chernarus was a dreary, sad one, and people took every opportunity they could to escape from it. 
I brought my children here a few times, mostly at the urging of Tatiana, whenever they stopped by in Berezino or Serverograd. They would always enjoy their time there, however, and it never failed to make me smile. Adriana won an oversized bear at one of the booths one time, and half of the fun that day was figuring out how to fit it into the car properly. 
Alexei and his family were there one time, but we avoided each other. We had gotten out from under the Red Star's points without bleeding to death, and neither of us wanted to be reminded of it, or worse, be dragged back into it somehow.
Either way, it was a nice place once, filled with the screams and shouts of laughter and fun.
Now, however, it seems to only be a place that is filled with the screams and shouts of horror."

-Artyom Glukhovsky.

From the album:

Artyom's Journey.

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