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The Chosen Ones

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The Chosen Ones


Some questions and answers

Q: What are the different gears?

A: The first letter in each gear's name gives you a hint of what they are. I= interceptor, B=Bomber, A=Artillery, and M is a special support gear that can help other gears to survive

Q: Is this story base on a game?

A: Yes it is based on a game called Air Rivals.

Q: Are all toons yours?

A: No several different players have told me how they wish for there chars to be portrayed in this story Arong, Famin and Ogrimar is my chars


Chapter 1: The Chosen Ones


It is already dark when three gears slowly make their way through Redline.

The small group contains one A gear, one B gear, and one M gear soaring in silence far over the other two.

The B gear slowly flies just a couple of meters over the ground and tries to keep its throttle at a minimum so the noise and the light from its engines will not be heard or seen.

The A gear has its trick as it moves on the ground unseen by even the patrols he passes with less than a meters.


A dark male voice can be heard over the come

“Famin you need to step on it I can’t stay cloaked much longer”

“What part of radio silence did you not understand Ogrimar” Famin answers

“Radio silence or not if I’m detected this mission of yours is screwed so step on it”


Famin increases her speed slightly still manages to keep her flames concealed within the engines.

Ogrimar stops right next to a bunker and the M gear stays over him still at the same altitude as Famin slowly makes her way past the guns on the mountains and toward there target.


As she passes the mountain chain she arms her bombs and waits patiently on the signal from her computer.

Her eyes widen as she can see the Intel was wrong about the number of hostiles in the area.


“Ogrimar be ready, Intel was wrong. I count at least a hundred”

“A hundred! I hope bri1 and Wolf will not be too late”


No more then a second after Ogrimar's statement comes to the beep from Famins computer.

She releases her bombs and immediately pulls the throttle to the max as she makes a 180 degree turn toward Ogrimar.

Ogrimar and Amico can see the flash as the bombs hit its target.

Ogrimar hits siege mode and just behind Famin comes his targets.


“Amico get that portal open now!” Ogrimar barks as his trusted big smash starts up a lightning show that even impresses the most experienced pilots.

Two small lights can be seen in the sky as bri1 and Wolf comes out of the portal and fires up their engines in mid-air.


“bri1, Wolf full spread I repeat full spread!”

“Copy that full spread” bri1 answers


A loud boom can be heard as the two I gears passes through the sound barrier and at the same time fires 16 missiles each dropping 30 enemies to the ground together with one cruiser.

In the meantime, Ogrimar looks with horror as at least 20 ships turn toward him.


“I could use some help here,” Ogrimar says as his gun suddenly overheats.

“no no no not now!!” in a desperate move he slams his fist on a button covered by a lid hoping that the liquid nitrogen will cool his gun but just as the engineer sad the possibility that the gun will crack was imminent.


“Ogrimar shield up now!!!” Famin screams over the radio

As Ogrimar looks up and at the same time pushes a small button on his left stick he can see a swarm of tiny bombs come toward him.

The shield did, however, protect him from everything but the noise as the bombs hit him strait on and makes his A gear fall into a deep crater and as if that was not enough he got covered by the remains of the ships Famin just bombed.


From what seems several miles away Ogrimar can hear a voice

“Ogrimar, Ogrimar are you ok?”

It takes almost a minute for Ogrimar to recover his senses a minute that probably felt like an eternity for his friends

“Ogrimar please answer!”

“Please not so loud” Ogrimar answers as the ringing in his ears stops.


Ogrimar slowly grabs his sticks and as he does the engine roars to life again and the A gear slowly makes his way through all the rubble and out of the crater.

As soon as he comes up a blue beam can be seen from high a bow aimed at Ogrimar.

“h-h-he is…ok” A low and what seems to be a slightly shy voice can be heard”

“Let's get back to HQ, I’m sure Ogrimar needs to be lookt over,” Famin says with a bit worried voice.


The five ships come in only a couple of seconds apart and get toed into there separate hangers.

Ogrimar takes a deep breath as he opens up the small hatch located just in front of the massive gun.

The hissing sound and the low pitch noise from the engine seem louder and Ogrimar looks over at it, thinking of reporting it to maintenance for inspection.

As he walks out into a corridor he can see Famin, Brin, Wolf, and Amico come toward him.


“Hey Og, are you ok?” Famin asks.

Ogrimar puts both of his hands over his ears just as she starts to talk

“Damn why are you talking so loud”

Famin looks at Ogrimar and then over at the others as Amico walks over to Ogrimar and starts to scan him with a small device.

Amico looks at the small device then shows it to Famin


“That can’t be right, how can his hearing improve by 200%?”

“W-w-well…It is…rare…But I have…herd of…this before”

Brin steps forward to the two girls and looks at the device

“I have to report this to command he says” With a slightly lower voice than usual

“I’m sorry about this Ogrimar, but until we get this solved your grounded” he continues

Ogrimar looks over at Famin and she can see he's not happy and then nods at Brian.

“I’m sorry Ogrimar, but this is better than being dead right”

“All I can do is fight, so no if this can’t be solved I will be as good as dead” he answers as he walks away

“Don’t say that, you will fly again…I’m sure of it”

Famin looks over at Brin looking for answers but all she gets is a slight shake on his head.


To be continue


Chapter 2: Man down


A low pitch thundering sound can be heard across the barren lands of Redline as a Dark-colored I gear starts up its engines as it passes through the gate.

It rapidly descends to a lower altitude and follows the ground with only a couple of meters to spare. Anyone that sees this pilot can see he has done this for a long time and that he is a trained professional.


As he passes the medium-sized crater he makes a slight turn to be able to see down into it before he continues over the mountain tops and circles around the mangled base that was bombed just a couple of days ago.


“Wolf to Headquarters, nothing to report everything seems clear”

“Copy that Wolf, return to base”


As he turns toward the gate he makes a quick roll sending him down further toward the water and as he increases the throttle the water gets pushed to a side and forms a wave behind him traveling outwards.

As the speed increases, he catches something glimmering in his eye and turns toward it.


Suddenly several flashes of light can be seen right in front of him and the all too familiar sound of the gun on an A-gear.

By reflex, Wolf pushes the throttle up and pushes his craft even closer to the ground.

Dust and some occasional spark can be seen from the undercarriage of the I gear as it from time to time is so close to the ground it hits small rocks.


As Wolf blasts right past the A gear he knows the A gear lost his target lock on him and pulls back the throttle at the same time he pushes the stick to the left turning the I gear almost on a dime and fires his missiles.


Immediately he can see a blue barrier surround the A gear and Wolf curses to himself as he opens up with his guns.

As the A gear turns around his gun Wolf again descends and as he does he contacts HQ

“Wolf to headquarters, I’m under attack and need immediate assistance”

But to his horror, the close by gate to Rocks nest is interrupting his signal and its clear to him that no one can hear him.


Again he pushes the throttle up and tries to make it to the mountains for cover

As he reaches the water the I gear suddenly banks to the right as one of the bullets hits his wing and as the wing hits the water wolf knows there is nothing he can do except eject and hope for the best.


As he opens a small lid covering a button and pushes it he can feel the heat from the explosion as his seat ejects him from the burning wreck as it hits the water.

A couple of seconds later he hits the water a good 20 meters from the sinking wreck of his gear.

He can hear the A gear is coming closer and for the first time for a long time, Wolf is afraid, Not afraid he will die…but afraid that he will not be able to help his friends or how he feels deep inside, His Family.


As the A gear finally moves back toward the gate to Rocks nest wolf starts to swim toward the rock formation and starts to walk to the gate to Starlight.

He looks at the clock he ones got from his friend Ogrimar as he finally reaches the gate and turns on his distress beacon hoping that the A gear will not pick up his signal.


Day turns to dusk and dusk turns to night.

Wolf knows that his signal will not reach all the way to Bygeniou city but he also knows that they will look for him, they will wonder.

Suddenly Wolf hears a soft notice, he draws his weapon as he stands up only to see a small creature looking at him for a second before it buries itself in the ground.

Wolf puts away his gun and sits down

“Don’t be afraid little one” he says with a soft voice.

He opens a bag and takes out one of his chocolate bars and offers it to the small creature.

The creature looks at him with his big eyes from the small hole in the ground.


“I won’t harm you little one”

The small creature slowly makes its way toward Wolf and just as it comes in to retch, quickly takes the chocolate from his hand.


Wolf can’t help but smile to the small creature as it at first sniffs the chocolate before starting to eat it.


At the same time back at the HQ

“Brin! Have you seen Wolf?”

Brin turns around and makes a quick salute before answering

“No, sir! He is probably at the training simulator”

The man looks at brin without saying a word

“and I will go there right now and see if he is” Brin continues

“Tell him I need to talk to him; I will be in my office”

“Yes sir”


It is obvious that Brin is concerned about something as he walks away, he knows that wolf always reports to him everything he does and now when he starts to think about it he concludes it is close to 6 hours since he last did see Wolf.

He continues to walk and as he thinks about it Psycho did not have the usual psychotic look he normally has but more a look of concern.


As the door to the large room opens he immediately notices all the I gear simulators are empty

He looks to his left and can see Ogrimar is sitting there at the desk.

“Hey, Ogrimar! Have you seen Wolf?”

Ogrimar looks up from a small console

“No,” he says with a tone that indicates he is still annoyed about being grounded

Brin looks at Ogrimar for a moment as if he wants to say something more but sighs and walks away.


As Brin starts to walk toward Psychos office Amico comes running toward him.

She stops right in front of him and catches her breath.

“W-w-wolf…H-h-he is in…trouble”

As she says that she gives a paper to Brin

He quickly takes it and reads it

“Why have I not heard about this before it is 4 hours old”

“I’m s-s-sorry…I j-j-just f-f-found out…m-m-myself sir”

“Get everyone ready for a search and rescue mission, I will inform Psycho”

Brin can hear a faint yes sir as he runs toward Psychos office


To be continue


Chapter 3: Search and rescue


Without knocking on the office door, Brin ruches in, only saying 4 words to get Psychos full attention.

“Wolf is in trouble”

“Get a search party together right now, I will come to” He answers and at the same time stands up to prepare for the news he just got.

About 10 minutes later Aron, Brin, Amico, Ogrimar, Famin, and Psycho are taking off and heads for Wolf's last know location, Redline.


The silence is soon broken by Brin.

“After we are done here I want a word with you sir”

“What would that be about commander?”

“For one, how the hell you could send out Wolf alone and without telling me”

“I know you treat Wolf as if he was your son but he is a good pilot thanks to you Brin and it is about time he gets the chance to stand on his own two feet”

“Still I’m his commander I have a responsibility toward him”

“So what are you telling me? Do you want me to move him to another commander?”

“No, I just want to know when you do something like this so I don’t have to wait for four hours before I get the news he has crashed”


“Get ready we are moving into Redline. Ogrimar…Did I not ground you?”

Without answering Ogrimar just looks out of his cockpit toward Psycho.

“You should read the papers in front of you more carefully before signing them…SIR”

The tone in Ogrimars voice tells Psycho that he better drop that topic.

“Right Ogrimar, Take the lead and secure the gate Famin you go next, The rest of us go in together”


Wolf is about to give up hope to ever be found when the gate suddenly roars to life and outcomes an A-gear and M Gear.

He immediately recognizes the armor as it sits down just a meter in front of him and goes into siege mode.

Not long after the rest of the gang comes through the gate and wolf carefully picks up the small animal he by now has both become friends with and given a name.

As he approaches Ogrimar the two I gears Brin and Arong flies to secure a larger area.

The M gear owned by Amico slowly descends over wolf and a beam hits him instantly teleports him to a small and not to comfy cargo space.


“Amico you have to tell them, it is an A-gear”

But less than a second that Wolf seed those words communication with Arong is lost and a mid-air explosion can be seen

“Hostile at my location, I need backup” This time it is Brin's voice.

Without a word, the rest of the formation sets full speed ahead.

Famin is the first one there and immediately lands a bomb on the A gear as she turns around for another run she can see Arongs I gear spread out over the mountainside.

For a moment it is as if time just stops and she almost forgets why she is there.

She pushes a couple of buttons and loads up an EMP bomb and pushes the throttle to the max to escape the blast.

Not far behind her fires Brin and Psycho everything they got on the now unprotected A gear.

The two of them enter formation with Famin in the lead and Amico between Brin and Psycho as they slowly fly over the area where Arongs burning wreck can be seen, all of them hoping to see some sort of life sign down there.


“I know how much Arong meant to you Famin” Psycho takes a small break and takes a breath before continuing to speak.

“He was a brave pilot and I’m sure I speak for us all when I say we will all miss him”

As Famin listens to Psychos words she remembers what her father ones told her.

“What we do is easy because we never see the enemy’s face, But I hope the day when you have seen the face of the one dying…you will not forget who your friends are”

The five of them is almost back to the gate before Famin finally speaks

“Thank you…sir” everyone can hear on her voice that she is close to crying.


To be continue


Chapter 4: Questions


Ogrimar walks silently down the corridor, trying to remember the good times he and Arong did have.

But the thoughts seem to end up in the one place he wants to forget.

He slams his fist into the metal wall, the pain comes and as usual, makes him angry.

He hits the wall again and this time leaves a bloodstain on the shiny metal.


He stops for a moment and looks at hit bloodstained knuckles and starts to walk.

As he turns toward his quarters he meets up with Psycho and passes him without even saluting.


Ogrimar stops and turns around

“This has to stop, it was not my fault”

“Then woes fault was it? My fault?” Ogrimar says with a slightly louder voice

“No Ogrimar. It was no one's fault”

“Arong did follow orders just as you did”

Psycho takes a short break looking at Ogrimar

“That A-gear could have been right outside the gate and it could have been you that was killed”

Ogrimar takes a few steps closer to Psycho

“Well I wish it was me, he did not deserve that”

“He has done everything to be a good friend! WHAT HAVE I DONE? NOTHING!”


Psycho knows there is nothing he can do or say to make Ogrimar feel better and lets him go as he turns around.


Ogrimar bows his head slightly as he walks into his quarters and notices Famin is sitting there watching a photo of Arong.

Ogrimar can see she has been crying and gently takes to photo from her grasp and places it back on the shelf.

He then gently lifts up Famin and closes his arms around her hugging her gently.

Famin does the same and pulls her self closely to Ogrimar.

“Why did this happened Ogrimar?”

“Someone ones told me God takes those he likes the most first”

Psycho looks at the two of them from the door and is surprised to see Ogrimar as gentle as a father would be to his daughter and wish he could walk in and say something that would make them both feel better.


Ogrimar can feel tears from Famin as they travel down his neck and closes his eyes trying to prevent himself from crying.

“Why did I not save him like I have done so many times before?”

Ogrimar takes a moment to swallow his tears before answering

“You had your orders just as I did have my…we can’t be at two places at ones”

Ogrimar looks at the time and realizes the funeral is going to start soon

“We must leave Famin we don’t want to dishonor Arong by being late”

Ogrimar gently puts Famin down on the floor and walks up to a desk and picks up a medal...A medal that only those killed in action will get


The End

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This story is based on a mission called Redline raid in Air Rivals and was a single-player mission.
I wrote this story because I could not afford to play this game, it is until this day the most expensive free to play game I ever played.
I spent close to 10,000€ in one year on this game to keep my char Ogrimar up to spec to be able to compete with the other players and almost bankrupt me in the prosses.
If you like flight games Air Rivals is an awesome game but due to my own experience, it is not something I can recommend for anyone to play if they are not rich beyond all beliefs or don't mind loosing allot.
I hope you enjoyed this story and feel free to ask any questions you like here in this topic or send them to me privately

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I guess you whant to move this one to then

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