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Appeal my 3 Warning Points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: I wrote down more than "+1" in show of support for this suggestion. It was about the topic on the thread. And since the player did not have a poll, I felt it was warranted to have my "+1" to show my support. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The comment that BrianM made on the Warning "Seeing as you are a staff member, you should know better than to do this" is unwarranted and instead of speaking to me about it as a fellow staff member and a person of a higher rank who is supposed to be leading Support to be better, to me shows he had no intention of helping me improve. Just issuing punishment. And yes I have done this in the past but NEVER have I been spoken to by staff and given some guidance. I've been punished and that has been it. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have the points removed and be given better direction on what EXACTLY is acceptable to post because I have yet to be given a clear answer. 

What could you have done better?: I do not honestly know. When I see something I like or agree with, I make my opinion known and I did so. 

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A separate staff team have reviewed this appeal and come to the following conclusion.

After looking over your post we do not see that it brings any thing meaningful to the thread at hand, other than it being a +1 type of post. We require all of our members to add something to the discussion in all parts of the forums, excluding off-topic and status updates. Replies such as "+1" and "I like it" are and never have been allowed. In this situation you could have added the reasoning as to why you like it and what you felt the suggestion could bring to the table. In addition, we would like to make it abundantly clear that as a staff member you do not receive any special treatment, if you break any of the rules you will be punished in the exact same way that any other of our community members would be punished.

With that said, 

Appeal Denied.

Signed by @Derek Steel @Samti @Fae & @Realize

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