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Crafting, base building, recipies

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What is craftable items? -- Way too many to give you a list. Check mods, and patch notes.

How to craft tent - One burlap sack, one long stick, this is from OP_Basebuilderitem mod.

How to craft camonet - Pretty sure you find it on the ground.

Why no make garden plot with shovel? - Press insert if you aren't getting the option to dig. You need to look at ground and dig. If you see 'place shovel' press insert.

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6 hours ago, Ghostbacsi said:

Thank you!

But the shovel is dont work. Only dig up worms or place the shovel.

Hit insert.

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2 minutes ago, Ghostbacsi said:

The 'placement' option is digging up option. However, you can make gardenboxes now by using nails and planks.

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