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Alan Woods

[ALL FREQUENCIES] A call to arms !

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Bratři ! This is a call to arms to all NAPA soldiers still fighting in this region ! 

Your help is needed in helping our beloved country to fight off the mrtví !

I am Poruchik Radek asking for your help ! 

If you want to help the cause, join me tonight at "OUR" place in Rogovo !

Slava Chernarus !


The transmission cuts for a minute before starting again.


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This is Ondrej Novotnych, I am on my way bratr.

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*Tupolev upon hearing the transmission, Tupolev panics and presses the PTT and a concerned Chernarussian accent fills the transmission*



"Bratr this is Poručík Tupolev Pavlovich of Odezva, you shouldn't openly discuss starting a uprising on a public frequency! Plus giving the location of this meet seems suspicious and not smart and will get us killed Bratři, these kinds of things need to be sorted out privately, we recently came by your place to make your you are all right but it appears the foreign dogs got their first. I hope you are all right if you are still alive contact me privately on a secure frequency!*

*Tupolev releases the PTT and lights a cigarette, awaiting a response* 

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"yeah I bet they're thrilled you just gave them your name, location, and your plans to attack them. thats some big brain tactics right there, son."

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