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RE: My Gerry Adams Appeal

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10 hours ago, APositiveElmo said:

I suppose, the questions I'm trying to ask are, when did evidence become unnecessary in warning messages/appeal denials and when did staff become so mistrustful of the community so as to assume the worst intentions of veteran members such as myself; instead of allowing the benefit of the doubt or doing their own research on topics they clearly know nothing about?

Your post is the evidence, that's what was used for the warning. By using your post, context and timing we can read and guess the intention behind it. That's the justification behind the warning. It's too much of a coincidence that you happen to post pictures of that person, to Ryan and this specific time.

If your intentions were not as we assumed then I'm really sorry. The points will however stay. Next time make sure to more clear about the message you are sending and intentions behind it so that it cannot be mistaken for what you've just been warned for.

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