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Sighting up.

Sighting up.

My journey continues. I headed out of "The Soup Kitchen" and through Sitnik, briefly stopping to introduce myself at the An Pobal compound. There was a light guard duty, one of whom I'd already met. Not wanting to be a nuisance, I headed off. I bedded down in an old hunting cabin, and in the morning I pushed on further South. I came upon a town that had been almost completely destroyed, looking like something out of one of Charlie's old war stories. Many buildings had fallen to total ruin, and any that could be considered "still standing" were missing large swathes of roof and wall. I must admit, I found exploring the ruins extremely fun. There's a certain beauty in decay.

The presence of infected in this town was much lower than I'd become accustomed to further North. Negotiating what was left of the town streets was a breeze, moving cautiously and occasionally dispatching the odd biting pest with a six-inch steel blade to the skull. A proper spot of sneaky-beaky work.

I heard some animal calls in the nearby woods. It seems I'll be encountering some extra predators soon.

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Clive Hastings - The Aging Lion

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