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Server and location: the damn north east zvir

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2019-09-27, 03:46

Your in game name: William Zack Hill

Names of allies involved: franz polo

Name of suspect/s: unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  none

Detailed description of the events: Me and butter blade were base building at our base when suddenly we heard the crack of a gun shot fly buy in our direction. out of panic we ducked be hind cover and were searching for where the shot came from. I used my kar with a 4x scope to search for said shooter. i hoped on to of a ledge of our base and used the rest for cover, when suddenly the second shot was fired and i was dropped dead. 

Edited by chill2001

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Connection Logs:

03:08:01 | Player "William Zack Hill" is connected
03:33:24 | Player "William Zack Hill" has been disconnected

01:35:47 | Player "Sultan Harami" has been disconnected
01:50:04 | Player "Sultan Harami" is connected
02:29:43 | Player "Sultan Harami" is connected
02:38:25 | Player "Sultan Harami" is connected
03:40:25 | Player "Sultan Harami" has been disconnected

03:06:02 | Player "Franz Polo" is connected


Hit Logs:

03:32:04 | Player "William Zack Hill" hit by Player "Sultan Harami" with CZ-527 from 183.335 meters


Kill Logs:

03:32:04 | Player "William Zack Hill" (DEAD) killed by Player "Sultan Harami" with CZ-527 from 183.335 meters
03:32:48 | Player "William Zack Hill" (DEAD) died.

Chat Logs: 


03:35:20 | Chat("Franz Polo"): //asshole you cant KOS
03:39:00 | Chat("Franz Polo"): //you have no kill rights on us
03:45:22 | Chat("Franz Polo"): //you cant kill me you dont have rights
05:31:24 | Chat("Franz Polo"): //butterblade i think

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:


@chill2001 - William Zack Hill - OP - Please improve your POV with the full and detailed description of events.

@SultanHarami - Sultan Harami - NOT POSTED

@Butterblade - Franz Polo - POSTED



@SultanHarami please explain why you logged out 8 minutes after killing the OP.

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Me and chill2001 where basebuilding at my base when a shot rang out confused by the close proximity of the gunshot and the wizz of the bullet i told chill what direction i believed the gunshot was and then another shot ragout and chill was dead so then i ran into my base and hanging inside of my base for several minutes and then another bullet hit the building i was next to. i then proceed to type unaware if able to see it that "you do not have kill rights" and after several other messages i locked my base up and fled the area fearing that the unknown sniper was still wanting me dead.

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@SultanHarami has been temporarily banned from our servers until he responds to this report.

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As @SultanHarami has not responded in 24 hours since being called in he will remain temporarily banned and is required to post an appeal with his POV.



SIGNED: @Fae & @Realize 

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