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Appeal TempBan Report POV

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair: It is not fair as I had little control over it but given the the information available at the time it is understandable

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My internet at the time was inconsistent with multiple ping spikes (leading to me being kicked from the server multiple times) this was the 3rd time I had rejoined and been kicked and decided it was time I just stopped. It wouldn't have made great RP either joining, RPing for a minute and being kicked over and over. My ISP was doing renovations on the fiber lines and I was cut off from internet for a couple of days after. I admittedly hadn't checked the website for a few days after getting my internet back. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would just like to be able to get back in start playing again

What could you have done better?: The wasn't much I could've done as I had no control of my internet connection, but I admittedly could've rejoined just to let the guys my situation in OOC chat 

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@Eagle and @LorcanRP were raiding the abandoned wolfpack base underneath Stonington when @PropaGandalf logs in nearby. @LorcanRP roleplays with him for a while, but @PropaGandalf appeared to log out halfway through, before @Eagle could speak to him as well. They wait for him to return, but he doesn't log back in.



16:52:33 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:01:43 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected
17:03:45 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:06:31 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected
17:07:12 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:09:11 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected
17:09:50 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:10:53 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected
17:11:41 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:16:25 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected
17:18:34 | Player "Troye Mansfield" is connected
17:20:44 | Player "Troye Mansfield" has been disconnected

17:21:09 | Chat("John Marshall": //timestamp


It is clear from these updated logs that @PropaGandalf is having connection issues and is struggling to remain connected to the server. He logs in at least 5 times before meeting @LorcanRP and @Eagle, and is disconnected two minutes after logging in. @Eagle also states in his POV that @PropaGandalf does not have any animation upon leaving, indicating a disconnect as opposed to him logging out.

If these connection logs were not so close together it could be considered avoiding roleplay, however in this case we believe @PropaGandalf was having technical difficulties.

If this occurs again, @PropaGandalf, the best thing to do would be to attempt to let the other players know as soon as possible that you are having connection problems. You can do this either via in-game chat, or if you are struggling to reconnect, reach out to a staff member and they will be able to help you identify and contact the players via discord or the forums.


@PropaGandalf | BadRP | No Punishment

SIGNED: @Fae, @Rover + @Realize

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