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[A distant broadcast hits your radio] Toodles

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-It sounds like something is burning heavily in the background, that and guns being fired, eventually, a truck engine can be heard turning on, not long after a second truck sounds like it starts up and drives off. It sounds like the gunfire is being returned in the distant but it is hard to make out, however it is clear that the battle has moved on quite a bit from where the voice is talking from. However, what is burning still sounds close.-

Are you out there ... Grey fox Darlin'... You are aren't you... you cowardice piece of shit... you are staring at me, I can feel it, it's soo... exhilarating isn't it... months now you have been a thorn in my side you annoying mammal...

But don't worry, I have something for you, something that will make you feel the same way I feel about you... I reckon your nephew will serve as great motivation for you to finally face me face to face without hiding behind your pitiful worthless men.

-The man would look down at the unconscious Chernarussian-

Ain't that right Vania?

I will have your head, Josef... Come and get your nephew, I reckon the slavers will have a great time putting him through their Kirovograd brothel.

Toodeloo Grey fox, I'll see you again.

And I reckon your Chernarussian nationalist will never accept you again after it Vania... Well, Right, Darling's I got a convoy to organize.

-Some muttering can be heard in the background-

Load him in the humvee and drive him to the slavers, will ya.

-The radio broadcast cuts of abruptly, in the same manner, it appeared.-

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