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File not found?

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Hey all!

I've been gone for around 8 months, decided to come back and give DayZ another whirl since I've got a bit more time now! I went through all the steps on the information guide, along with downloading all the steam workshop files in the DayZRP pack, but I come across this issue when I try to log in.


I've scoured the forums a bit looking for any other files that may have been added but I can't seem to find any information on this, nor any updates on the "How to Join" page in the information thread.


I'm anxious to get back into some RP and play with y'all again. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Hello BongoJoe






Subscribe to these mods, and make sure they are in the same order in your mods list in the launcher.


That should solve that problem. If you play on S1, don't turn Deer Isle on. If you play on S2, you need Deer Isle.

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Simply download the dayzlauncher and it will tick all the mods for you whenever you decide to chance servers.

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