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The Lost Expedition - Alan's Journal

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My name is Alan Woods, leader of Fort Darby. I am writing this journal to detail my expedition into South Zagoria, to find my best friend Chris Watson and his group members. They left Darby 1 year ago, to investigate a strange radio signal Chris found and kept listening for some time. I don't know what it was or if it had any hidden message, but it made him obsessed about it. He left one night with some others and I never heard from him again. I thought he would return, but he didn't, so here I am, 1 year later preparing myself to go to South Zagoria and find out what happened to him and his group.


Alan closes the journal and grabs his gear. Outside his shack, a strange man waits for him.

"Are you ready to leave ?"

"Yes, got all my stuff here. How dangerous will it be?"

"Hah ! Who knows what's in that region... Let's not lose anymore time, hop on your bike and let's go !"

Both men take their dirt bikes and ride towards South Zagoria with no knowledge of what dangers await them.




Day 1

We have arrived in the woods near Zvir. Radek proposed to leave our bikes here, as it would be dangerous to take them any further. I agreed and let him stash them. We have set up a camp close to the town. It looks eerily silent... There are no zeds around there, only some chickens running around freely. I will detail here the people Chris went with:

  • Jonesy 
  • Kiril
  • Cathy
  • Bran
  • Seven

They decided to leave with Chris, in his somewhat mad quest to find out that strange radio signal. I asked Radek about this, and he said there might still be some radio stations throughout the country transmitting, although these could also be popular places for bandits to stay and use as traps. He tried to find Chris' signal, but he couldn't find anything, only static...

I will close this entry by describing my friend, Radek. He used to fight in NAPA, until they were dismantled, but that didn't make Radek stop fighting. He kept going, on a personal vendetta, to personally find and kill all the Chedaki he could find. When the infection broke, he went into hiding, into one of NAPA's old safehouses. He waited for his comrades to join him, but none came... Months later, he came out of his hiding to find out the world went to hell and there was only chaos left. He geared up and left to the next town, where he decided to stay in, until I met him.

I was looking for a guide, someone who knew South Zagoria well, and he offered his services to me, in exchange for my loyalty. He didn't want anything else, he wanted to make sure I was trustable and loyal to him. Apparently, he had done some runs in this region several times, trying to contact his fellow NAPA comrades, but to no avail.

He came here for his own reasons, to find out if his house in Berezino is still standing and if he can find other NAPA comrades. I admire his loyalty to this cause, but I think it is stupid to still think it is worth fighting for it... But who cares, he has his reasons, I have mine.

I think that's enough, I'll go rest and prepare myself to venture into Zvir, find out if there are any traces of my friends there.


Alan closes the journal and puts it back into his backpack. He looks at the fire and spots Radek returning.

"You done?"

"Yes, I put them under a tree stump and put some branches on them. Has anything happened while I was gone?"

"No, Zvir looks awfully quiet... Are you sure there are people here? Zeds or survivors?"

"I know for certain there are people here. Even if this town is empty, the next might be filled with life... We shall see tomorrow when we go to Pavlovo. If your friends passed through here, they certainly stopped there to visit the local military base..."

Both men rest their eyes upon the fire, Radek starts meddling with his rifle, as Alan lays down and closes his eyes.



Edited by Alan Woods

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A gunshot is heard in the distance. Radek jumps to wake up Alan.

"Wake up ! Somebody is having fun in Pavlovo !"

The two head towards the town. Zeds are roaming the streets, but none seem attracted to the earlier gunshot... Radek spots a car and some tools scattered. A trail of blood leads to the house nearby. As they enter, they find a zed with its neck broken near the stairs. They go upstairs and find a body, with a pistol in its hand.


Day 2

As I am writing, Radek is outside burying my friend, Jonesy. He shot himself... A zed bit his leg, he knew he was gonna become one of them, so he decided it would be best to just end it. It's strange, Jonesy would never separate from the group, he was too scared to go somewhere by himself. He left a note which I will attach to this page. It reads:

"It's over for me... For whoever finds this, I am already dead. This disease is slowly taking control of my body... I want to say that I am sorry for what I did, we were all wrong to believe Chris. He has gone mad, had us kill innocent people. That signal, it drove him nuts... I wanted to repair this car, get away from his hellhole, but this hellhole wanted me to stay here... My name is Jonesy Inman and I ..."

His writing was all shaky, he didn't even manage to finish this... I hope the others are okay, and that they are not bandits, as Jonesy mentioned. I took Jonesy's sunglasses with me, to have a reminder of his death. He was a good kid, it was me and Chris who found him in the sewers, hiding from the zeds. We took him in, took good care of him and he proved to be a genius in repairing stuff. He was trying to escape South Zagoria, get this car running... But he was unlucky and now he's dead.

Hopefully it won't take much before I find the rest...


As Alan closes the journal, Radek comes inside the room.

"It's done. I took a look at the car, your friend did a good job on it. We have enough gasoline to roam around. I propose we go to Elektrozavodsk."

"Why should we go there? Chris and the others might be around here !"

"They might, but I need to get into radio contact with my comrades. In that town, there is a police station with various radio equipment, I remember it was confiscated from the communists. We could use the car's battery to power it and I can send a transmission to my friends. More people will help us find your friends easier."

"If you say so... And what if there's no one..."

"Alive? Well we are going to have a hard time conducting your search... But let's not jump to hasty conclusions yet. Let's move, night is gonna come soon."

They board the car and leave to the south. The sound of the car attracts all the zed, but by the time they start running, Radek and Alan are already outside of the town, on the road to Elektro...

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You do have some tallent and I'm looking forward to read more from you

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The car stops. 

"Seems we are out of gas. Lucky us we are close to Elektrozavodsk !"

The duo move into the small city. Radek silently drops them with his gun while Alan stands behind watching him. They arrive in front of the police station.

"Let's hope this place hasn't been totally cleaned..."



Day 3

We have finally arrived at Elektrozavodsk. We had to leave the car behind since we didn't have any gas left, but Radek told me to get the battery, he planned to use it to power his radio. At the police station, most of the stuff was taken, but nobody bothered with the electronics. Radek found everything he needed and took all his stuff on the rooftop. Hopefully by tonight he can send out the transmission.

Radek told me I should write something about myself, about where I come from... So that in the case others find this journal, they understand my story better.

I came here, in Chernarus 2 years ago, with my best friends, Chris and Giuseppe. We had successfully helped the orphanage we grew up in to fund a trip to Chernarus, so we decided to join in aswell. We went hiking for days, enjoying the wilderness. Sometime before the infection started spreading, Giuseppe dissappeared. We tried looking for him, but to no avail... Until one day he was found in the forests near Zelenogorsk. The police took him to the hospital where he was put in a medical coma to treat his wounds.

Some time later, the first infected started appearing. We were scared, so we went to see Giuseppe and if we could take him with us... But it was too late, apparently he was infected aswell and started attacking the nurses while we were rushing to his room.

I can't remember well what happened afterwards, memories are a bit fuzzy. Somehow we stole a car and ran away, but we got ourselves into a crash. Luckily, Jakub and Anna, two locals were nearby and rescued us. 

I would write more, but Radek is calling for me so I am closing this entry here.


Alan goes to the rooftop to find Radek powering on the transmitter.

"You did it !"

"It's not over yet, I gotta register the message and hope it transmits it."

Radek turns on the radio and puts the microphone to his mouth...



"Done, this should run for a couple of hours, we should start moving to Rogovo, we need to make preparations for anything !"

"Preparations for what?"

"This transmission is running on all frequencies, so it's gonna attract everyone, not just my brothers... Let's move !"

The two leave the police station in a hurry to reach Rogovo.


Edited by Alan Woods

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Gunshots in the distance. 

"You think it's safe to go on foot? All the way to that place?"

"That car was loud and it attracts unncessary attention..."

The duo stop at a resting place and look at the map.

"Alan, I want you to go ahead without me, I need to take care of something before I reach you... Here take my gun and this. If my brothers show up, show them this..."

"Wait, you're leaving me alone to go there? What if they don't even speak English..."

"You just say Radek sent you and show them the badge, they will know what to do next... Once you arrive in Rogovo, get to the house with a well. That's the meeting spot I mentioned on the transmission."

Alan arrives at Rogovo, finding nothing but some lurking zeds... He spots the house and goes to inspect it. Nobody has passed through there yet. He goes to the little shop over the house and climbs on the roof, waiting patiently for the NAPA to arrive...



Day 4

I arrived in Rogovo, to find that somebody lives, or maybe used to live here. A base with a watchtower was constructed in the market. Of course nobody was present and there were some lurkers nearby. I managed to find the house pretty fast and used the mini market on the other side to keep watch in case somebody showed up.

I waited for hours in Rogovo, before some people came in asking if I was the one who sent the transmission. This guy, Ivan, a tank with his bulky armour kept saying "Da", i don't really think he might be the brightest, but the other one, Bori something, he was leading them. Then there was also Anya, she seems nice.

They all warned me to leave Rogovo, since NAPA is not all about freedom. For their help, I gave them Radek's gun, since it was heavy for me to carry it around.

Radek betrayed me, sent me in as a bait for the nationalists, for whatever reasons. Bori told me to go to Vybor, as there are people there, but that I should be careful of Anarchists that have a roadblock nearby. Before I left, he gave me his radio frequency he uses, just in case I needed help... So kind of him. He said they take away your guns if you don't have permits... Strange for Anarchists to give gun permits, since these things require a sort of government... Oh well, South Zagoria is stranger than I thought.

I made my way to Vybor, only to hear gunfire coming from the city center. I found several zeds on the ground and followed the sound. A broken silencer was on the ground, on the way to the local police station. Several zeds were outside battering the door, so I took out my M4 and quickly killed them. I made my way to the police station, where the door was closed. I kept shouting for a couple of minutes, only to hear nothing in return. With my gun in my hands, I broke open the door only to find a dead body with zeds covering him... The stench was unbearable. At least he took some with him before being overrun.

With no other signs of life in Vybor, I made my way to the famous roadblock, only to stop at the industrial area and find a heavily armored man named Magpie and a woman. He is a trader and was trying to trade me some big magazines for my M4, but I told him I didn't need any. He is very kind and talks kinda funny, but at the same time... He is adorable.

After talking with him, I gave him some Chlorine tablets I had with me and left back to the Vybor police station, to bury the dead man. Right now, I am on top of the police station, waiting for people to arrive, or something to happen... I am alone... I hope I will be able to complete my mission...


As Alan prepares his bed, his radio crackles.

"Thank you for your help Alan, you have done a great job of attracting the people I needed !"


"Calm down, I only wanted you to attract the attention of certain individuals so I could complete my task. You remember when I said I didn't need payment to take you to South Zagoria? Well... You were my payment !"

"I'll find you you fucker !"

"Good luck with that ! Certain individuals know of your presence here, so be careful out there... Oh, I found one of your friends, you should check out Guglovo, hopefully she is still alive..."

"What ?!? Radek answer me !"

The radio remains on static noise as Alan takes out his map and marks out Guglovo. He hopes either Seven or Cathy are there, safe.


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Alan wakes up, bruised and disoriented, he looks around and feels he is tied to a chair. A mysterious figure appears from the shadows.

"Welcome back to the living stranger... Now I'll ask again, who are you and what are you doing in this region ?"

"Wh-.. What ? Where am I ?"

"You're on our territory bruh ! Now you better get a hang of yourself and tell us the info we need !"

Another shadowy figure appeared, a woman. She had her face covered and was looking at her companion. As Alan was trying to understand what had happened to him and why he was being interrogated, several shots were being heard, with some screams of help.

The two interrogators, went back into the shadows and left through a door at the end of the long room. As soon as they closed the door, Alan started struggling, loosening the rope he had around his hands. He took it off and started untying his legs. He looked around scared and cautious for a weapon. All of a sudden a voice came from a corner of the dark room.

"Now now, you better help me out aswell, or else you will never get out of here !"

"Who are you ? Where the hell am I ?"

"Move now, before they come back, I'll tell you everything you want to know after you help me out... There is a knife on the table on your left."

Alan looks at the table to see an array of tools... He takes the knife and heads to the shadowy corner to untie the other man.

"Thanks ! Now come with me ..."

The two go outside, to find themselves in the courtyard of an old ruined castle. Tents and a camp are found all over, some guns left over. The man takes one of the rifles and throws it towards Alan. He picks up one for himself and looks around to make sure no one else is around.

"What is this place ?"

"This is my castle, and those used to be my men, until those cronies from the checkpoint fed them up their story about anarchism and a new government. They tied me up and were gonna kill me sooner or later, that's until they found you somewhere on the road."

"I can't remember much... I ..."

"Here, help me get you geared... Take this stuff and these guns and run south. Find the guys of Hope, they will help you out... They are enemies of those anarchists and they will want guns to fight them. Run as fast as you can !"

"What about you ? What will you do ?"

"I gotta hunt down my boys and make sure each and every one of these fuckers pay for disobeying me. Go and don't look back !"

Alan took the big backpack and some rifles and ran away throw a broken wall, while the mysterious guy took his rifle in his hands and started going towards the entrance...



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Alan moves through the forest, careful with every step and always looking out for danger. He arrives above Zelenogorsk, where he puts down the heavy ruckbag and takes his radio. He starts sending a message.

"This is Alan Woods ! I am looking for Hope ! Is anyone there?"

"Yes ! The name's Ross ! What is it you need stranger?"

"Shelter and help ! Where can we meet?"

"If you are in Zelenogorsk, come at the gas station, I'll be there shortly !"

Alan takes on the ruckbag once more and heads down towards the town. He arrives at the gas station, but no one is in sight... He takes shelter in the small shop and waits... Time runs slowly and he becomes anxious. He thinks to himself.

*Should I trust these guys? What if they are all evil like the NAPA?*

He decides to move more into town, until he ends up in the Police Station. A faint radio static can be heard. He leaves his stuff, takes his rifle and goes to investigate... But all of a sudden Ross appears out of nowhere.

"Hey there ! It's me Ross ! Don't shoot me !"

"Is the radio static yours?"

"Yes, I was using the Police Station radio to search out for other survivors looking for shelter."

"Okay, take this rifle and grab some other stuff, I'm tired of carrying all this stuff around..."

The two divide Alan's stuff and head out towards the coast...

"Everyone is settled there... We had a fight the other day, we barely won... But we are alright and we still continue to fight !"

"Fight? Against who?"

"The Anarchists... They want to take control over the region and impose their rules over everyone... Some people believe in them, others, like me and the rest, we think it's a load of crap to take over and enslave the ones who don't agree with their beliefs..."

Alan and Ross move towards Chernogorsk, where the other members are settled... It seems that Alan's initial plans will have to wait, a battle for freedom ensues and he just got thrown in it...

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As night settles over South Zagoria, Ross and Alan arrive on the outskirts of Chernogorsk. They head through the football field towards a lonely house, which seems to emanate a kind of light. A man stats outside, guarding the entrance. As Alan and Ross approach...

"Six !"

"Five !"

"Okay it's them, let's go inside !"

Alan enters the house, he is met by a group of people, all sitting around the table. A man with a patch on his eye gets up.

"Welcome ! I am Frenchie, leader of Hope !"

"I'm Alan, nice to meet you. Aren't you afraid to attract people?"

"Not many people roam around this area, so we are safe... For the time being atleast. I heard you have something for us."

Alan unpacks his backpack to reveal an arsenal of guns and ammunition. The men pick the guns and look at them.

"You are a walking armory my friend... This is impressive ! It will surely help the cause. Oh, by the way, my name is Jakob."

"Nice to meet you... This stuff wasn't easy to carry around..."

"Okay guys ! Grab this stuff and prepare to move out at sunrise. We have to prepare for a counter attack. What they did to me will not go unnoticed."

"What happened?"

"The Anarchists attacked and we fought... But they killed some of our guys and I lost an eye thanks to them. We are in the process of forming an alliance... We can't allow these people to control this region with their excuses of licenses and other stuff. History taught us that when people have full control, bad things happen. Will you join us?"

"Seems I have no other choice... All my friends are gone... Might aswell join your cause."

"Then it's decided ! Welcome to our cause Alan !"

Chatter continues as the sunrise approaches. Alan decided to join a side of this war... But he thinks to himself... Has he done the right thing?

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The morning breeze arrives in Alan's bedroom. He wakes up, looking around, finding no one. He had a lot of adventures in the past days... He gets up and looks through the cracked windows of his appartment, towards the street. He notices an infected chewing on a cow. He looks at her... A woman... Who knows what she was doing or what her job was before the infection.

He goes to his makeshift desk and looks at his new journal. Sergey made sure Alan continued writing his story.


Entry #1

My journal is lost. I still can't remember what happened that night and how I got captured... Memories are still fuzzy, but I will let the past stay there for now and concentrate on the present and future.

My name is Alan Woods. I am was leader of Fort Darby. I have come to South Zagoria to search for my best friend, Chris Watson. He had left our settlment 2 months ago to investigate a mysterious transmission. The problem was, that he was so obsessed with it, he convinced other people to join him. I have arrived here almost a month ago with a man named Radek, but after being betrayed by him... I have continued my search alone and I think I just got too deep into this rabbit hole to leave.

Up until now, I have found out what happened to the members of his group:

- Jonesy shot himself after abandoning the group, due to a case of misscommunication between the group and some lone survivors.

- Cathy and Bran died when entering an unmarked minefield somewhere near Tisy.

- Kiril was hanged by bandits at Gorka, while trying to defend Seven.

- Seven was captured by bandits in Gorka, but through luck, I managed to save her. I currently don't know where she is...

- Chris... Nobody knows anything or where he might be.


Returning to the present, I have managed to find myself a group to stay with, Hope. Their leader is Frenchie, a soldier who took it upon himself to create a rebellion against the "New Government" , imposed by group of anarchists. I have joined their ranks and have had quite a few adventures with them. They even secured an Island, Skalisty I think... With other groups like the Runners and Odezva. But in the end, the anarchists prevailed and most decided to bend the knee.

I have had confrontations over the radio with these cowards, and I still can't understand how they would think this is the best idea.

Krasimira, who was tortured by a group called the Vultures, who might I add are somewhat allied with the anarchists, decided to bend the knee... I hope she has good protection in the case of an attack...

Father David, a man I never managed to meet, decided to do the same. He had been one of the first to oppose this "New Government", yet he has decided to give up and go to their base... I hope he is okay.

I for one don't plan on doing so, I think that fighting is the only chance we have. I am afraid that after all South Zagoria is under their control, they will get bored and start enslaving people... From what I know, they are working tight with a group of slavers. Either way, I will expand on my personal story and also describe some of the past events in the next entries.


Alan closes his journal and starts preparing coffee. It's been a month since he had a good cup of it. Even tho he is in the middle of a war, his search continues, because Chris is the only "family" he still has.


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