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Slander At It's Finest

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Posted (edited)

*A disguised and indistinguishable voice speaks over the radio on a continues loop followed by a voice recording*

Alright It seems some people find themselves confused as who is actually a Pedophile and or a rapist in Chernarus... It looks as if people don't know who to accuse and they accuse a man by the name of James Mayson for admitting on a recording that he raped children... To clarify and clear a good mans name let me replay this recording to clear a man of his slander. Here is the actual recording in question.

*Recording and message repeat on loop for days* 




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Mikael picks up the radio and presses the PTT and starts to speak with a Texan accent so people won't recognize him.

It sounds like what he deserved to me. As far as I know, children are people too so that recording tells me he killed and raped what could possibly be kids.
I will as always investigate this before I make up my mind about this man.

Mikael releases the PTT

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*Falk picks up the radio and presses the PTT*


That James Mayson feller goes around telling girls to join his cult then goes and rapes them. He's a nonce and for the other guy Warren, everyone knows his a nonce. Both of them need be shot.


*Falk lets go the PTT*

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Fae lifts her head, picking her radio up and lazily pushing the PTT button, her voice quiet and somewhat monotone.

"I heard this James Mayson guy goes around forcing himself on girls too. Rumours start somewhere, James. 
I agree Falk, shoot them both. Two less nonces."

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Posted (edited)

*Jim grabs his radio and clears his throat before starting his transmission*

"That's some bold claims to be making."

"You don't happen to have any context or evidence for that do you? I mean you could just be some random guy with a radio inciting death."

"Frankly, if your going to suggest someone be shot and killed I would hope you have more to share than a few fairy tales.."

*Jim takes a swig from his canteen before continuing* 

"If we just listened to yalls stories and took em at face value, I'd imagine there'd be a lot more dead bodies and a lot less friendly faces around town"

*Jim puts down his radio and starts packing up his sleeping bag and his other belongings*

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