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The Irish Trader

The Irish Trader
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The name's Marcus. Marcus Arthur. "

"I know alot o' people, 503, Praetorians, even that Samaritan lot, and a few others ontop."

"Venture around town by town, looting places, often with my friends Garett and Andria, but Andria-"

"What a lad, he got into a bit of trouble down by Zelenogorsk way, but it's the price you pay for being in Chernarus.. Poor lad.."

We get what we need, meet people, trade, survive. Everything we need to do really. Just, 'Normal people', 'round these parts, I s'pose, eh?" 

Marcus chuckled, almost a forced one, before his face turning to be that of a gloomy, sorrow man.



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